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[ADV] You're invited to Mystical Eve 2012!

Finally, few more days to say bye bye to 2011! Looking back what have you done this year, are you Happy? Satisfied? Well, it's time for us to have our New Year Resolution again! you gonna say goodbye to the pretty and awesome 2011? And who you gonna be with at the very last minute of 2011?

First thing come to our mind, Bukit Bintang? Can I say NOOO? I really hate to go to somewhere so freaking JAM! Not only have to stuck in the congested traffic BEFORE arriving, and have to enjoy the moment DURING the countdown with the crowd, and AGAIN, stuck in the jam AFTER the countdown! I HATE THAT! I hate traffic jam and I hate 'human' jam too!

What's your plan then? If you haven't book any flight ticket to celebrate oversea like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore etc. etc., come join me in Kota Damansara then! 

ENCORP Strand is proud to present MYSTICAL EVE 2012: an anything but ordinary countdown event at its prestigious Red Carpet Avenue, happening on new year’s eve (31 December 2011) from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

For the very first time in Malaysia, the ENCORP Strand building will move, transform, and come to life in 3D to the beat of pulsating music, light effects and fireworks. Beams of laser light are hand-manipulated before your very eyes, bent, stretched and spun around like a light sabre by the electrifying Laser Man.

And, wanna know who are the celebrities there will be celebrate this Mystical Countdown with us? 

1. Mizz Nina! 

Hip hop culture is synonymous with the macho aesthetic: the music and art are infused with self-assured swagger and proclamations of being better than the next man–with the emphasis being on the word “man”. It is, therefore, a landmark when a hip hop artist brings something fresh to the table, be it a flipped musical style or a never-before-seen onstage delivery or content that stems from a source previously untapped. 

Bringing all this to Malaysia’s musical front is Mizz Nina. From hip hop MC to electro groove pop princess, Mizz Nina can certainly admit to living out her dreams. 

2. Shawn Lee Beatbox & Dennis Lau

Dennis released his maiden album in November 2010, and his album was composed and produced solely by him and featured compositions that amalgamated jazz, pop and the classics. His latest record effort, Unity of Arts, with local beatboxer Shawn Lee, enmeshes funky hip hop beats with black-suit classicism. He calls the collaboration, on which he plays the violin against Lee’s thumping mouth-music, a pure, accidental experiment. 

3. Pop Shuvit
Pop Shuvit is Asia's premiere Hip Hop Rock act that has won numerous awards in the music scene and has shared stages with world class acts such as 30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, The All American Rejects, Neon Trees, Incubus, and many more.

Pop Shuvit began making waves in the local music scene in late 2001. Comprising of Moots (vocals), JD (guitars), AJ (bass), Rudy (drums) and UNO (turntables), the band has had 4 successful releases under their belt and rocked fans throughout Asia notably in Japan, Thailand and Singapore. Known for their adrenaline packed live shows and eclectic blend of hip hop and rock, Pop Shuvit are being touted as Asia’s leading Hip Hop Rock band.

4. Joe Flizzow

And other artistes like Najwa and Reza Salleh will be performing that night too!!!

The Sexy Hosts of the night:-
1. Julie Woon

2. Megan Tan

3D Projection Countdown, Laser Man and Aerialists & Contortionist will be featuring that night, exciting much????

And.......I'll be partying there with Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers babes! Come say HI if you could spot any of us! 

Time to say bye bye to 2011!

The Theme : “Tonight, Extraordinary Works Overtime” MYSTICAL EVE 2012 is bound to kick-start your new year in high gear! And this countdown party is FREE ADMISSION! Just log on to Red Carpet Avenue - Encorp Strand FB and RSVP! Yes that is just SOOOOO SIMPLE!

For more infomation on Mystical Eve 2012 head over to !

Couldn't wait to see you in this very mystical countdown party! Let's countdown and step into the new year 2012! 

Mystical Eve 2012 (FREE Admission):
Date : 31st Dec 2011

Time: 6.00pm till 2.00am

Address: 46-G, Jalan PJU 5/22, Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, Kota Damansara PJU 5, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Carlsberg "Where's the Party 2??"

I get anticipated when I got to know that there's another mystery party this year! "Where's The Party" was back due to overwhelming response since the first party held on June this year. So bad that I had missed that first party in Sepang Gold Coast! That was 2D1N beach party and they got their own Villa! So this round, I told myself that not to miss such a great party. 

I was actually expecting there'll be overnight too like the first "Where's The Party", but so bad, that was just an 12 hour party, no overnight. Get little sad about that but still, I looking forward to this "DON'T KNOW WHERE'' party. That is the best party of this party making everyone curious and excited about the unknown location, all the invited guests only been informed that everyone has to gather at Shah Alam Stadium at 4pm on 17th Dec, 2011. Some of my friends had been keep asking me: "Emma you should know where right? Just tell lah where's it. " Ok seriously, "I don't know  =.= ". 
After done the registration, time to get into the bus!
Finally, we're there! Guess where's this?
Attended press conference and meet the performers of the night before the we started our party. 

