Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hong Kong Must Eat #3 - Bon Bon Cafe

Bon Bon Cafe is the first noodle stall I wanted to try when I arrived in Hong Kong! One reason is that it is famous of its special style noodle (che zai min, 车仔面) and another reason is that it is located in Tai Kok Tsui which is so near to the hotel that I checked in :p . The first thing after we have checked in and settled the luggage is finding this noodle restaurant but....it was closed, during lunch time at around 1 pm on a Tuesday! >.< 

We've got no choice but to wait for other day to try it out...we tried our luck again on the 3rd day at about 9 pm and we're lucky :D . Like the other nice restaurants in Hong Kong, we have to queue, AGAIN! The waiting time for this is about 15-20 mins but the queue was not that long.

The menu #1

The menu #2

As you can see, this is the table for TWO and it is REALLY SMALLLLLLLL :(

The space of the restaurant is not big either, no wonder that makes the queue long. However I really like the service here...we were there at about 9pm which I consider it as "after dinner" hour so quite a number of food in the list were sold out. However the lady boss did explain to us patiently :)

We ordered - Shark Fin soup 上汤碗仔翅 (HKD20)

Their signature noodle with meat dumplings - 鲁肉饺汤面 (HKD50)

The dumplings really nice! I love their noodle, the texture is a bit like our 薄版干捞面, the thin noodle of our wan tan noodle, but the dumplings is just yummmehhh!!!! I miss the taste especially the seasoning on top of the dumplings - the texture is like the very very small molecules of peanuts and got a special taste.......! 

Added this dried radish 菜圃 and it is perfect!!! 

Bon Bon Cafe, 车品品

Bon Bon Cafe, 车品品
92 Ivy Street, Tai Kwok Tsui, Hong Kong

Phone:+852 2180 9655

Opening Hours:
Tues- Fri : 1pm-4pm , Sat-Sun : 1.30pm - 5pm ; 6.30pm - 11.30pm .
(Off on Mondays and Public Holidays.)

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