Friday, February 13, 2015

Fuzio Bar & Restaurant - Romantic Restaurant with 5-Star Cuisine

Happy Valentine's in advance! 

It's very rare of me being so efficient but I think this is a nice restaurant that worth sharing, if you still looking for restaurant to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one or you simply just need a better plan. 

My birthday actually falls on 10th Feb but too bad Xiang had to work extra hour on that day! On my exact birthday!!! Why?!?!? So we had no choice but to postpone my birthday celebration, and we didn't like to dine in on the Valentine's Day because we are not comfortable with crowded places, we can get so fed up in congested traffic and hard time finding parking. So instead of heading out on Friday which is quite crowded too or Saturday for a nice dinner, we chose a Thursday instead, it was a impromptu decision.

Love the table setting, so romatic!! ♥ 

Xiang was the one who chose this restaurant, gotta say that he has a great taste!! :)

Still can't get over his work.

We made reservation at the very last minute, and we still manage to get a seat, probably because it was a weekday though. They had 2 floors for dining and 3rd floor as the rooftop. They readied a table for us on the first floor, I love the 2nd floor more and I requested for a change of table. Yay! Wish granted! You'll see why I love the second floor :) 

We were then ushered to our table.

The entire floor was mine!!

The benefit of celebrating Valentine's Day earlier! Truly love the tranquility of it :) know this was like the scene of the movie that rich man just booked the entire floor for you? And you've a waiter specially standing at a corner waiting to serve you any minute, and he is so friendly and attentive! So romantic right? No no Xiang isn't a spoilt rich brat lol, we're just a regular couple :p 

While we were waiting for our food to be served, I asked Xiang to help me take a couple of photos with the stair, it just looked nice! But....but!!!!

See this was my angry face, he just can't take a nice picture properly. Argh!!

He was like: "Nah, done!" while I only heard a few clicking sound. I seriously need a good photographer! I want a nice #ootd picture too! #sadtohavealazyboyfriend

My unsatisfied #ootd shot, best among all. :(

Okay it's time for food!

This man in love with this stick bread, it's crispy! I love it too :)

Apple juice, RM 14 ++

Spaghetti Carbonara with Smoked Duck Breast, RM 36++

It's so creamy! Xiang loves it A LOT but I don't like creamy food...the duck breasts actually blended into the Carbonara. #notbad

Baked Cod Fish, RM 68++

We just randomly ordered this one, and this is....this is a food from heaven! I never had any cod fish tasted so nice like this before, crispy skin blended so well with the teriyaki sauce, while the meat is still juicy inside!! I can't even........ #heartmelt

The bottom was mashed potato with pesto, tasted a little heavy for me. 

The fish....omg! Must try if you had the chance! I dare to say this is better than Michelin star food! #notbluffing

Gelato Chocolate Ice Cream (RM 16)

Very chocolaty, a little old school ice-cream style. 

And this is their Valentine's Day menu, RM 299++ for TWO!!

Served with a bottle of wine some more! So worth it! I inquired the manager she told me that there's still tables available for 5-7pm slot on 14th Feb, the menu is special designed for Valentine's, most of the dishes are not on the menu. 

* Disclaimer: The dishes I had wasn't on Valentine's menu, but I think the chef is marvelous!

(this pic credit to Fuzio FB)

Fuzio Bar & Restaurant Sdn Bhd 

Address: 29, Jalan Berangan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur (Changkat)

Tel: +603 2110 0303

Fax: +603 2110 0611

Operation Hours: 5 p.m.-1 a.m.

Office Operation Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Then we went for a drink at Hubba which is steps away.

Requested for non-smoking area and, the whole room was mine too! #likeaqueen

So comfortable, I can actually rest a little longer if I don't have class on Friday morning....

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kérastase Scalp Purifiant Treatment by Number76!

This is actually my 3rd visit to this renowned Japanese Hair Salon in Mid Valley, I finally got the chance to try out their hair treatment! I only did hair cut on my previous visits, specially thanks to Sue Ann for the review invitation I was really looking forward for Number76 team to save my hair!

Front desk girl (on the left).

She's a friendly staff, called me up when I was stucked in traffic jam, then she arranged things nicely so that my stylist could serve me when I arrived. :)

Hair products on display at the front desk.


