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[ADV] Defensive Driving Course with MHB Presented by Chevrolet

In Malaysia, that's ALWAYS true that people w/o a car are just like a cripple. We all know how ''AWESOME'' the public transport is in Malaysia. I assume that who are reading this post are mostly drivers.

So which type of drivers are you? FAST driver? SLOW driver? NO-SIGNAL driver? DRUNK driver? SLEEPY driver? NEVER-TOLERATE driver? Please don't tell me that you're perfect, ok well even if you really are, others are NOT! Accidents happen! It happens! Even when you're innocent. So as a driver, what do we need to do to increase our chances of survival whenever an accident happens, is to DEFEND

A sneak peek video before I continue my post:-

So you have better picture of what this post gonna be? I was soooo glad that I could attend the Defensive Driving Course with Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers and drive that Chevrolet Cruze! 

We started our very early morning class with the theory session:-
The instructor from AADA , Kevin Low lecturing us with the Defensive Driving
What is it actually? The Defensive Driving? It means that managing surrounding space so as to prevent accidents in spite of the incorrect actions of others or adverse driving conditions

What do you think is the most important key of driving safely? It's sth that we tend to ignore: DRIVING POSITION. A good sitting position enable you to drive comfortably and achieve good control over your car.

Clearly, the number of road accident is increasing every year!

This image tells that every eyes see it differently, I saw a snake @.@
Demonstration on the 2 sec gap theory, Linora wasn't able to catch the pen! 
Realize sth? All of us still very concentrating in the class! Why not bengkel class as fun as this :(

Some TIPS for driving in adverse weather conditions

1. Driving in adverse weather conditions - Turn on headlights

2. Driving in wet weather - at least 4 sec gap; Slow down when you feel the steering bcomes light n unresponsive 

3. Driving in the fog
- before entering fog : check mirrors n slow down vehicle
- when driving in the fog : use lights n fog lights, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front you, use windscreen wiper n demisters

After the theory session, LET'S DRIVE this handsome Cruze!

Some checking before driving
The principle Basic Vehicle Check, I just know that we just have to remember a word, ''POWER".
- Petrol (Leaded, Unleaded)
O - Oil (Engine oil, Brake fluid, Power Steering fluid, Gear oil, etc...)
W - Water (Radiator coolant, Windscreen washer, Batter water)
E - Electrical (Light, Indicators, ECU, Horn, etc...)
R - Rubber (Tyres, Belts, Wipers, Hoses, etc...)
Double check triple check.....
Not to forget the tyres too! (at least once a mth checking)
I think we should practise this checking habit every morning before we started off our journey, but .... who so hardworking?? #guilty

What if sth happen on your car when you driving even though u've checked your car???

1. Tyre punctures n blow-outs

  • Ease the accelerator
  • Don't brake or pull hand brake suddenly
  • Try to keep your vehicle straight by holding the steering wheel firmly
  • Stop gradually at the road side
  • Get your vehicle park at secured area b4 changing the wheel rim/ tyre

2. Brake Failure
  • Ease the accelerator
  • Try to pump it to build pressure
  • Use parking brake or hand brake gradually
  • Try to shift to lower gear

3. Aquaplaning (indication : steering suddenly very light n no control)
  • Ease the accelerator
  • DO NOT brake or try to change direction
If really don't know what n how to react, STAY CALM n call!!!! I experienced some bad experience before, just parked my car at the road side, call n wait for the help. (wish bad thing never happen to our car....)

Very stylist n sporty from inside huh?
Gonna ride on this car! yoyooo!

1st lesson : Pull Push Steering

We all know that the correct hand placement is 9-3 or 10-2 position after we attended driving course. But I gotta admit that I keep crossing my hand! I must be sleepy that time, *bad habit*

2nd lesson : Emergency Braking Accident Avoidance (ABS braking/ collision avoidance)

I had to say, this one is FUN! FUN! FUN!!!!! Press the oil pedal to its MAX, and BRAKE hard!!! Adrenaline rush! Excited max!!! :D :D
And...the Cruze is equipped with 4-wheel disk brakes with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Brake Assist, and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) which helps to stop the car in a shorter distance while allowing the driver to maneuver away from a collision. So everyone was braking as if there's no danger at all lol!

3rd lesson : Skid Control

The Cruze’s ‘Electronic Stability Control’ and ‘Traction Control’ were turned OFF to enable the car to skid (so we could learn how to control a skid).

There were actually oil on the floor!!!!
A lot of spinning for this lesson, the feeling of 'trying' to control the car when skidding happens! I just know how important this lesson is cause guess what, my brother got into an accident a month ago n his car spin 3 times! A MUST learn lesson! 

Happy face #1
Happy face #2 :)
Happy face #3 

Price for the Chevrolet  Cruze? 

  • Cruze 1.8LT = RM98,716.40 (without insurance)
  • Cruze 1.8LT Special Edition = RM116,716.40 (without insurance)

Some info for the Cruze:
1. Peformance & Protection

  • The exceptional safety lets you cruise with greater confidence knowing you and your loved ones are both actively and passively protected from any unexpected situation every time and everywhere you drive. 

2. Safety sytems help to avoid accident and unexzpected dangers:
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • 4-whell disc brakes with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Traction Control
  • Brake-Assist and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)

3. 7 Colors available! 

4. ECOTEC Engine, 6-Speed Shiftronic Transmission

5. Dual SRS Airbags (front driver and passenger)

6. Crumple Zone

7. Quiest Ride Technology

8. S-Star NCAP Safety Rating


Thank you Chevrolet and AADA
We're all graduate!!!
For more info please visit:-

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