Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hong Kong Day 1

Hi hi guyss....hope you all enjoyed your long holiday and CNY!!! Cause I did! ^.^  Finally I have the time and mood to sit down properly and blog about my Hong Kong trip, sorry for keep you guys waiting ya :p

You guys may check my itinerary here . Actually we planned to have lunch at Bon Bon Cafe on the first day but somehow don't know why, it was CLOSED. Luckily it was only few steps away from the hotel I stayed if not my mood will be ruined for sure. We just simply pick one restaurant nearby to settle our lunch - 神廚館

The bf ordered their signature 墨鱼饼饭 (Octopus ball rice), and most of their dishes are beef/ pork. At the end I ordered chicken chop rice, easy.

The boyfriend's (HKD 46)

Mine (HKD 33)

The price comes in a set which we could either choose a soup/ drink. We prefer drinks so...

Milk tea for him, Ice Lemon Tea for me.

Taste?? Mine was okay okay lah, but the Octopus Ball really nice. Errr, chewy, special, we both like it. But the dish was SO SO SO DRYYYYY......really couldn't get use to it, a glass of tea definitely not enough too, WHY HK PPL EAT SO DRY ONE??? The bf also keep looking for sauce but only soy sauce they provide  =.=. Portion quite big as I couldn't finish mine. 

Not highly recommended but you guys could try out the Octopus Ball, 墨鱼饼

G/F, 65 Ivy Street, Tai Kok Tsui

After lunch, we had some rest at the hotel, and then we hopped on our hotel free shuttle bus to Mong Kok.

Being tourisy, a photo on the street.

After bought all the entrance ticket at 丁丁旅行社, it was already around 6pmWe wanted to go Ladies' Market after that but somehow we get confused by the road, we spent the night shopping and wandering around at 西洋菜南街 . We continued there as there are quite crowded too, there were food stalls, shopping, and many local hanging around too. 

Then we saw chaos scene when we were walking directionless, "POWER RANGERS?" 

What are they???

The crowd all gathered at that spot when I realized I was in the crowd too, ok lah try to find out who are those "POWER RANGERS". What I heard is, FREE FOOD? REALLY? FREE FOOD IN HONG KONG??? I don't believe. 

Then I saw the plate of the store, I wanted to try this 鸡蛋仔 too, since I already don't know when in the queue so okayyy lah, I lined up.

Then the bf told me, they're some kind service company. 

The lady on the left, recorded all the food that ordered by customer, bosses were busy serving too. FREE FOOD WHAT.

Don't know that are sausages or what, not my thing.

Curry fish balls, wanted to try thissssss!!!!

The bf wanted to escape, but get "caught" by the rangers. Funny face HAHAA! :p

Not being greedy, we just ordered a few to try. 

Curry fish balls + Siew Mai

Shark fin's soup. (I don't think is real one lah)

Then 鸡蛋仔.

A picture with the ranger again! If they know we are Malaysians I don't think we'll get the free food anymore  LOL! Shhhh.....

Do not expect there are table for you, they're like pasar malam in Malaysia so we have to eat while we were walking. 

Started with 鸡蛋仔, the bf's expression : " NICE MEH????"

Me eating fishballs and siew mai, not nice one laaaaaaaaa! 

鸡蛋仔 are too DRY, fishballs and siew mai, too soft (I think maybe cause they dipped too long in the curry soup), the shark fin's soup, tasteless. NOT NICE! Sorry we know many Africans suffer from starvation but we forced to toss them away, not because I'm not appreciating the food, really not nice! 

We then continue to shop around 西洋菜街, then we saw McD!!! 

Happy face not because of the chicken, because finally I get to sit down! Yipieeee!!! :D

Not much different la I think, pepper chicken+nugget set = HKD40 +- (coke not refillable hmmm...)

The bf surprised me with this cute TIGERRRR! Don't understand why he spent 15HKD for this...

But they're cute :D

This guy love McD! 

Continued our shopping at the beautiful street.

Travel Tips:
1. Purchase cheaper entrance ticket from 丁丁旅行社 to  Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360, Disneyland, etc. (Website : / Address: 九龙旺角弥敦道607号新兴大厦1417B / )

2.   肥姐小食店 ( next to 北角鸡蛋仔, the free food stall that I tried) quite famous too. Saw long queue but I didn't want to try out cause they're selling pig’s intestines, pig’s stomach, chicken kidney, etc... which me and my bf don't fancy). Address : Shop 4A, 55 Dundas Street, Mong Kok, 旺角登打士街55號4A舖.

3. More food search at .  


Wilson Ng said...

Don't la go hong kong and eat fast food!

Waiting for your day 2!


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Hi! May I know where exactly is 丁丁旅行社?We can just go in and buy the tickets? No need prior booking? The price is really much more cheaper than the usual one.

Emma said...

it is located in Nathan Road, you may use GPS to find the's inside a building ( I took quite some time searching for it too...)

No need prior booking just walk in and buy! :)

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