Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello Malaysia, I'm Back!

Hi hi guyssss, I just back from 7D6N Hong Kong/ Macau trip! It was an excited but tiring trip I must say...I basically walking non-stop except my sleeping/ rest time in the hotel, phew~~~ Thank god I got to rest for a day today, must sayang sayang my "over walking" feet now T_T. 

There're tons and tons of photos taken ( more than 8GB omaigawddddd....with some cute videos of dolphins/ penguins and other..... very very cuttteeeee la when I looked back just now awwww ).  

Will try my best to update soon, but the boyfie just booked another flight to Kota Kinabalu, I'm flying again this Thursday! /=.=  I'm now too exhausted and really not in the mood doing research ady, anyone been to KK please advise the MUST GO/ MUST EAT pleasee??? Or I should just call off this KK trip? 

Hope you enjoyed your holiday last week too!!! Good night guys! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Greeting from Hong Kong!

Hello guys! Some of you already know that today is my first day in Hong Kong! I know I should be enjoying night life now but I'm lying in my bed blogging instead... I'm just too exhausted walking whole day long till my leg is numb now... :(

Alright my brain kinda stuck and I'm going to have some rest now.  Will try my best to upload pictures in my Instagram so do stay tune! :p

Monday, January 21, 2013

Genting Food Hunt - Day 1


This is an outdated post, always wanted to write a post about this but I'll just tend to ignore when I look at tons of food pictures. I actually went Genting on Nov last year for a 2D1N trip sponsored by Resort World Genting. It was basically a relaxing Jalan-Jalan and Makan-Makan trip ;0 . Honestly, one shouldn't expect good food in Genting, at least I don't, but we could always go for a better choice.

Question : "What to eat??"
Answer : " I don't know, cincai lah".

That is normal conservation that couldn't be avoided in our daily life, when we say "I don't know" we actually expect something in our mind but when I'm at Genting, I really mean : I DON'T KNOW, ended up I'll just go for light meal @ Starbucks. There are really limited choice when comes to food in Genting, thanks to RWG, all my meal for 2 days trip were well planned and I don't have to think of this question. 

Day 1, Lunch Buffet:  First World Café 

First meal when I arrived at Genting - lunch buffet at First World Café. Quite disappointing with very limited choice. The food acceptable here are - BBQ chicken wings, some food over Seafood corner. Dessert definitely is a no no here.

Heavy meal, not my choice.


Lighter meal, choices of topping for porridge.




Fruit corner

Dessert corner





Muffin looks nice but it's actually hard like a stone -.-




Day 1, Dinner Buffet :  Coffee Terrace

One of the best buffet at Genting, and a quite satisfying meal for my 2 days trip here. The restaurant were spacious and is divided into several food corner. Japanese, Western, Western Asia, Chinese, Nyoya, Dessert and Lanai Bar. 

Cozy dining area.







Alcohol corner - it seems like this corner is not popular.

Salad bar



Chocolate Fountain ;)

My favourite fresh fruits corner!

My choice:

Spaghetti at Western corner quite okay :p

Laksa at Nyoya corner, not bad!


Sushi/ sashimi isn't that good hmm...

Surprisingly very good taste of stir fried vegetable at Chinese corner!

Full with food, I'm bloated blurrpppp!

Macaroon is not so nice, other dessert was okay.


Day 2 post will be up soon...

Till then, xoxo

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ONE Step to Fairer Skin [Shu Uemura Whitefficient UV Under Base Brightening Mousse SPF 30 PA++]

Raining season in Malaysia is officially over, now is the hot season in Malaysia, which I hate the most. Really, sometimes I think I'm a huge fans of Vampire series because I feel myself like one, I will "MELT", hmm...literally under the SUN!!! The sweat and the heat, I just hate them sooo much! /sweat That's why I prefer to hide indoor when the Uncle Sun is shining so bright outside. 

Another concern of a girl is, the damage caused by the sun to our skin! SUNBLOCK and WHITENING are our top 2 daily tasks that couldn't be skipped. 

Bought this a while ago - Shu Uemura Whitefficient UV Under Base Brightening Mousse SPF 30 PA++

Pink Purple colour which is perfect for Asian Skin.

Shake before dispense, a walnut size, this is a little too much just to show y'all the texture.

The texture is very soft and could be absorb easily, most importantly, it is REALLY LIGHT! Even lighter than MOST of the sunblock available in the market. 

One bottle to fairer skin! Brighten, whiten, and to ease uneven and dull skin tone

Before and after picture after 1 application, no more redness and some pimple scar is moderately covered. (P/S: NO EDITING, NO FOUNDATION or BASE applied at all to show the exact comparison)

It is claimed to be +0 sec efficient whitening, as efficient as a whitening essence. Which means, 1 bottle gao dim! Not to mention, I love how it feels on my face, it's light, 2 in 1 function when I just apply it after my morning skin care routine, effortless whitening and UV base at the same time, a modern woman best product :) 

"If the results are the same, then the simpler the better. Too many steps are not only meaningless but can burden the skin." - Shu Uemura. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Love > Distance

It's already mid Jan 2013, and I just recovered from a week's flu =.= . I'm so dedicated to blog once I recovered, one of my new year resolution hehee... :) . Time really doesn't wait, they speed faster than anything! Like usual, I'll update some of my pictures from Instagram but this time, there's some little difference. I miss someone, who? My naughty sister :( . She's now on the other side of this planet, Canada. I didn't know I'll miss her so much till she's gone. Now I know, sisterhood. 

There's a quote saying :  “Because there's one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood.”  ― Robin Benway, The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June

The fighting; the sharing; the pillow talking; the sister's hang out, etc etc.... I kinda miss it right now. Although we do Skype a lot, but there's thing that we can't do with the internet. Another new year resolution for me now, work harder and fly to her place :) 

Well, let's move on to pictures from Instagram December! 
Wonderful night shopping @ H&M and dinner @Sushi Zanmai // Celebrating a friend's farewell @ Pasta Zanmai

X'mas celebrations with the bunch @ Levain // Mysterious gift from Sloggi for X'mas

Home bound for a week //  Lunch date with the brother @ Daorae

Breakfast @ McD // Dinner @ Village Park

Usual Sunday Chilling @ Starbucks // Thai Dinner @ Bangkok House

Photoshoot // Favourite Chicken Rice

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