Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Romantic Italian Dinner @ La Risata Bar Pizzeria Ristorante

Went to this restaurant with a friend at La Risata, Jalan Ampang. It was a very last minute decision, since we were in KL and couldn't think of any other nice restaurant to head to. 

I was actually quite surprised, first thing the waiter asked at the front door was "Did you make reservation?" . I thought omg, is there no any table left??? Luckily there were still tables left! Phew~~ Better not walk in like that nx time hmm....

The food that we ordered:
The bread

CREMA DI FUNGHI RM14 (Homemade cream of mushroom soup)
The soup : Classic taste of mushroom soup, quite good I like this!

This is duck salad (Hmm couldn't find the name in the menu n sorry I've lost the receipt :p) around RM10/RM20 ++
Very special salad indeed, with all different kind of vegetables and orange. They just perfectly match with the duck. 


Tons of seafoooddddd!! Love to the max!!!! <3 <3

There were few tables hving bday celebration, not my bday LOL!!

And the dinner couldn't be perfect w/o wine! Just randomly pick this white wine. Cheers~~~

And I was lucky! There were band performance! On every Sat after 10pm!! Nice one *thumbs up*! 

 The bar (upstair)
Honestly, I really love this restaurant! 

Very ambiance environment, quality band performance, reasonable price for the food, AND 5 star service! Definitely, I'll visit this restaurant again! 

For more information:

Visit their FB fan page:


Ampang Branch:
16 Pesiaran Ampang
55000 Kuala Lumpur

t.603 4252 6269

f.603 4257 9503

Lunch : 12.00pm-2.30pm
Dinner : 6.30pm-10.30pm

Damansara  Branch:

128 Jalan Kasah
Medan Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur

t.603 2095 9572

f.603 2095 9589

Lunch : 12.00pm-2.30pm
Dinner : 6.30pm-10.30pm

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Relaxing Yoga Classes @ BodyExpress Subang Avenue

Yoga, a popular exercise for stress relieving activity nowadays. People from all walks of life definitely are stress from something; maybe work, maybe studies, maybe business, whatever it is, we need something to release the stress and keep our body n mental healthy. Well, it's very common that gym provide yoga classes for the members, BodyExpress at Subang Avenue provide yoga classes too.

Before I joined the gym, I never know that there are so many different classes for yoga! Gentle Yoga, Power Yoga, Core Yoga, Hatha Yoga, etc.....

1. Hatha Yoga 

Hatha yoga is one of the two branches of yoga that focuses on the physical culture, the other one being raja yoga. 

Traditional hatha yoga is a holistic yogic path, including disciplines, postures (asana), purification procedures (shatkriya), gestures (mudra), breathing (pranayama), and meditation. The hatha yoga predominantly practiced in the West consists of mostly asanas understood as physical exercises. It is also recognized as a stress-reducing practice. 

(info extracted from wikipedia)

2. Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a term that has caught on primarily in the West where it is used to distinguish more vigorous asana practices from gentler ones. Power yoga sequences can vary, sometimes adhering to the Ashtanga Primary Series or working into variations thereof. 

(info extracted from wikipedia)

3. Core Yoga

Yoga Classes Timetable for BodyExpress April 2012

So many yoga classes to choose from! I just randomly attend some of the classes whenever I'm free, but not the advance yoga class for sure heheee (I'm just a very beginner to yoga).  

Check out more on Bodyexpress FB - 

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Orange Spring/ Summer

Colors and Spring/Summer, are always connected! I'm a girl who always love bright color for my outfit and you've no idea how I wish I have all the colors in my wardrobe! Yellow, pink, blue, red, etc....I'll be very delighted when I see my wardrobe is full with colors just like the rainbow in the sky :) And for this summer, I pick one of my current favorite color : "Orange"

The Orange Fashion Trends for 2012:

Pic from FashionFor2012

Pic from Glam

Pic from MillionLooks
Orange really looks lovely and attractive right? Especially when you dress up in sharp color like this to events/parties, I bet that you're the one sparkling in this special color. You're just as shimmering as the beautiful sun for this season! 
The Black Pleated Skirt is actually "See-Through" skirt, added in a little sexy element for the  look :)

Don't you think that "Orange' and for this Spring/ Summer is just adorable?  

Orange Top : TopShop
Black Pleated Skirt : Jaspal 

Well, I need a favor from you guys! I'm one of the participants of KLCC Lifestyle Blogger Contest 2012 and I need a vote from you all. 

Just click into this link : and vote for me from the Suria KLCC FB fan page  . 

If I could make it to the top, there'll be prizes for YOU ALL too! Interesting? Just give a VOTE then! Every of your votes counts! :) 

Winners for the Movie Passes

I know you guys had been waiting for now I gonna announce who are the two lucky winners to win away the movie passes!!!

Like what what I mentioned in the blog post earlier : , you could watch ANY movie in ANY TGV cinemas, valid till end of April 2012! 


The winners go toooooooooooooo:
FB/ Twitter : Phoebe Chee
Blog : Angeline Ho

Congrats! Each of you win a pair of TGV movie passes! Kindly send email to for tickets collection.

Pick your favorite movie and enjoy!  :D

Till then...xoxo
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