Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Natural Hair Care - Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Color and Moisture

I've got this dry, thick and frizzy hair which I don't think they're suitable to the all-time summer weather here. It's so hard to take care of my ''burden'' but yet I couldn't chop them off as they grow too fast; it's even bothersome to go to hair salon every month. Girls are always having dilemma that guys wouldn't understand. 

Recently I discovered a hair product -  Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Color and Moisture range. To be honest I never coloured my hair you would probably wonder why I would choose this product. My hair is so dry and looked "damaged", thus sometimes I will choose hair products for coloured hair as it will bring more moisture and care to the hair.

ESSENSITY by Schwarzkopf Professional combines great performance, an exclusive product portfolio with ammonia-free coloration and color care. It delivers real color with natural intensity, meaning: naturally looking colors to capture your natural beauty and pure softness! ESSENSITY by Schwarzkopf Professional stands for coloration products, which are free from ammonia, silicones, mineral oil and artificial fragrances, and for plant-based ingredients in natural care products. The brand is committed to sustainability and designed to reach the growing expectations of different client groups. 

New ESSENSITY care range has the new formula significantly improved care level with 4 times more care and smoother hair by using the Phytolipid Technology. This range effectively replaces the lost lipids of the hair and seals the cuticle for a high care, superb anti-fade protection and maximal color reflection. ESSENSITY Color & Moisture provides deep moisture for normal to dry colored hair, and all care products are free-from artificial fragrance - using only 100% natural fragrance.The products, containing Marula oil, green tea and organic aloe vera, provide deep moisture as well as effective color protection.


Color & Moisture Sulfate-free Shampoo

The PEG- and sulfate-free formula cleanses normal to dry hair and seals the cuticle. It adds moisture to the hair and makes it soft and manageable. 
(250ml - RM 56/ 1000ml - RM 140)

Just apply on damp hair and rinse it after.


Color & Moisture Conditioner

The rinse-out conditioner restores the hair’s lost lipids. The rich, creamy and moisturizing formula is rapidly absorbed by the cuticle and smoothes hair without weighing it down. Just extra 2-3 mins to get a softer and smoother hair!
(200ml - RM56/ 1000ml - RM140)

And they smells like garden! Probably I love the main ingredients especially Aloe Vera. The other main ingredients are Green Tea and Marula Oil.


Color & Moisture Intense Treatment

Just when you feels like your hair is too dry and needed a boost, it's my fav product in this range. ♥♥
This deep-acting intense hair mask adds moisture to normal and dry hair, and restores softness and smoothness even to rough, brittle and untamable hair. 
(200ml - RM 56)

5-10 mins on dry hair, and rinse again.


Color & Moisture Spray Conditioner

The leave-in conditioner coats each strand without weighing the hair down. It forms a protective shield against harmful external influences and prevents the color from fading. I use it for my dull hair to look more shiny. :)
(200ml - RM 56)

You would probably feel troublesome but I prefer home hair spa than going to hair salon. Home spa is always cheaper and you could choose the products best for your hair. And the texture of this range is so much lighter as they're silicone free, :)

With the new ESSENSITY color technology, Schwarzkopf Professional sets its new benchmark in ammonia-free permanent color. The plant-based Phytolipid Technology boosts and enhances color penetration for outstanding performance. 58 color shades with easy new mixing 1:1 offer customers a fascinating choice of vibrant, real colors. ESSENSITY Color is the only ammonia-free coloration that exclusively uses plant-based oils both in the developer and the cream for significantly enhanced color and care performance. Together with re-designed color pigment mixes they deliver stunning, natural color results.

The new ESSENSITY range is available from October 2013 in Schwarzkopf Professional Partner salons. For more product information please visit  www.schwarzkopf-professional.com
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