Saturday, February 12, 2011

My special day ♥

My first 24th years old birthday celebration, (just realized that I'm getting old, T.T....). By the way, I still have to work as normal day, but I was so so unlucky since that morning! 

Unlucky thing?
1st-  I forget to bring my cell phone in the morning, wasted my time returning home and cause me NEARLY late to work.
2nd- My cell phone spoilt on the evening! I couldn't hear any voices when I'm on call. 

But never mind, it was still MY DAY. I received a bouquet of flower unexpectedly at my office! This is the first time I received so big bouquet of flower (of course not as big as you guys imagine) with 6 red roses+ 6 pink roses+ 9 which I don't know what is the name of the white flowers. Surprised! 

My celebration at The Ship, Damansara :
Baskin Robin Ice Cream Cake- Yummy!
Happy Birthday to me~~
Can't wait to taste the ice cream cake!!!

Taken with my sister

 My flower! 

Touch touch , XD, again, Merci!

Food at The ship that we've ordered:

I'm the princess today, so I chosen the Romance Dinner Set! Which is the Valentine's Dinner Set, written there "Every set ordered comes with complimentary gift, while stock last". Oh my god that time I was thinking, what will be the gift??? 

Let's move to the menu for the Romance Dinner Set:
1. Appetizer: Strawberry Shrimp Cocktail 
2. Soup: Shrimp Chowder
3. Grilled Australian Sirloin Steak with Honey Mustard Sauce OR Grilled Salmon Steak with Fried Prawns Spilled with creamy green peppercorn sauce (this is my choice) OR Deliciously Roasted Lamb Leg, Sliced & Topped with Cranberry Sauce.
4. Dessert: Vanilla Panna Cotta.

This is the menu for valentine's! Worth trying! Only RM 69.90
Strawberry Shrimp Cocktail (w/o strawberry because I don't like it)- this is nice! A lot of fresh shrimps!
 Shrimp Chowder- Too sweet for me, but there're many FRESH shrimps in the soup too! Love it! They are really FRESH!
Grilled Salmon Steak with Fried Prawns Spilled with creamy green peppercorn sauce- The salmon really not bad, and the mashed potato! Nice and smooth!
Vanilla Panna Cotta- too milky for me, but is nice for those milk lover
Xiang's Order:
Braised Spring Chiken, RM 21.90- not as nice as we expected, just normal braised chicken

My Sister's Order:
Garlic Toast, RM 1.90- A must try! Yummy!
Carpetbag Steak, RM 39.90- With Oyster Sauce, according to my sister, not that match and nice.
Was wondering what is the present, It's just a plate! While stock last...grab it fast if you like it... XD
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