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Hong Kong/ Macau 7D6N Travel Itinerary

Travelling in Hong Kong and planning on your own never gets easy, although the public transportation is very developed there but it gets pretty confusing sometimes. What confused me the most is that they have so many exits in the MTR, and they use the same road name for a very long street! @.@ 

We don't take taxi at all for our whole journey in Hong Kong/ Macau because it can get quite expensive. Traveller without tour guide better study the road/ map/ transportation before you go there, not to only save  your time, and your energy of walking too. Grab a detail map at the airport when you arrive helps a lot, we also used GPS to find the destination sometimes.

A well-planned itinerary will helps save time and prevent getting lost when you're at "don't know" where. At least you have to know where the MUST GO and MUST EAT location, and put it on the same day if there're nearby. 

I spent quite some time preparing the below itinerary, planned it to do it every night after back at the hotel but I get too exhausted, my legs were numb and sometimes my back are pain too *consequences of walking too much* T_T .We didn't follow exactly what we planned before, but we visited all the places we wish to go :D

Hong Kong Day 1 (22nd Jan 2012):
1030 am - Arrived in Hong Kong International Airport
1100 am - Airport Express to Kowloon Station
1140 am - Free shuttle bus to the Hotel 
1200 pm - Arrived in Silka West Kowloon Hotel, Tai Kok Tsui
0100 pm - Lunch at 神大厨 
0200 pm - Back at Hotel 
0240 pm - Shuttle bus to Mongkok 
0300 pm - Ding Ding (丁丁旅行社) to purchase entrance tickets for Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360, Madame Tussauds, and The Peak                
0530 pm - Walking around/ shopping at 西洋菜南街 
0800 pm - Shopping at H&M 
0900 pm - Free Shuttle Bus back to Hotel (which they actually don't pick up guests at MongKok)
1000 pm - Back at Hotel 

Hong Kong Day 2 (23rd Jan 2012):
0830 am - (MTR) Olympic >> Central
0900 am - Breakfast at 池记 (outside Central Station)
1000 am - Take MTR to Admiralty station, 金钟站 >>  Take bus from Admiralty station to Ocean Park
1100 am - Ocean Park, 海洋公园
0600 pm - Take bus from Ocean Park back to Central MTR Station >>  Olympic Station
0700 pm - Back at Hotel
0800 pm - Shuttle bus to MongKok
0810 pm - Shopping at Ladies' Market (女人街)
0845 pm - Dinner at Tim Ho Wan (添好运)
1000 pm - Back at Hotel

Hong Kong Day 3 (24th Jan 2012):
0930 am - Breakfast
1100 am - (MTR) Olympic >>  Tung Chung
0100 pm - Ngong Ping 360, 昂平 360
0400 pm - Shopping at Citygate outlets (next to Ngong Ping 360)
0700 pm - MTR to Olympic station
0900 pm - Dinner at Bon Bon Cafe
1000 pm - Back at Hotel

Hong Kong Day 4 (25th Jan 2012):

0800 am - (MTR) Olympic >>  Jordan
0930 am - Breakfast at Australian Diary Co.
1030 am - (MTR) Jordan >>  Central
1100 am - Had a short walk in the garden near Central Station
1200 pm - Madame Tussauds, 杜莎夫人
0330 pm - Hopped on a Ding Ding car
0600 pm - Down at nearby Tsim Sa Tsui MTR station
0730 pm - Symphony of Light
0830 pm - (MTR) Tsim Sa Tsui >>  Olympic
0900 pm - Back at hotel
0930 pm - Express dinner at the hotel (Instant noddle - 出前一丁)
1000 pm - Shuttle bus from Hotel to Tsim Sa Tsui MTR station, walked to another MTR station and go to Central
1030 pm - Lan Kwai Fong
1120 pm - (MTR) Central >>  Olympic
1140 pm - Supper
1220 am - Back at the Hotel

Hong Kong Day 5 (26th Jan 2012):
0830 am - Breakfast at Australian Diary Co. (Go Jordon Road by bus)
1130 am - Checked out hotel
1200 pm - Shuttle bus to Kowloon MTR station
0100 pm - Shopping at Times Square, Lim Garden, etc.
0500 pm - Early dinner at Olympic Station, Food Republic
0600 pm - Back to hotel and take shuttle bus to Tsim Sa Tsui Station
0700 pm - Buy ferry ticket at Tsim Sa Tsui
0800 pm - Take Turbo Jet to Macau
0900 pm - Arrived in Macau, walked to the Hotel
0930 pm - Checked in Hotel ( Casa Real Hotel)

Macau Day 1 (27th Jan 2012): 
0900 am - Breakfast at 大碗面 (Expensive and not nice to eat)
1000 am - Walk to Fisherman Wharf
1100 am - Public bus to last stop, nearby Best Western Hotel
1200 pm - Lunch (on the way to Ruins of St. Paul's)
0100 pm - Ruins of St. Paul's
0300 pm - Margaret Portuguese Tart
0500 pm - Take public bus back to Hotel
0700 pm - Dinner ( Room Service at the Hotel)
0800 pm - (Shuttle Bus) Casa Real >>  Ferry Terminal >>  Venetian
0820 pm - Shopping + Biscuit 讵记
0900 pm - (Shuttle Bus) Venetian >>  Ferry Terminal
0920 pm - Fisherman Wharf for the night view
1015 pm - Back at Hotel

Macau Day 2 (28th Jan 2012): 
0920 am - Breakfast
1000 am - Back at Hotel
0200 pm - Checked out from the hotel
0215 pm - Portuguese Lunch at Fisherman Wharf
0400 pm - Casino
0545 pm - Dinner at Golden Dragon
0635 pm - Back to hotel and take shuttle bus to ferry terminal
0700 pm - Public bus to the Airport
0730 pm - Arrived in Macau International Airport (MFM)

The purpose of above itinerary is for my own record (so that I won't forgot what I did, and where I went) and I could update my blog post accordingly. It could be your reference too, detail will be update on my upcoming blog post soon, so stay tune! :p

*The time stated are based on my memory and estimation*


Jia Ying said...

Great information~~~ I want to go Hong Kong!!! haha~~

Emma said...

@Jia Ying: thanks, I'm trying to be more informative :)

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