Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Other Side of Me

I needed some write this post cause I usually don't blog much about my personal life. Just done Skyping with my sister who's in Canada right now, she is asking me to BLOG MORE BLOG MORE. I always wanted to blog more, but at the end I'll do something else which I think I never get enough of. That's the passion I suppose? I spend lots of time doing it and I still don't feel that's enough. 

 " When you do something that you passionate about, you don't mind to repeat doing the same thing for 24 hours" - Quote by Emma Soh 

 Hahahaa...sounds so thick face but that's the way I feel. :p

This, simple life of me.

Some of the short videos I posted on Instagram. I know I'm no where a concert pianist, but I love the fact that I'm improving bit by bit, day by day. Hope you'll enjoy my playing. :)

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