Monday, January 30, 2012

ABSOLUT Vodka Tower Launch @ Ecoba

I am kinda sure most of you have been enjoying the beer tower with your friends, but ABSOLUT Vodka Tower? A very interesting and special concept right? Well, Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers were glad to be invited  for the ABSOLUT Vodka Tower launch at Ecoba, Damansara Perdana on 17th Jan. 

ABSOLUT Vodka is one of the world’s best-selling international premium spirits brands and is the number one premium vodka brand worldwide. 

Vodka waiting for the mixing!
And I was lucky to mix my own tower! Tehheeee! 

Putting in some ice after mixing the Vodka with Lime n Orange Juice!
Hehee...The Vodka Cocktail by Me n Melissa!
The host of the night, Linora from Red's FM and Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers! Charming dress I love :)
There were some games too but Linora didn't pick me for the games, sob sob...anyway it was fun looking they all playing with the puzzle, and they walked back some interesting prizes like Vodka Tower, limited edition of Vodka bottles etc, etc...
One of the puzzle game winner
Pic with Micheal Yip, love the limited edition cute bottle that he won! #jealousmax
They have to finish MY TOWER! Taste good anyway hehee :)
Pic with Melissa and me holding the bottle won by Tim
With the bunch :)
With MHB's babes! Cheers! 
Wanna mix your own Vodka Tower too??? The ABSOLUT Tower are available at:-
  • Ecoba
  • The View Rooftop Bar
  • Afterwerk (Scott Garden)
  • Neverland
More info please head over to ABSOLUT's FB here -

* Pic courtesy of Tim Chew, Micheal Yip, and Andrew Chiam 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Golden Dragon's CNY Menu @ West Lake Garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Dong-Dong-Dong-Dong Qiang....Dong-Dong-Dong-Dong-Qiang.......I am blared by the Chinese New Year's songs everywhere I go; the malls, the restaurants, the radios..... but the CNY's songs remind me that Chinese New Year is coming SOOOONNNNN! So....any idea where to have your Chinese New Year Eve Family Reunion Dinner?

Tadaaaa! I was lucky to be invited to West Lake Garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for a Chinese New Year's Menu food review. So check out the CNY Menu!:
#1 King Pu with Hokkaido Scallop Yee Sang
#1 Look what's on the top! FRESH SCALLOP!!!!
My first Yee Sang of the year! Toss high for everything!
#2 Double-Boiled Shark's Fin Soup with Japanese Scallop and Fish Maw
#2 Different Shark's Fin Soup from the normal one, the Scallop and Fish Maw was the bomb! Love the soup a lot!

#3 Deep-fried Crispy "Ying Yang" Chicken
#3 See the very 'fatty' look crispy chicken that in between the broccoli? It's so crispy and it was fried with almond, perfect matchhhhh! Even though I thought it was "FAT" in between at the very first place but I just couldn't resist myself from eating that. NO WORRIES, it's not FAT. 

#4 Braised Eight Headed Abalone with Black Moss, Dried Oyster and Cabbage
#5 Steamed Estuary Garoupa with Shredded Ginger and Dried Fruit Peel
#5 The Garoupa fish is a bit tough, bet this is how it should be taste like? The heavier the Garoupa the tougher? I don't know lol but the sauce is very simple but nice with ginger. Me like the sauce, like what my mom always cook one hehee:P
#6 Steamed Fresh Water Prawn with Garlic and Glass Noodle
#6 The fresh water prawn hmmm.... the only dish I felt a bit weird. Too much garlic I suppose, Imma not a garlic lover but honestly, the Prawn is just FRESH! 
#7 Claypot Rice with Waxed Duck and Mushroom
#7 Love the waxed duck! Very creative of this dish, for people who doesn't eat pork, the waxed duck just taste like the original waxed pork. 

#8 Chinese New Year Sweet Fancy Duet
#8 Girls' favorite moment! The mouth watering dessert! Ok you should make sure your stomach can fill this because it is just soooo awesome! The one look like 'Nyoya Kuih' is actually the "Nian Gao, 年糕" , and it's non-sticky. Whereas the one looks like pumpkins are filled with Red Bean, awww just my favorite dish!
# 9 Sweetened Lotus Paste with Lily Bulb and Glutinous Rice Dumpling
#9 Hmmm...the one served at last is a bit heavy for me. Very strong taste of lotus paste and lily bulb, too heavy but if you're the person who love strong taste of lotus taste and lily bulb, you might like this.

Never expect this fella will drop by, the Illusionist to cheer the table!
All the tricks! Manage to catch our attention heeeee
Us with the full stomach #satifaction :)
Gold Dragon CNY's Menu that I had in West Lake Garden: RM1688++ per table of 10 guest.

Other Auspicious 9-course Set Menu in West Lake Garden: From RM1188++, RM1388++, RM1688++ and RM2012++ per table of 10

There are other CNY's menu available in Avanti, Fuzion and Atrium too! For more information you may check out or Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa FB .

