Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's been a while

Good morning dearies! It's been a while since I last update my fashion post! :p Actually my sister Johanna and I were planning on building a very small business on fashion but somehow after uploaded our first piece on  Sohcharmé , my sister was busy with her college application to Canada. Sigh, how can I do ALONE without her? We take pictures for each other :( 

Then a friend of mine, Taki offered a hand to help me do photo-shooting! Yeah yeahhh :) . He is a photographer so I know, the photos must be good! Thank you thank you! :D . It was exhausting changing when doing outdoor shooting but I'm really happy with the outcome! Perhaps in future if there's more opportunity like this, I could continue with this business? 

Alright this is our 2nd piece, Oversize Peplum Top . I personally really love this piece! 


The details (front)

The details (front)

The details (back)





And there's still stock last for our first piece, check out at .  I think I'm a really fail businesswoman :( .....So please show some love and contact me if you like any of our piece! Check out our FB page of Sohcharmé . 

If any photographers out there would like to offer a hand in photo-shooting, kindly contact me ( your watermark is allowed! ).  :D

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hong Kong Day 1

Hi hi guyss....hope you all enjoyed your long holiday and CNY!!! Cause I did! ^.^  Finally I have the time and mood to sit down properly and blog about my Hong Kong trip, sorry for keep you guys waiting ya :p

You guys may check my itinerary here . Actually we planned to have lunch at Bon Bon Cafe on the first day but somehow don't know why, it was CLOSED. Luckily it was only few steps away from the hotel I stayed if not my mood will be ruined for sure. We just simply pick one restaurant nearby to settle our lunch - 神廚館

The bf ordered their signature 墨鱼饼饭 (Octopus ball rice), and most of their dishes are beef/ pork. At the end I ordered chicken chop rice, easy.

The boyfriend's (HKD 46)

Mine (HKD 33)

The price comes in a set which we could either choose a soup/ drink. We prefer drinks so...

Milk tea for him, Ice Lemon Tea for me.

Taste?? Mine was okay okay lah, but the Octopus Ball really nice. Errr, chewy, special, we both like it. But the dish was SO SO SO DRYYYYY......really couldn't get use to it, a glass of tea definitely not enough too, WHY HK PPL EAT SO DRY ONE??? The bf also keep looking for sauce but only soy sauce they provide  =.=. Portion quite big as I couldn't finish mine. 

Not highly recommended but you guys could try out the Octopus Ball, 墨鱼饼

G/F, 65 Ivy Street, Tai Kok Tsui

After lunch, we had some rest at the hotel, and then we hopped on our hotel free shuttle bus to Mong Kok.

Being tourisy, a photo on the street.

After bought all the entrance ticket at 丁丁旅行社, it was already around 6pmWe wanted to go Ladies' Market after that but somehow we get confused by the road, we spent the night shopping and wandering around at 西洋菜南街 . We continued there as there are quite crowded too, there were food stalls, shopping, and many local hanging around too. 

Then we saw chaos scene when we were walking directionless, "POWER RANGERS?" 

What are they???

The crowd all gathered at that spot when I realized I was in the crowd too, ok lah try to find out who are those "POWER RANGERS". What I heard is, FREE FOOD? REALLY? FREE FOOD IN HONG KONG??? I don't believe. 

Then I saw the plate of the store, I wanted to try this 鸡蛋仔 too, since I already don't know when in the queue so okayyy lah, I lined up.

Then the bf told me, they're some kind service company. 

The lady on the left, recorded all the food that ordered by customer, bosses were busy serving too. FREE FOOD WHAT.

Don't know that are sausages or what, not my thing.

Curry fish balls, wanted to try thissssss!!!!

The bf wanted to escape, but get "caught" by the rangers. Funny face HAHAA! :p

Not being greedy, we just ordered a few to try. 

Curry fish balls + Siew Mai

Shark fin's soup. (I don't think is real one lah)

Then 鸡蛋仔.

A picture with the ranger again! If they know we are Malaysians I don't think we'll get the free food anymore  LOL! Shhhh.....

Do not expect there are table for you, they're like pasar malam in Malaysia so we have to eat while we were walking. 

Started with 鸡蛋仔, the bf's expression : " NICE MEH????"

Me eating fishballs and siew mai, not nice one laaaaaaaaa! 

