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Italian Dining - Pietro Ristorante Italiano

This is actually my second visit to Pietro. I was invited to their restaurant launching last year, they have tons and tons of nice CHEESE and good WINE. If you know me well, you would know that I'm one of the cheese hater. But Pietro's cheese is rather different, their cheese doesn't have the heavy-creamy-milky-cheese taste which I hate the most.

Another reason that I love here is the ambiance environment of the restaurant.

The big table for group dining

Dining table for date <3

Bread as the starter. The Italian style - Dip in olive oil and salt 

Zuppa di Portobello – RM25.00 – Portobello mushroom soup with touch of cream. Couldn't resist with this smooth and concentrated mushroom soup!

Carpaccio di Manzo – RM38.00 – paper thin slices of beef, served with arugula leaves, parmesan and mustard dressing. Sadly that I don't take beef, this dish looking so fresh like salmon sashimi slices! :(

Capesante – RM38.00 – Pan-fried scallops served with balsamic, rucola salad and parmesan cheese. Max love with this dish esp the rucola salad <3 

Pizza Diavola – RM32.00 – Tomatoes, Mozarella Cheese, chillies and beef pepperoni.

Taglietelle Fegato Grasso – RM82.00 – Tagliatelle served with foie gras and veal juice. Very unique taste but little heavy for me.

Taglietelle alla Bolognese – RM30.00 – Homemade tagliatelle served with hand-cut stewed beef in rich tomato sauce.

Capellini with Cubed Prawns

Branzino – RM62.00 – Whole Grilled Barramundi served with vegetables, salsa verde and salad. A big portion dish recommended for 2-3 pax, great taste with fresh meat! Nom....

Costolette d’Agnello – RM72.00 – Lamb rack served with roasted root vegetables and rosemary garlic oil

Fegato D’ oca – RM68.00 – Pan-friend duck liver served with caramelized apple and port wine. Combination of duck liver and caramelized apple, PERFECTO!

Carre’ Arrosto di Vitello – RM122.00 – Roasted veal rack served with mashed potatoes and mushrooms. 

Burrata – RM52.00 – Fresh Burrata cheese with fresh cherry tomatoes and rucola salad. Burrata is an Italian cheese made from mozzarella cheese and cream. It's kind of baby cheese with only about a week of fermentation. Even the cheese hater like me love the soft and light taste of it! =)

Merluzoz – RM68.00 – roasted cod fish with portobello mushroom and ratatouille.

Risotto con Fungi – RM45.00 – Stewed risotto Italian style with mushrooms and parmesan cheese. Another recommendation!

We were basically very full with the food but how can girls say no to dessert??? It's time for dessert yum yum!!!
Mele e Gelato – RM20.00 – Filo pastry and apples, served with vanilla gelato and vanilla sauce. 

Mixed berries with mascarpone cream

Fondant Valrhona – RM28.00 – Hot chocolate in the center, served with fresh cream and gelato.  My favourite hehehe! Choc lover! :D

Panna Cotta – RM18.00 – Italian creamy flan, served with fresh berry sauce.

Pietro’s Tiramisu – RM22.00 – Mascarpone cheese, savoiardi biscuit with Marsala wine. Indescribable good taste! Try n u'll know... 

Pure Vanilla Creme Brulee – RM20.00. I love this one, everything taste JUST right.

With Sarah. Oh yeah they have good wine too! 

With the co-owner of Pietro, Wendy Woo

According to Wendy Woo, Italians always end their meal with a cup of coffee or alcoholic beverage, strong one. 
Grappa is one of the common alcoholic choice. It’s strong (above 35% alcohol) and has the flavour of wine. Honestly, I couldn't take it, TOO STRONG.

Another would be this Limoncello liquer which is lemon liquor. Strong alcoholic beverage too but taste better than Grappa with the lemon taste.

Picture with MHB girls and Wendy

Picture with the Italian chef

Pietro Ristorante Italiano:
Ground Floor
Bangunan ECM Libra
8, Jalan Damansara Endah,
Taman Damansara Endah,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

For info or reservations call 03-2093 6433 or find them on Facebook or website


Life's like this ♥ said...

the food look so tempting here!!! love your blog and followed!! =)

choi yen said...

wow, the desserts are to die for~~

Emma said...

very nice Italian Restaurant indeed! =)

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