Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Seeka Boutique Resort | Phuket

A friend of mine recommended this Seeka Boutique Resort while I was scratching my head where to stay in Phuket. Since I never stayed in any "Boutique Resort" before, so I took my friend's advice as she loved the unique Thai-style decoration of this hotel. 

Luckily we rented a car, this hotel is sorta "isolated" in Patong area. Had some hard time finding this hotel too.

The reception

Basically they decorated the hotel with variety of Thai decorations

All sorts of decoration n painting on the wall feast the guest's eyes

The bed (Standard Room)

They even decorated the bed! 

The paint on the room's wall

The bathroom

Pool view from the room ; as you can see, 3 swimmers alr occupied the whole pool /sweat 

The pool

Dining area by the pool

Seeka Boutique Resort is located in a pretty narrow street

Feeling a little disappointed as the hotel is just a very simple with some Thai decorations. Some might find this hotel interesting if they're the huge fan of nice and unique decorations. I didn't fascinated by the "decorations" so much lol... For me, EVERYTHING in the hotel is relatively SMALL. Yes, the VERY STANDARD room; small pool that I don't even feel like going swimming at all; small bathroom; n very limited car park. 

Free shuttle buses are available to the beach and shopping center and Free WIFI provided too.  The good thing about this hotel is the peacefulness as it is located far from the noisy Bangla Road and the price is very reasonable. Overall, it's worth the value of money and suits travelers who rent car/ motorbike. I spent most of the time outside on the first 2 days and this is the exact good n right hotel for me to just take a good rest. 

This is the hotel that I stayed for the first 2 days and then I moved to the other one on the last day of my Phuket trip. I totally in love with the 2nd hotel, so stay tune! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Patong Beach | Phuket

สวัสดีค่ะ  Sawadeeka!!!! This is my first post since I back from Phuket! Went to this famous island for a 4D3N short getaway last weekend.  ชอบภูเก็ตมากมาก (which means I really Phuket so much!) 

Heheee still can hear ppl speaking Thai when I back to Malaysia. Malaysia and Thailand really make good neighbourhood!   Don't we??

The first beach I went on the first day, Patong Beach


I love beach so much but ironically, I hate sun. This is the first beach I went after having breakfast at about 10am in the morning (Thailand time of course). The weather is JUST NICE and the sun not too hot.




The wind was just strong, and this photo is like I'm taking some hair commercial print ads photo lol...


Patong beach is the top and most the popular beach in Phuket. Every tourist MUST GO beach. That makes this beach crowded, people even started standing along the beach side early in the morning to attract tourists for numerous beach activities. Obviously, it's the bustling seaside. Speaking of the cleanliness, for sure this is not the clean one in Phuket but....better than the most of the beaches in Malaysia.

And this RED ALERT flag is placing in ALL the beaches I went! (looks like people still not forgetting the Tsunami strike few years back). NO SWIMMING! Alright I'm a good girl SO I LISTEN!  :p

The beach chair. 

Not that crowded in the morning but ppl are more than what I expected.



More updates soon...till then, xoxo.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Get Soft n Kissable Lips | Dry Lips Rescue

The weather is kinda hot recently, most of the time I'm very annoyed by dry and chapped lips. We always want a kissable plumped lips! By just applying lip balm doesn't seem to be enough to those who're having very dry lips, LIKE ME! :( . SOS needed!!!! 

Tools needed for kissable lips:

Toothbrush, Q-tip and Vaseline! 

Step 1: Exfoliation

You could easily find lip exfoliation products out there, but here are my tips if you do not have one!

Using wet toothbrush gently massage your lips 

Step 2: Moisture, Soften n Double Exfoliation

Prepare a Q-tip with some Vaseline

Remove the remaining dead skin n moisturize the lips, wipe it with tissue if there's too much Vaseline

Step 3: Double Moisture

Moisture your lips again by using the non-alcohol/ non-fragrance/ non-addictive toner. Choose the  GENTLE n MOISTURIZING product.

Hada Labo is my choice!

Use a cotton pad

Tap tap and tap to moisture your lips! Leave it for 1 min after tapping to get better result.

Very simple steps to get the baby lips in like, less than 5 mins! Give it a try :)

dry lips


Apply lip balm and lipstick of your choice! Bye-bye to dry lips! 
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