鸡蛋仔 are too DRY, fishballs and siew mai, too soft (I think maybe cause they dipped too long in the curry soup), the shark fin's soup, tasteless. NOT NICE! Sorry we know many Africans suffer from starvation but we forced to toss them away, not because I'm not appreciating the food, really not nice! 

We then continue to shop around 西洋菜街, then we saw McD!!! 

Happy face not because of the chicken, because finally I get to sit down! Yipieeee!!! :D

Not much different la I think, pepper chicken+nugget set = HKD40 +- (coke not refillable hmmm...)

The bf surprised me with this cute TIGERRRR! Don't understand why he spent 15HKD for this...

But they're cute :D

This guy love McD! 

Continued our shopping at the beautiful street.

Travel Tips:
1. Purchase cheaper entrance ticket from 丁丁旅行社 to  Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360, Disneyland, etc. (Website : / Address: 九龙旺角弥敦道607号新兴大厦1417B / )

2.   肥姐小食店 ( next to 北角鸡蛋仔, the free food stall that I tried) quite famous too. Saw long queue but I didn't want to try out cause they're selling pig’s intestines, pig’s stomach, chicken kidney, etc... which me and my bf don't fancy). Address : Shop 4A, 55 Dundas Street, Mong Kok, 旺角登打士街55號4A舖.

3. More food search at .  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

(pic taken at Macau, Fisherman's Wharf, sry if I look funny in my bf's coat :p)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I wanted to post this earlier but I'm so "lucky" to fall sick on the first day of CNY, which was my birthday too :( .Sick so badly with high fever even had 2 times of paracetamol the body heat just didn't go off. And there was no clinic open on the first day of CNY too...what a memorable CNY for me this year.

If you are following in my Instagram you should know that my fever has finally gone off after an injection. OUCHHH, it hurtssss :( . Alright let's stop talking about my sickness as I feel a lot better now already just that I miss a lot of fun and nice food during first few days of CNY. I hope you're still enjoying it, the greatest festive season of Chinese isn't over yet! :p

Well, I already expect that there'll be no birthday celebration since my birthday sooo happen to fall on the first day of CNY! ( This happened for the first time in my life! ) . So the boyfie prepared an early birthday celebration of mine with a trip to KK! heheee...thankieewww thankiewwwww :D

Early celebration trip to KK! Love ya muacksss 

Will be update full post soon, after few more posts of HK trip first? 

And also an early birthday dinner @ TGIF before we back to hometown.

Before I end this post, may this snake year brings all of us wealth, satisfaction and health! Wish you all have a auspicious and prosperous one! 恭喜发大财, 蛇年行大运!发发发!!! 

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

My Stay in Hong Kong

Taking the morning at 6am ish flight, we wanna buy ourselves one more day in Hong Kong. Luckily there is a premium lounge for me to have some short rest, or else I really gonna turn into zombie mode on the first day of my Hong Kong trip! The flight took about 4 hours so we arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport at around 10am. After passing the custom check and claimed our baggage, we bought the Airport Express ticket and Octopus card. 

We bought Octopus Card (八达通) cause we know we're not the kind of traveller who loves to rush from one place to another and we don't want our itinerary to be too packed. If you're travelling a lot, you could buy the Airport Express Travel Pass with the Airport Express and enjoy 3 consecutive days of unlimited travel (220HKD or 300HKD). 

The total amount we spent on travelling around the city with Octopus card is about 120HKD/ pax. First day we bought the Octopus card at the rate of 150HKD with only 100HKD credit, then we topped up 50HKD on the 4th day. ( 50HKD is refundable within 3 months )

While for the Airport Express, the rate is cheaper if you're travelling in group. For single journey:

Airport - Hong Kong :  100 HKD
Airport - Kowloon    :  90 HKD
Airport - Tsing Yi      :  60 HKD

Group of 2:
Airport - Hong Kong :  160 HKD
Airport - Kowloon    :  140 HKD
Airport - Tsing Yi      :  90 HKD

Group of 3:
Airport - Hong Kong :  210 HKD
Airport - Kowloon    :  190 HKD
Airport - Tsing Yi      :  125 HKD

Group of 4:
Airport - Hong Kong :  250 HKD
Airport - Kowloon    :  220 HKD
Airport - Tsing Yi      :  150 HKD

The frequency of Airport Express is quite high (around 5-15 mins a train if I'm not mistaken), and we arrived in Kowloon Station and hopped into hotel free shuttle bus at around 1140am (as we planned :p). Our choice of hotel to crash on - Silka West Kowloon Hotel , a 3-star hotel at Tai Kok Tsui.