I'm surprised with their newly renovated space!!

Simple, elegant and stylist, best thing is they've expanded the salon! So much spacious compare to the last time's one. 

The customer waiting area. 

The hairdressing area (part I)

The hairdressing area (part II)

There are few more sections still, love to enjoy my hair pampering time in such a cozy environment.  ♥ 

Separated area for chemical waiting customer.

They have this chemical area for all type of chemical services like colouring, hair treatments for customer who has to wait through the process, they could spare their time here instead of just sitting alone on the hairdressing table. 

Loving the simple paint on the hairdressing table.

Various magazines available for customer, they even have trendy Japanese magazine!

And we were served by magazine, hot tea and caramelised biscuit. :)

I was given this sack to cover up my handbag to prevent any chemical stains or hair drops to it! So thoughtful of them! 

Ok it's now time to choose my hair treatment...................

The full menu of hair services.

To be honest, I was so tempted for their Signature Ultrasonic Treatment, and it's upgraded version some more! 

But...I have a very bad scalp, I know it myself. So I had to tell the hairstylist to go for scalp treatment when he asked. You've no idea how badly I wanted to try the Ultrasonic! 

But everyone knows it,

"No healthy scalp, no healthy hair."

The microscope analysis to be conducted on my scalp 

Terry, the senior stylist was explaining my scalp condition to me.

I was served by Terry on my previous visits too, I didn't mention about his name when I scheduled my appointment, apparently they've good customer's tracking record and they arranged the same stylist to me! Thumbs up for their customer service. :)

This was how my scalp looks like.

All the clogged pores I had!!!

Didn't know my scalp was so dry and all the pores are clogged until I seen this scalp analysis, I always thought I was having a dandruff scalp! Gosh, now I know what hair products to choose to use on daily basis.

According to Terry, the clogged pores on my scalp are weakens my roots and hair, hence all the hairfall I was experiencing! So heartache to see so much hair drops after hair wash every I know the reason :( And my new hair grown were so much finer now (I had a very thick hair last time) cause they can't grow healthily on bad scalp anymore...

These 3 are the most popular Kérastase treatments for the scalp.

I was "prescribed" by Terry for this treatment -  Kérastase Scalp Purifiant Treatment (RM 200)

The Kerastase Scalp Purifiant Treatment has both gentle exfoliation and anti-dandruff functions. This combination works effectively to purify scalp dermis for a refreshed, regenerated scalp while soothing that itchy, flaky feeling. 

Then I was attended by his assistant for the treatment, he applied the product layer by layer followed by some head massage onto my unhealthy scalp.

Then I was leave for a few mins for the product to be fully absorbed onto the scalp.

Hair washing time! Love their Japanese style hair's another head massage so so comfortable!! 

Leave-in serum to purify, soften and re-balance flaky scalp and dandruff.

Leave in serum for the hair.
The before and after scalp result, pores were so much cleaner!!

They simple did styling such as curls upon requested for all services except wash & blow, why I didn't know it earlier haha!!

Some shameless selfies of my happy hair and scalp before bed time. :p

They've this lucky draw and it's still ongoing, until 18th Feb 2015!

GRAND PRIZE: Travel Cash Voucher RM3000 x 1
  • Number76 Gift Card RM500 x 10
  • Number76 Gift Card RM300 x 30
  • Number76 Gift Card RM100 x 50
  • Number76 Gift Card RM50 x 100
  • Shiseido Zen Parfum x 1
  • Cabin-sized trolley bag x 5
  • Black tote bag x 6
  • Cosmetic pouch x 16
  • Kerastase hair care travel set x 44

How it works
1. Spend a total of RM1000 and above -  Draw 1 time
2. Spend a total of RM1500 and above -  Draw 2 times

(Exclusively at  Number76 Mid Valley, Bangsar 1, Bangsar 2 & Starhill Gallery only)

You may combine the bill with friends, if you haven't done your CNY hair makeover you should seriously consider this. 

For more information of the hair services, head over to 

Number76 Mid Valley

Address: A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley City, No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utara 59200 K.L

Tel: +603 2287 0661 / 0662


Operation hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Tips I learnt from Number76 for scalp care:

1. Not to use hot water to wash the hair.

2. Use scalp tonic after every hair wash.

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