Monday, February 27, 2012

New Zealand, I Tasted

New Zealand 


TOO Expensive??

Only could taste the fresh air of New Zealand in your dream???

NO! Now everyone can ''travel'' to any place in the world that you want! Yes you can! (copying slogan of AirAsia - Now Everyone Can fly lol! )

And I smelled and tasted New Zealand about 2 weeks ago! #Full Of Exciment Like a Little Girl# 

The New Zealand market!
 ♥ ♥ ♥
Dunedin Photos
Cow from New Zealand (like print adv for Fernleaf :p )
New Zealand, a very relaxing country....I LOVE!!!! 

Tadaaaa!!! I was so glad to be "fly" and taste most of the high-end New Zealand cuisine within an hour! HOW????

Cause .... I was invited to the Launch of Taste New Zealand @ Gobo Upstair, Traders Hotel. Woots woots!! 

And Chef Wan was there with us too! 
Ok time for the food!!!!

The New Zealand food: 
Beef Stick
The girls' fav! Fresh Oysters yummm yummmm!!!
I love this too!!! 
Butter, Cheese and Jam:

Cheeseeeeeeee ( I don't like cheese but I can accept this one!)
U know this taste good! 
Cheese lover!! U gonna love thissss
The Jam ... I tried the strawberry and peanut jam. Very different and juicy, you gonna love it! 
Bread to be filled with lotsa of butter and jam. Yumm.....
The dessert: 

With Kate and Valerie, we're in GOLD! ( I mean the dessert :p) 
#6 New Zealand Natural ice cream....LOVE.
Forget the diet, EAT EAT EAT!!! 

The New Zealand Wine:

Come my fav session, wine tasting! 
The Red

Cloudy Bay
Not too much! Still a lot of wine waiting for me...:p 
I was told that the Wine from Central Otago is the best one!  You know what to choose now  <3
With Ryan, the Certified Sommelier 
Tea after drunk? No none of us get drunk k? There are tea from New Zealand too! Very smooth Oolong tea...They name it Zealong. 
The aromatic Oolong Tea .... The guy served the tea is a FRENCH! Surprising he know Chinese too!

Group picha time with 
Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers babes!

#2 Us with Hui Zhen, the girl from Traders

You can enjoy the authentic New Zealand cuisine in Malaysia too!

Must try??

1. The fresh Oyster!! They are just sooo FRESH!

2. The Cheese . Awesome! Even a cheese hater like me could finish 1 full piece of cheese! 

3. The Jam were just too juicy n nice too! 

4. Wine

Gobo Upstairs Lounge and Grill, Traders Hotel:

Address:  Kuala Lumpur City Centre 50088 Kuala Lumpur

Phone : (60 3) 2332 9888

Hours :
Lounge: 11am - 1am
Grill: 11.30 am - 2pm / 6.30pm - 11pm

Location : Level 6

Dress Code : Smart casual

The website : 

*Photo courtesy of Tim Chew and Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nyonya Craving Ferm | Cameron Highlands

My previous post was about my stay in Cameron Highlands, a very unique house, and I still miss it, A LOT! Read HERE if you haven't. :P

Although most of our meal were handled by the chef/ chamberlain of the house, my friends and I still think that we SHOULD go out for some Cameron's food hunting. For the second dinner in Cameron, we decided to go to this restaurant at Tanah Rata, a Nyonya Food Restaurant - Restoran Ferm Nyonya Sdn Bhd ( I'm spelling it correctly, guess "Restoran" is a Nyonya term. I'm not Nyonya please tell me if I'm correct :O)

Yes, from what you can see from their menu, they not only selling Nyonya food, they do serve Chinese food, Malay food, Western dishes.... and steamboat too!! However, we ordered Nyonya food since it's a Nyonya Restaurant. 

#1 Keropok were served before we made any order :)
#2 Fried Sliced Chicken with Cashew Nuts - RM18 Medium (RM12 Small, RM30 Large)
#2 Fried Sliced Chicken with Cashew Nuts is my favourite!!! A MUST TRY ~~~ :)

#3 Petai With Sambal Prawn - RM22 Medium (RM15 Small, RM36 Large)
#3 Not too bad, but this one is just so so....hmm....

#4 Stir Fried Vegetable (sorry forgot the price, guess it should be RM12 for Medium one)
#4 A very normal Stir Fried Vege, not so bad though.

#5 Fried Asparagus With Belacan - RM15 Medium (RM10 Small, RM18 Large)
#5 Another MUST TRY! The asparagus is soooo fresh and that is a lot of asparagus too :)

Old pictures that makes us feel the Malacca Nyonya style :)
And it's located in Tanah Rata, same row as a bank if not mistaken it's Public Bank/ Maybank  
The price considered very reasonable and the food not bad. Service a bit slow, we waited for more than half an hour before we were served with food. (maybe we went during Public Holidays and the restaurant was quite crowded). 

Restoran Ferm Nyonya Sdn Bhd (Same Row As Maybank)
Address: 78A-D Persiaran Camelia 4,
Tanah Rata,
Cameron Highlands,

Telephone: 05 - 491 5891

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Classic Vintage Stay in Cameron Highlands

Looks like the classic house from some movies/ dramas? 

Thanks to my friends, I got the chance to enjoy in this Vintage - Old - Style 3D2N stay in Cameron Highlands. The charge per night is really cheap.... LIKE REAL CHEAP!!! Anyway, this property is owned by a company, so... sorry that I can' t reveal where n how much but I know, I have to share with ya'all! 

We were so impressed with this amazing n classic English Bungalow ... feel as if we were not in Malaysia for a moment! 

The rooms:

The living room:
The fireplace! Woah feel so excited when I saw this, but guess this is not functioning anymore hmmm....

If you can see, u can see 2 guys were hiding in the blanket very shy! lol! 

The stairs:

This was what they do ......

And this was what I do....
At first I thought I'll be bored to death cause I left my novel at home.... but there was ASTRO! Yayyy!!!! Watching non-stop when they were playing cards :p .
And I really in love with this house!!!!
We were blessed by this different experience!! Most of our meal was taken care by the chef/ chamberlain of the house.  What's better in life than when you wake up in a lazy morning and there were breakfast waiting for you?? Heheeee no food photos cause I was too hungry when I see the food. Honest to say, all the food prepared was so yummeh! Ok ok promise will take the food photos next time I revisit again! 

Gonna revisit this house when I go Cameron again, FOR SURE!....Feel so regret not taking more photos.... Too enjoyed of relaxing in da house...What a retreat for us! Totally away from the hustle n bustle of the city ....

Well my trip was not only staying in this beautiful antique house, so stay tune for my nx post yah :)
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