Without further ado, let's check out our room! 

Standard room with 2 Single Beds. 

 The wardrobe and safety box. Why the wardrobe SO SMALL????????

We requested to change to double bed room on the 3rd day as we really needed more spaces. As we imagined, the double bed room (king-size bed of course), has a little more spaces and I can have bigger wardrobe (others are the same that's why I didn't take photo). The bed wasn't too soft, it's consider a little bit hard but still okay for me (not as hard as a stone, just not that heavenly-comfy-soft).

The bathroom is REALLY SMALL, see the pictures below and you'll know....

Complete set of toiletries and a hair dryer is provided.

See.....small or not?

Basically you can barely move when you shower, really not recommend for a plus size traveller.

 TV, mini bar, and WIFI available in room =)

You might ask me, why this hotel so small you still wanna stay? Well, almost ALL THE HOTELS IN HONG KONG ARE SMALL!! Unless you're willing to pay for suite rooms, which we don't think they worth the value of money. This is my choice after I've read so many reviews and booked it in at around 220MYR per night (w/o breakfast). 

- Free shuttle bus ( you may check the schedule on their website) 
- Very punctual of the shuttle bus (better get ready in the bus 5-10 mins before departure time)
- Walkable distance to Olympic MTR station (around 10 - 15 mins of walk )
- Near to public bus stop (around 5 mins of walk)
- Near to convenient stores (closest is 7-11, around 5 mins walk)
- Clean
- Free WIFI in room
- Newspaper at your doorstep every morning
- Helpful and friendly staff with good command of English
- Impressive service upon request (they'll send the stuff you requested from front desk via phone in less than 5  mins to your room)

- Room and bathroom is too small (only 11.15 sq.m)
- Sound proof is not so good  (you can hear if there's ppl talking outside your room)
- A little far from MTR station
- Dangerous (as the road is getting dark after 9pm when you walk back from Olympic MTR station)
- No nice view from the room
- Only have 3 pick up points but 5 drop off points for free shuttle bus! 

Silka West Kowloon Hotel
46-48 Anchor Street, 
Tai Kok Tsui, 
Hong Kong.

Alright, if you're a more budget traveller than me, you've a better choice - 宾馆. We went to this place because the boyfie helped his colleague to book the room for this coming March. We had a hard time in finding this though, but finally we saw it, I mean, ME! hehehe...I have sharp eyes :p

 This is the one, Wing Wah Building

 I was shocked when I saw this, SO MANY HOTELS in this small building????

 There were guards too, but nobody border us when we walked in so...??

How many hotels in 1 floor? *bluring...*

Alright this is it! Taking this pic to show you how it looks from the outside (sorry not dare to take picture inside cause the lazy boss was just sitting at the front desk =.=)

His colleague wanted this particular motel, Mong Kok Hotel. Don't know they name it hotel I rather name it motel. 

His colleague actually did some research and there are some good reviews posted online, or some kind of forum I think. I went inside and had a peek of the room with 2 single beds. It's a lot smaller! 

Pardon my drawing, I'm not a good painter. Just wanna show you how the room roughly looks like.

The room is really a long room, rectangular I mean, with air-cond. But it's really small, I don't know how the bathroom looks like as I just saw the door of the bathroom. Suggest you take the double bed room, at least it'll be squarer right???? The rate of hotel is about 350-400 HKD per night. If not mistaken, the 2 single beds is 350HKD/night and the double bed room is 400 HKD/night. You just have to pay 1 day deposit, depending on which room you wanna stay, and the lady boss will give you a receipt. The floor is clean though from what I see, and it's located in Sai Yeung Choi Street which is like located in the market. Find 荷里活购物商场 and 周生生 , it's around there. 

Mong Kok Hotel
3/F, Wing Wah Buidling, 
Sai Yeung Choi Street,
Mongkok, Kowloon. 

Phone : 2385 1962 / 2782 1283
Fax : 2782 1918

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