Wednesday, April 08, 2015

#5Favourites: Beauty Products

It's been so long since I last shared about beauty stuffs, I've been quite busy struggling between work and piano practice, and I gotta prepare something big around the end of this year. It's quite challenging but I'm sure it'll be fun! So I don't have much time to take too much pictures and share all the products one by one, hence I came out with this idea: #5Favourites.

I'll be sharing things I love with this hashtag #5Favourites, it could be anything that I adore. Hope you'll like it this way too!

So I'll be starting with beauty products that I obsessed with recently.

1) Freshel Whitening UV Gel (RM 67)

I'm currently so obsessed with this product, this product is designed for ''not-a-morning'' person like me. I wish to sleep 5 more mins, and another 5 more mins and when the time I get up, I don't have much time for complicated skincare regime. I'll just apply this ALL-IN-ONE product after facial wash and I'm ready to go!! Yes, you could even skip the toning step! :p

Toner, Emulsion, Lotion, Cream, and UV Protection with SPF26 PA++!! A complete morning skincare regime with whitening effect and UV protection! Best part is this product is free from fragrance and colouring.:)

Love its texture too, it is thick but not sticky, just enough for the protection while leaving my skin feeling soft and supple. Sometimes I can't help touching my face as I really love how it works on my skin. 

The packing of the product if you like to know, pic credit: FreshelMalaysia FB

2) Neogence Skincare Set (RM 139)

Found this skincare set from SASA!

Hysluronic Acid Hydrating Range with Lotion, Essence and Sleeping Mask.

I was actually eyeing on the sleeping mask and lucky me found this in a set! It's only RM 139!!! Used their products few years back and I love the how they give moisture to my skin. This is actually a brand designed for after Aesthetic treatment and highly sensitive skin. :) 

The texture of the sleeping mask. So hydrating and my skin absorbed every single bit of it, I applied thick layer each time.

3) Haruhada Toner (RM 39.90 from SASA)

I bought it when it was BUY 1 FREE 1, this products are better than my expectation. 

I wanted to use it with large quantity for face mask purpose, but they actually give a good texture too. Sometimes I'll use it as a toner, not bad for a toner with this price. :)

4) Skin Care Mask (RM 5 from DAISO)

Love the way they design it with a tray, easy to use. :)

Pour a generous amount of Haruhada Toner into it,

and Tadaaa!! Facial time!!

It's a quick way to soften and brighten the skin when it's not in a good condition in the morning, I'll apply for around 5-10 mins. 

5) Satinique Scalp Tonic (from AMWAY)

Was looking for scalp tonic after taking advice of my hairstylist, but I had no idea where to get it. Then I recall this Amway's hair products are quite good, asked my mom to help me get one. It doesn't give instant result as our scalp health depends on other factors too, but it does help in some way. With other methods of taking care of my scalp, it's turning so much better now. :)

Hope you'll love to read post like this, I need to get busy again. Till then, ♥♥. 

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