Friday, July 27, 2012

Brazilian Wax, Totally Furless! Fearful? Fearless?

Was invited to the Furless Waxing Salon for the Brazilian Wax. I stepped in the salon full with the feeling of insecure and excitement cause it was my first time. It's normal to be a little gan jiong eh? :p 

Be fearless to be furless, hmmm...could I?

Although I was a little nervous, the therapists are professional and well-trained. Surprisingly that the therapist that attended me had 6 yrs of experience in this industry! When I was just about ready for the treatment, OUCH! The therapist did it so quick, but professionally. Trust me, I'm kind of girl afraid to pain. :<

Therapy room

Waxing products and kits. 

I'm actually having the sensitive skin type. The waxing product are rather warm on me but they ended the waxing session with the calming and cooling process using the waxing gel. Phew~! Finally it ended! It took about 40 mins since it was my first time for the TOTALLY FURLESS Brazilian wax. 

First timer could get 50% off the bill!

WHOLE BODY waxing available too, depends the level of pain that you could "tahan"

Furless Waxing is located at:
21-M, Block B, Jaya One,
No 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200, PJ.

#Ootd - coming soon at Sohcharmé 

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Happy Thursday!!! ♥ ♥ I have just started an online blogshop with my naughty sister, Johanna  - Sohcharmé .  The name of the blog shop, Sohcharmé stands for we both are the Soh sisters and CHARM ME, CHARM YOU, CHARM EVERYONE UP! 

Did some photoshoot with my sister and here is our first piece! The Collar Princess Dress :) 

Mustard is 

Thick Cotton with Inner Lace Lining!

Autumn Orange

The dress is available in black and red too! Check out Sohcharmé FB page and show some love! 

Oh yeah, and it's FREE SHIPPING within West Malaysia! Happy Shopping! 

Till then, xoxo.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Metadee Resort & Villas | Phuket

If you read my blog post before this, you would know this was actually my 2nd stay in Phuket during the last day of my trip. For the first 2 days, I stayed in a boutique hotel which is located in the heart of Phuket in Patong. Read here for my first stay if you haven't. 

I think I'm a special traveler hehehe...In a city with sun, sea and sand, I must spend at least a full day just to enjoy the nice stay in a splendid Resort/ Villa, that's call a holiday! Metadee Resort & Villas with 90 sq.m, which is located in Kata, was my choice for the luxury stay in Phuket.


The hotel served us with a welcome drink (mocktail) during the registration. Unexpectedly, the staffs could speak fluent English ( first time I could communicate with them in English without any Thai words) ! We were then ushered by the buggy service to our room.

The buggy service (I'm not the driver LOL, just for posing :p)

Snapped a photo on the way to our room.

Access Pool Villa

Tadaaa! This is my room!!!!!!!!!! I was delighted once I stepped in the room! I was jumping like a little kid and rolling on the bed once I get in!!! *Overwhelmed*

The "love note" on the bed.

42” Colour LCD TV.

I'm sure you don't wanna wake up by lying on the bed on watching 42" TV with variety of channels to choose from! It's a total heaven! 

Picture in the dressing table, a spacious space for make up for girls! :D

Wardrobe with in-room electronic safety box .

And the lemon grass shower gel n shampoo! Felt so relaxed after shower 

Sofa provided in the room with complimentary fruits!

What I really love is the spacious area for shower, bubble bath and 2 washbasins with complete toiletries provided! Washroom and bathroom are separated of course!  ♥ ♥ 

Spacious space

2 washbasins

Bathtub with self-made lemongrass bubble bath! 

Shower area before access to the pool outside the room!

The pool access room is just gorgeous! Lying on the sun chair and having Thai beer and with different Thai made snacks is total a love.... Jump into the pool whenever I feel I want to, or having a "picnic" in the pool with friends, what a special experience :p

Pool access

The swimming pool


Main pool with beach chair

Lush garden around the pool with beautiful flowers 


Sun chair outside the room

"Waterfall" in the pool???


Tropical fruits are provided too! Yum yum at the sun chair outside my room.

Coffee and tea provided on the mini-bar

Breakfast by the pool 

I was satisfied with my choice and had a pleasant stay in Metadee. Loving the serenity of the resort and the thoughtful services provided. :P Obviously 1 day wasn't enough for me :( . Fantastic staffs, gorgeous swimming pool with the pool access, well-designed spacious room, everything was beyond my satisfaction. :D

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nightlife in Phuket : Bangla Road

Talking about Thailand, what's more excited than NIGHTLIFE?? The first thing after we checked in the hotel in Patong, was to head straight to the nightlife hotspot in Patong - BANGLA ROAD. Excited much??

Ang-mo's favourite spot!

Everything was CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!! The drinks, the bars, the clubs, the shows, and ah-hem!! If you know what I mean, don't ever allow your partner visit Thailand alone, EVERYTHING was just way TOO CHEAP! 

But fast food like MCD, not so cheap.

Try not to focus the men outside Starbucks, hahaaaa! They are ALL ALONG the road of Bangla! 

Bangla Road (Soi Bangla) is the liveliest party zone with blasting music and girls or "girls". From what I see, the SUPPLY > DEMAND

Alright stop talking about the economy, I was literally DRAGGED by a woman into this pole dancing bar. She was really enthusiastic to "invite" me to her bar *surrender*. /SWEAT

Lots of drinks to choose from....

Ordered this Thai whisky, 100 THB. 

It doesn't smell nice....the smell that girl will hate yuck!

Close-up pole dancing just right infront of the customer.

The night get merrier when the moon rise higher, a-go-go bar, nightclubs, etc..... Didn't visit a-go-go bar cause I visited before. It was fun cause the area was quite big and happening! 

Stay tune for more updates on this space, good night =)
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