Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge 2013!

Attended Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge @ Subang Skypark which was held on 23rd March this year. The JOHNNIE WALKER® CIRCUIT LOUNGE - definitive Malaysian race party, embodying the international luxury and excitement of the elite motorsport lifestyle. Nowadays I seldom attend so many party events but JWCL is one of the party I anticipate for every year. I just love the style of JW's party although I'm not a heavy drinker. :p  Sorry for the late update too but there're still a lot of pending posts I'll try my best to blog all of them kay??? *endless of pending posts = faint* 

A group shot before the party started! 

Like every year, the party was CROWDED! Look at the people, wohooo!! 

Glamorous party - black and gold -JOHNNIE WALKER® hosted 1,000 privileged guests - first CIRCUIT LOUNGE.

A table reserved for MHB with free flow of Black Label! 

Discovery of taste with World Class mixologists - combined classic Malaysian delights like gula Melaka and pandan with JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL® at the BLACK FLAVOUR LAB. While the original JOHNNIE WALKER® cocktails – the fruity Circuit Lounge, the smoky Peat Perfect and the indulgent Fresh Gold – among a total of eight signature drinks.

And Gold Label served in cocktails; of course, there are Black Label cocktails served too.

Cocktails is a better choice for me, and it actually taste stronger than I expected hmmm....

Yours truly ♥

With Melissa ♥

With the boyf ♥

Still sober look, hahaha! 

Exciting line-up of DJs - local eccentric trio IMMA*BLEEP*YOUUP, DJ Vogue Williams and Australian electronic music pioneer Ivan Gough. JOHNNIE WALKER® global responsible drinking initiative, guests also had the chance to show their support and make a pledge to never drink and drive with a digitally enabled personal signature on the JoinThePact.com interactive photo wall. 

Special corner for instant photo! 

Tadaaaa! Got this picture from JW right after the party! =)

Like what I expected for this party, it was crowded yet nicely organized. Table reserved for us, free flow of Black Label for each table and cocktails, free car park for the guests, and of course there're complimentary bottles of Evian were actively distributed throughout the night, encouraging guests to stay hydrated and enjoy responsibly.

Keep Walking! =)

For more info please visit Johnnie Walker FB - https://www.facebook.com/JohnnieWalkerMalaysia

*photo courtesy of Johnnie Walker, MHB, and yours truly (from my phone :p ) *

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hong Kong Day 2 : Ocean Park!

First time visit to Hong Kong and I chose Ocean Park over Disneyland...actually we could make it to both but it would be very hectic schedule then. I've been watching HK series since young and Ocean Park is every kid's favourite weekend hang out spot. “妈咪爹地,我要去海洋公园。。。。。”  :p

Before heading to the wonderland, we went for breakfast at Central Station - 池记, Chee Kei, which is located outside the Central Station.

The Menu

The restaurant is quite comfy, surprisingly there were still empty seats and there was air-cond too! I expected the food will be more expensive compare to normal Char Chan Teng but it's almost the same price! Hahaaa, just feeling happy that I finally can dine in properly without waiting for long queue, share tables, etc. :p 

We both ordered breakfast set, Set A and Set E.
Milk tea for him and hot soya for me.

Mihun soup with minced meat and vege/ bread/ pork burger

All the food was not bad, and I love the mihun and pork burger! The burger is so crunchy and the mihun is just tasteful ;) .

Then...we were back to Central MTR station and can't wait to spend my day at Ocean Park!!!! :D

Guess what was the first thing we ride inside the park???

The Ocean Express.

Lots of creatures and ocean effects inside the train. Kinda fun riding it though! :)

Can't wait to see what's inside oceannnn!!! 

Pardon if my face is looking tired/ pale... I actually didn't have the energy to put any make up on since day 2.

Jelly Fishhhh.....there're sooo sooo many different type of them.

Beautiful isn't it?

For the first time in my life I've seen so many jelly fishhhes in my life, and they're beautifulll~~ 

Funny me trying be one of them! Don't laugh k???  :p

After walking around for quite a while, we took the Cable Car back to where we came from.

I thought I'll be panic cause I'm little bit acrophobia, but I'm quite enjoying the beautiful scene! And it's so obvious that the boyf was acting fear! 

Me and the boyf :)

First thing that caught my eyes after the cable ride was this ..... 

Cute pandaaa! Awwww sooo cute aren't they????

Very old Hong Kong style. 

Anyone wanna buy vege from me????


Then we found this place, ppl actually sitting down and have their lunch, mainly noodles.

Edited this pic cause I'm feeling I was standing at old Hong Kong street!!

Another random picture with tricycle. 


Don't know what name, but he's cuteeeeee!!! 

Now let's go into deep ocean with me!!! 

Starfishesss.....so damn cuteeeeee!

Fishes with cute eyesss. LOL! 

Feeding time.

There's thousands and thousands of them inside this aquarium!!

Very big size fish.

And andddd anddddd............


They were all placed in a huge space, the temperature were so cold and it's for them. Yeah yeah finally I got to meet with the real penguinssss! 

We basically spent the whole day in Ocean Park! It was sooooo hugeeeee and lots to see! Of course there're a lot of fun riding like roller coasters and all but I don't picture of them. Tiring day hmmm... I already tried to filter pictures but still...there're still so many pics in this post! XD . 

Now let's check out the video of dolphins, sea lions and penguinsss! You wouldn't wanna miss this they're way too cutee! I already edit and cut so that the video won't be that long. Hope you love it!! :p

Travel Tips:
1. Transportation -  Central Station >>> Admiralty station, 金钟站 >>  Take bus from Admiralty station to Ocean Park2. Bring your own lunch box, and water. The mineral water selling inside is expensive.

3. There's schedule for the dophins' show at 海洋剧场, so remember to check the schedule so that you could book a good seat near to the pool. 
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