Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weekend Spa @ Amante

I've been hearing good reviews from Amante and wanted to try it long time, but I always allocate my spending for therapist to cure my neck and shoulder instead. 

Although I enjoyed their massage by using vouchers, but I don't have the obligation to blog. I write this post just because I feel like sharing. :)

I visited their branch in Jaya One.

I had 2 vouchers, Amante Signature Warm Oil Therapy 60 mins - RM132 and Hot Stone Massage 30 mins- RM88. So I gave the hot stone voucher to Xiang while I get to enjoy the warm oil massage. Xiang needed to top up about RM50+ and extend his massage time to 1 hour.

The services available:-

The products on display.

All the fancy nail colours and stuffs.

This mani/ pedi section is just beside the registration counter, there were a few customer inside so I didn't invade this area to respect their privacy. :)

The customer waiting area.

Xiang was filling up simple personal information at the front desk.

We were then ushered to another section, it wasn't packed as I expected although it was a Saturday, probably the time is already 5pm. There are only a few rooms so it's advisable to make appointment prior to your visit. 

The interior, very Balinese style made me miss Bali already!

Towel, disposable panties and shower cap are ready on the massage bed.

I was told that I get to enjoy their Signature Warm Oil Therapy, and I thought it would be the usual massage with warm oil, but it wasn't, it was actually a DEEP TISSUE PRESSING massage technique followed by the hot stone, with the use of sunflower essential oil. The stone is quite hot, and the masseur has a real good strength in deep pressing massaging technique. I couldn't really relax for the entire massage session, it's probably due to it was the first time that I experienced a deep tissue massage. According to the masseur, this technique is good for detoxification.

The hot stone used for the massage.

While Xiang enjoyed a more relaxed version as he didn't get the deep pressing massage, mostly the hot stone did all the massage work with little bit of hand massage. Although I couldn't relaxed during the massage but I had a deep and sound sleep that day. 

Hot ginger tea is served after the massage session.

Me with messy hair after the massage, it is good to unwind and relax time after long hour of teaching on a Saturday. Felt so refreshed after! The only thing that they're lack of is they don't provide shower rooms, I was so smart enough to shower before going for the massage. We were advised not to shower within 1 hour after the massage too, so we strolling around the mall and had our dinner before heading home. 

You may check out their Facebook or Website for more information.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Bali Finale - 8 Popular Places to Visit

This shall be my final post for my Bali trip! I know I know this took like forever but I decided to finish it anyway. You gotta finish what you've started right? :p 

My final post will be the conclusion of 8 popular places that I've visited in Bali! 

1. Coffee Plantation

This must be included in your itinerary if you're a coffee lover! I'm not that into coffee due to my weak stomach, but I love the fragrant of coffee. 

Bali is very popular with its LUWAK COFFEE - seeds of coffee berries once they have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). The name is also used for marketing brewed coffee made from the beans. (extracted from wikipedia)

YUCKS, are you asking me to drink the poop from the cats??????

Okay, it's still one of the top and expensive coffee in the world, I shall try that, hmmm...#YOLO.

The almighty Asian palm civet.

I think they're too pitiful, locked up in the small cage and their only life purpose is to, POO. :(

All these are for us to try! From coffee to tea to fruit tea...

And this is the LUWAK COFFEE, paid for about RM 15+- per cup.

The coffee is not filtered, the bottom of the it is undrinkable (at least for me). So the cup is pretty small, strong coffee scent but I'm not very fond of ''unfiltered coffee'', I prefer smooth one more. 

You could buy all the tea/ coffee as souvenir after the tasting session.

2Tirta Empul Temple 

Tirta Empul temple is famous for its holy water where Hindu Bali people go for purification. My friend told me luck will be with us if we ''shower'' in the holy water.

This is it, the HOLY WATER! We didn't exactly ''shower'' for 2 reasons: Long queue and we didn't brought extra clothe with us. So we just touched the water, washed our hands as our simple style of ''showering'' ritual.

3Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

Next will be this architectural beautifully built rice terrace! I never seen a rice terrace built so efficiently in good order, fully use of every single acre for the growth of rice. It looks like a small mountain filled with rice plant.   

Still wanted to take picture although I'm a little afraid of height, that explains my awkward smile.

4. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

I named this the "TEMPLE IN THE LAKE". It's one of the most exotic temple I've ever seen, as if the temple existed hundred/ thousand years ago.

Guys also wants to selfie, this place is heaven!

My personal photographer aka bf likes to ask me pose like this. Can I make a good hair commercial model? :p

5. Tanah Lot

This place is the "CURSED LAND" for couples. There are rumours of couple breaking up after visited this land together. How true is it? Well, 2 couples in our travel gang are still safe and sound together, it really depends on what you believe. I'm not gonna skip this beautiful place for unproven curse, it's a waste not to embrace the beauty made by our mother nature.

They have this ''face washing'' ritual, haha sorry I don't know what to call. We have to pay after we splash water on our face, and they'll stick some rice on our forehead.

This man really tried too hard, he wet his hair too. =.=

The beautiful sunset, I love beaccchhhhh!!!

6. Jimbaran for Sunset Dinner

Then the romantic dinner at Jimbaran! Read my full story by clicking HERE .

7. Volcano Lunch at Mount Batur Volcano

 Lunch by the Volcano, I've blogged this before too read my story HERE !

8. Pura Luhur Uluwatu

And the first post of my Bali trip, amazing cliff's scenery, you've no reason to miss this. Read it HERE .

That conclude the story of my Bali trip, wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Travel tips:

1. There's a charge of entrance fee for most of the famous temples in Bali.

2. Tourists with long hair are required to tidy up their hair (tie up) before entering Tirta Empul temple.

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