Speech time of the MD of Carlsberg Malaysia, Mr Soren Ravn
All the artistes Toast to Carlsberg!
Group picha with MHB babes #1

With dear Wilee and my sis, Johanna
Meet Simon Seow
With the girls <3, ready to party!
Unlimited food supply like nasi lemak, burger, satay, etc etc
Ok okayyyy, I know I haven't reveal where's it, it's Carlsberg Beer Factory LOL! There were more than 2000 guests attended the party, which had an eclectic mix of exciting games, fun rides and free flow of Carlsberg beer. The party incorporated an ‘amusement park’ theme, and traditional fun fair

Consumers were also given an opportunity to relive their childhood and be enthralled by circus acts which included stilt walkers, unicyclists, jugglers and balloon sculptors. There were also various group challenge games such as ‘Road Runner’, ‘Peddle to the Bell’ and ‘Dare to Dash?’ which aimed to engage all partygoers and create a community spirit among them. 

Some games that I played that day:-

#1: Ring a Green
#2: Toss & Score (knowing that was a hard game I closed my eyes two times to try it lol!)
#3: The Pirate Ship
#4: Stilt Walkers
#5: Ferris Wheel
Me in the Wheel

Pic with Lavinne and one of the big boss of  Carlsberg Malaysia
The Hot Air Balloon! Looked damn fun but there were around 8 tough guys supported a  flying guy! Very nice of me didn't play it XD

As an interesting touch to the party, all partygoers were assigned their own, unique RFID (Radio-Frequency Identity) tags, which enabled them to collate points from the games they played and redeem prizes accordingly. These RFID tags were linked to their Facebook accounts and enabled them to update their Facebook status simply by tagging on the “Like” stations throughout the brewery. I got not enough points! :(

Tattoo Time!
First time getting Tattoo, ok don't freak out it's temporary one :)
Tadaaa! It's sexy Rose! 
Performances by international DJs, renowned rappers, bands and musicians to liven up the night! 
Locally acclaimed performers Dennis Lau and Shawn Lee presented a thumping combination of an electric violin and beat boxing. 
My fav performance!!!!! The Special group appearances by famous Korean star, Lee An, the unforgettably spontaneous star rapper of Carlsberg Malaysia, Mr Soren Ravn along with violinist Dennis Lau awed the party crowd further. 

International DJs:-
Sophie Sugar from the UK 
The very gorgeous Hiloco from Japan.
With Wan Ting (Snowxwhite) and Wilee
With the Hot Lavinne Again!
Look at the party goers! 
There were FREE FLOW of beer after 8pm that night, as part of the ‘Enjoy Responsibly’ campaign, Carlsberg planned engagement activities for consumers such as the Alcohol Testing Zone, where consumers had their alcohol level tested while partying and the Drunk Man Zone which enabled consumers to play an android game which showed them the effect of excessive alcohol consumption. Always, party responsibly!  
Where and when will be the next party????? Praying that some place like cruise lol okay I know that I'm dreaming! I know! But still looking forward to Where's The Party 3! Hope there'll be MOREEEE fun!

Are you looking forward to the next "Where's The Party" like me too? If your answer is YES, stay tune to Carlsberg Malaysia FB ! You might stand a chance to party in the "Where's The Party 3" next year!

*Photo courtesy of  Carlsberg Malaysia and Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers FB

Friday, December 23, 2011

Johnnie Walker | Step Inside the Black Circuit - Brazil 261111

Attended this party weeks ago, 26th Nov at KL Live. The very stylish and sophisticated party with glamorous Brazil style!

Camwhoring in the car with my sis Johanna, Party mode ON! 

Taking pic with the, TWINS? I'm not so sure but they do look alike! 

Free flow of black label all night long!
That was how we were served! The VIP style!

Besides free flow of Black Label, there were some mixture drinks of Gold Label too. And yeah I still prefer cocktail drink and I prefer Gold Label OF COURSE! There were few mixture Gold Label drinks like For Romeo, Gold Samba, etc, etc...Every of the name of the mixture drink are just so, BRAZIL! There was a mixture drink with Almond syrup and made it so special but honestly, that's kinda weird for me :S. And my favourite drink is GOLD SAMBA

With the HOT Lavinne, her friend and Vivian! Btw me and my sister Johanna were holding the GOLD SAMBA drink!

What I love about this party is not only the there were unlimited supply of mineral water and soda drink. Thoughtful of Johnnie Walker for non-hardcore drinker like me ♥
They look very hot! Can you feel the enthusiasm of Brazil now?

With the sweet Ying Ying and the sexy Erica

Group photo with Red FM's Linora and Mynn
Cheers! Enough Black Label?
With another sweetie Rebecca

Keep Walking!

*Photo courtesy of Johnnie Walker Malaysia FB and Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers FB
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