Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hong Kong Must Eat #3 - Bon Bon Cafe

Bon Bon Cafe is the first noodle stall I wanted to try when I arrived in Hong Kong! One reason is that it is famous of its special style noodle (che zai min, 车仔面) and another reason is that it is located in Tai Kok Tsui which is so near to the hotel that I checked in :p . The first thing after we have checked in and settled the luggage is finding this noodle restaurant but....it was closed, during lunch time at around 1 pm on a Tuesday! >.< 

We've got no choice but to wait for other day to try it out...we tried our luck again on the 3rd day at about 9 pm and we're lucky :D . Like the other nice restaurants in Hong Kong, we have to queue, AGAIN! The waiting time for this is about 15-20 mins but the queue was not that long.

The menu #1

The menu #2

As you can see, this is the table for TWO and it is REALLY SMALLLLLLLL :(

The space of the restaurant is not big either, no wonder that makes the queue long. However I really like the service here...we were there at about 9pm which I consider it as "after dinner" hour so quite a number of food in the list were sold out. However the lady boss did explain to us patiently :)

We ordered - Shark Fin soup 上汤碗仔翅 (HKD20)

Their signature noodle with meat dumplings - 鲁肉饺汤面 (HKD50)

The dumplings really nice! I love their noodle, the texture is a bit like our 薄版干捞面, the thin noodle of our wan tan noodle, but the dumplings is just yummmehhh!!!! I miss the taste especially the seasoning on top of the dumplings - the texture is like the very very small molecules of peanuts and got a special taste.......! 

Added this dried radish 菜圃 and it is perfect!!! 

Bon Bon Cafe, 车品品

Bon Bon Cafe, 车品品
92 Ivy Street, Tai Kwok Tsui, Hong Kong

Phone:+852 2180 9655

Opening Hours:
Tues- Fri : 1pm-4pm , Sat-Sun : 1.30pm - 5pm ; 6.30pm - 11.30pm .
(Off on Mondays and Public Holidays.)

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Candlelight French Dinner @ L'Heritage

It's been half a month since my last blog entry, I was having this shoulder pain so I tried to avoid this "mouse clicking" activity and spend lesser time on my laptop. Normally smartphone and tablet would be just enough for my daily life but I realize that I really couldn't abandon my blog! There are so many pending posts that I would like to share with you guys! Instagram update isn't enough for interesting stuffs right??? XD 

The boyfriend and I went for a French dinner @ Royale Chulan Hotel -  L'Heritage.  To be frank I never heard anything about this restaurant until the boyfie told me. I would call this place a "hidden gems" in KL as I didn't expect the food turns out to be so great! 

The nice part of French dinner is there will be some "surprise food" served in between meal. 

The first one - the waiter told me the name but I didn't get it. Taste nice though! :D


While waiting for food...decent and quiet place which my bf and I really love it.

There were only 2 tables were occupied on that night including us...creepy?? Nahhhh! I love the place to be quiet though :p . It took some time for our food to be served and it was a warm night chit chatting with the boyfriend without any interference heheeee :) . The restaurant was playing those romantic songs which definitely added a little charm to the night. 

We both ordered 3 course meal:-

Okkaido Scallops - RM45

The boyf loves this sooo soo much!! The scallops is crispy on its skin and the meat is juicy inside! There is mashed potato at the bottom which is yummy too! 

Smoked Salmon - RM35

This is okay okay, the salmon is fresh and I love that they pair them with mandarin orange ( I suppose ) .

Onion Soup - RM28

A little bit salty for me, but it's cute that it looks like coffee in a cup!

Before the main, we were served with the our 3rd "surprise food" - sorbet

Main course:
His main dish : Cod Fish - RM85

My main dish : Bouillabaisse - RM85 

His lazy face after a hearty-meal.  

Satisfying dinner! :D

Both of us were really full as we usually don't eat so much, but there's always a room for dessert!!!

Blueberry Cheese - RM30

The design is classy and elegant with white as the main colour. 

Outfit of the night:
Dress : French connection
Heels : Aldo 

L'Heritage Restaurant 
The Royale Chulan Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 
5 Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-2688 9688

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