Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Biweekly Favourites

Hello there, I'm going to start something new on my blog this year, which is Biweekly Favourites. I really hope I could keep this up, and I think this is one of the motivations for me to at least switch on my laptop once every 2 weeks. Well, I really don't work with computers a lot, my daily routine mainly only involves piano and books. 

Favourite Gadget:

I got the Samsung Note 5 before Chiang Mai trip and only get the casing recently. This phone is amazzinggg....The reason behind picking this phone is because of my Note 1, I've been using it until Note 5 was released! Imagine how long my phone could last, I couldn't believe myself to when I told my friends about it. "Hey I'm switching my phone from Note 1 to Note 5!". Well, my Note 1 hasn't died yet and Xiang is using it as his backup phone. I hope my new phone could last me as long too!

Something amazing for the phone case: I could answer calls without flip open the case! 

Favourite Quote:

Read this on twitter, immediately I was connected to it! I was trying to find which book is this from but to no avail. On the pursuit of my music dreams, there are tons and tons of people trying to stop me, judge me, despise me, and whatsoever. Well, that is not their lives, I don't have to waste my energy trying to convince them. Do what you think it's right, do what you think it's your true calling,

"Keep facing your true north"

Favourite Book:

Paulo Coelho became one of my favourite author ever since I read his book "The Alchemist". This book is about 4 different characters; how much they're willing to sacrifice for their own desire, obsession, and fame.  

Favourite Planner:


This beautiful Starbucks planner serves as a monthly and weekly planner to me.

Favourite Music:

Favourite Skincare:

I've been using this for a while, bought this at SASA during sales at the price of RM 59.90/ box, buy 2 free 1. Each box contains 7 pcs. 

To be honest what's written on the back "beauty-salon formulation and money-back guaranteed within 14 days" caught my eyes. Well they're quite good for my sensitive skin, very moisturizing and is considered one of the cheaper choice for silk mask.

Favourite Drink:

I've been making this drink - Honey Lemon for quite some time now. It's my all time favourite! 

1. Honey
2. 1 lemon, thinly sliced

How to make it

Fill the glass jar with a base of honey, top with 1 slice of lemon, then top with honey. Repeat the process. Refrigerate for at least 3 days. 

Pour some honey lemon onto the cup, add cold water and ice, a drink to be enjoyed on these scorching hot days!

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