Some additional info for you if you want to go, book table for you and family at the below dates because there'll be special appearances!:
  • God of Prosperity Choy Sun Yeh (22-24 Jan, 2012)
    6.00pm - 10.30pm
    West Lake Garden, Avanti, Fuzion, Atrium
  • The Illusionist (1 Jan - 29 Feb, 2012)
    12.00 noon - 2.30pm ; 6.00pm - 10.30pm
    West Lake Garden, Avanti, Fuzion, Atrium
  • Lion & Dragon Dance Performance (25 Jan AND 6 Feb, 2012)
    Main Lobby Driveway, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Calsberg's Green Dragon

Went to the Carlsberg's Chinese New Year Launch held at the historic Thean Hou Temple. It was a really HOT morning. Everyone in the launching got unlimited free Carlsberg to chill themselves but not for me, MORNING beer gonna sounds very weird so instead of enjoying the beers, I was there to feel the spirit of CNY.
MD's of Carlsberg Malaysia Mr. Soren Ravn giving his speech
Mr Soren said, " Each year, lunar new year celebrations give Carlsberg Malaysia a great opportunity to showcase to our Chinese consumers our appreciation of the community's time-old cultural traditions. This explains the selection of the famous landmark, Thean Hou temple, as our venue to kick off the celebration in such an auspicious and harmonious environment."
With Jiayeen
15-feet tall giant dragon: FLYING DRAGON
Carlsberg's 2012 CNY tagline " Welcome the new year with the vigour of the dragon for an endless flow of prosperity" is complemented with a unique artistic creation of a dragon formed by hundreds of green Carlsberg bottles. The dragon, which features in the brand's marketing campaign, comes complete with a pearl in its mouth, symbolising wealth, good luck, and prosperity in Chinese mythology.

Good news!:
There'll be rewarding prizes from Carlsberg's CNY RM4,888,888 redemption promotion include 8 pieces of pure 999 gold Dragon Sculptures worth RM9,999 each! 

Among the other promotional gifts are 888 pieces of pure 999 gold pendants worth RM999 each as well as 688,888 bottles of limited edition Carlsberg Gold pints that comes in a special festive packaging for the CNY celebration. This promotion is available until 6th Feb 2012 or while stock last.

Photo with the MC TP LIM

For more information, please visit

Monday, January 16, 2012

[ADV] Celebrated NYE 2012 Mystically!

If you did follow my blog, you will definitely know where I celebrated my New Year Eve; but if you didn't, take a guess!
NOT Bukit Bintang, NOT Genting, NOT a club, it's a new place in Petaling Jaya, Kota Damansara, ENCORP Strand - Red Carpet Avenue ! Sounds boring when I first heard of it too, because I couldn't imagine what will be happening there. Wanna know how I partied with my dear friends? Read on and you'll know! 
The Mystical Eve, nice and attractive theme! 
ENCORP Strand - Red Carpet Avenue
Believe it or not, threre were more than 5,000 party goers turned up at ENCORP Strand’s New Year Eve Countdown. The amazing countdown party featured some of Malaysia’s top-notch local entertainers, world-class aerialists ala Cirque de Soleil, a “Laserman Experience”, 3-D projection mapping and fireworks.
The sexy hosts Julie Woon and Megan Tan 
The Performance: 

Themed, ‘Mystical Eve’, ENCORP Strand’s New Year’s Eve Countdown Party was hosted by well-known TV personalities Julie Woon and Megan Tan, and featured performances by international pop princess Mizz Nina; hip hop doyenne Joe Flizzow; rock band, Pop Shuvit; indie-darling, Reza Salleh; Neo-Soul crooner, Najwa Mahiaddin; and violin virtuoso, Dennis Lau and his compatriot, world-ranked beat boxer, Shawn Lee.

Barsonic’s resident DJ, Davern Koh aka HypeEmBeats and Jee Hoe
Mizz Nina 
Pop Shuvit
The handsome beatboxer Shawn Lee
The Violin Virtuoso - Dennis Lau

The Special Performance
Another special performance  
And, LASERMAN was my favourite performance of the night! These two laserman were dancing in the light, incredible body movement following the green laser light. The audience was so enthralled by the performance that they watched it intently and silently,  double thumbs up for the them!

You don't know how amazing are they from the picture, check out the video! 

And.....who I partied with?
With Sarah, Nicole and Mei Sze  
With the girls! 
With my sis, Mei Yee (the witch) and Rachel
Ok I know you spotted sth in the previous photos, the special drink of the night - Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve!
Partied all night long with the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve.
Thanks Johnnie Walker for the special drink, they made the night even special! Visit Johnnie Walker FB if you're one of the Johnnie's fans!

With dear Chammaine 
With dear Sarah
With Phoebe and Johnnie!
Me with Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers babes! What a night for us!
Wohooo! It's 2012!!!!!! 
Happy New Year Once Again!

For more information, visit Red Carpet Avenue - Encorp Strand FB .
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