Thursday, June 26, 2014

Benefit They're Real! Push-up Liner

There's a product in town, a makeup innovation that every girls would love! 
- Benefit They're Real! Push-up Liner

If you know me well, you'll know that I'm real lazy girl to put on makeup. On any of my casual days, I wouldn't bother to put on any makeup on. But there're times when we feel like putting some makeup on to cheer ourselves little, and the two things I will definitely wear are EYELINER and MASCARA. I'll even skip foundation application most of the time I'm such a weird girl LOL.

At first glance I thought it was liquid eyeliner.

But it's not, it's gel liner in a pen!

Long-wearing, smudge-proof, waterproof, lash-hugging.

It has soft and custom angled tip. You just have to twist the bottom of the pen and it's ready to use!

The simple look of me with only mascara and they're real! push-up liner. :)

The application is rather simple and easy, and it's more portable than the regular gel eyeliner. I think it's designed for people like me - a lazy girl who still wants to look good. Now I've another good option than liquid eyeliner yay!! ^.^

For more information please visit Benefit Cosmetic Malaysia at:-
Instagram : @benefitcosmeticsmy

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bali Part I - Pura Luhur Uluwatu & Padang-Padang Beach

First post on my Bali trip! Finally!!! So inefficient of me :( . The one saddest thing happened on this trip was my camera failed on me! I couldn't even take ONE SHOT after I arrived in BALI! So during this whole trip, all the pictures were taken with Xiang's phone (Samsung Note III), the quality of the pictures is still acceptable except the night shot.  

We actually went for water sports in the morning on the first day, but no pictures were taken cause we all want to enjoy our water activity. We did snorkelling, parasailing (parachuting by the beach), flying first experience on snorkelling and it was scary and fun though! 

Then we went to Uluwatu  for its fantastic view! 

Awesome view of ocean from the cliff!

Lots of naughty and hungry monkeyyysssss!

Trying to feed them, I WAS SO SCARED OF THEM! That explains my awkward pose. :( 

A group picture! :)

Ancient walls, walking towards the cliff.

It was a little scary though looking down from the top of the cliff, TOO HIGH and I felt like I could fall off any minute. 

But the view is so amazing down there, couldn't help myself to take more photos and enjoy this awesome scenery.

Many stairs for you to climb in such a scorching hot weather. But this wouldn't stop us from going for more breathtaking views.

The was a temple but it was closed. 

The slow-motion video taken by Xiang's phone. I'm very impressed by the spectacular invention by mature nature.

We then went for Padang-Padang Beach for a short break.

I couldn't believe why all the ang-mohs enjoy playing with water at 3 or 4pm in the afternoon, it was so hot! We were just sitting there chilling at the shading area.

It was still nice though, chit-chatting with the gang while embracing the wind by the seaside.

What else we can do than taking a selfie if you forget to bring extra clothes to the beach?

Travel Tips:

1. Plan properly for your Bali itinerary, it is quite troublesome to travel from one spot to another (sometimes it took about an hour or more than that). 

2. Try to communicate well with your engaged driver/ tour guide about your itinerary before your arrival. 

3. Get your tour guide to help you to negotiate for the price of the water sport activities.

4. Bananas and peanuts will be given to you when you entered Uluwatu Temple, at some charges.

5. Take good care of your belongings as the monkeys could be too playful and steal it from you! Avoid wearing caps, hats or sunglasses.

6. You'll need to wear their 'sarung' if you do not wear long pants/skirts on your visit to any temples.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Other Side of Me

I needed some write this post cause I usually don't blog much about my personal life. Just done Skyping with my sister who's in Canada right now, she is asking me to BLOG MORE BLOG MORE. I always wanted to blog more, but at the end I'll do something else which I think I never get enough of. That's the passion I suppose? I spend lots of time doing it and I still don't feel that's enough. 

 " When you do something that you passionate about, you don't mind to repeat doing the same thing for 24 hours" - Quote by Emma Soh 

 Hahahaa...sounds so thick face but that's the way I feel. :p

This, simple life of me.

Some of the short videos I posted on Instagram. I know I'm no where a concert pianist, but I love the fact that I'm improving bit by bit, day by day. Hope you'll enjoy my playing. :)

Monday, June 02, 2014

Japanese Fine Dining - Cocotei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine

Japanese food is so irresistible!!! Finally got to visit this Japanese restaurant located in KL that Xiang has been talking about - Cocotei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine. I'm quite a lazy driver thanks to my friend who was on leave offered to chauffeur me to have a decent Japanese lunch with Xiang.  

If you have been following me on Instagram or Dayre you would know that I kind of addicted to this restaurant, visited 3 times in 2 months time! Of course I won't be visiting as often as visiting Sushi Zanmai as this is quite pricey (fine dining what LOL...)

Ordered their lunch set which is quite worthy. Choose two main dishes from the menu which costs RM 30+, RM 33+ or RM 36+.

The set comes with refillable rice, miso soup, pickles and chawanmushi.

Hot green tea served among our arrival. You can choose to order cold green tea too.

A tea pot of hot green tea per table.

I made reservation earlier to secure our seat as sometimes the restaurant might be packed during lunch hour.

The were floor seating and table seating.

And sushi bar seating.

Of course we reserved the floor seating which looks more attractive! :)

Table seating.

First served was Chawanmushi. The egg is very smooth I really wonder how can they make it this smooth hmmm....

Grilled Unagi.

This is Xiang's and my favourite!!! Tasted nice and it doesn't have too much tiny bones too. I love unagi but I really hates their tiny bones. 

And my favourite Salmon Sashimi!!!

Their sashimi very fresh and is thickly sliced!!! Almost triple of the size than the usual sashimi that I had, not used to it when I first tried it but I getting in love to a thicker one now. Be careful of the super fresh wasabi, I had too much on the first try and I teared after that so embarrassing =.=

Mixed Raw Fishes.

The mixed raw fishes will be varying everyday depending on the 'mood' of the chef LOL. We can't change any of the fishes so...if you hate one kind of any raw fishes better don't try luck by ordering this.

Salmon Boxed Sushi (look at the sushi rice omg so filling!)

Grilled Cod Fish 

We prefer the salted grilled style for the fresh taste with the zinc of lemon, yummmy.....

The ginger slices that we requested.

This is my lunch set! I'm already feeling blessed by just looking at it :D

Ice creams for after lunch dessert!  ♥ 

We ordered Yam, Sesame and Green tea ice cream. I personally love the sesame flavour for its rich taste and Xiang loves the green tea one. Green tea is a little too rich for me and I feel it's a little bitter. As for the flavour of yam, my friend said it was nothing special.

Taking picture of the 2 boys secretly I'm so bad hehehe... :p

Overall it was quite a good one but I think the waiter service is not that up to standard. This could be a perfect dining place if their waiters are more attentive.  

A shameless selfie to end this post...

Cocotei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine
No.5, GF-B, Jalan Delima
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.




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