Monday, November 30, 2015

Number 76's Ultrasonic Hair Treatment - Will The Treatment Straighten My Hair?

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A bestie of mine inspired me to blog about this topic, she has been wanting to try Number76's signature Ultrasonic Treatment but she has a concern- will the treatment straighten my hair?

My hair was so dry and frizzy after few days of extreme sun exposure and excessive wash after Chiang Mai trip, so I decided to pay a visit to Number76 and try out their magic hair treatment!

The "straightener-look-alike" iron and hair products for the treatment.

One thing I love visiting Number76 is their informative staff! 

Leon was explaining to me how this treatment uses the technology of infrared and other lights (haha sorry I don't remember already >.<) to help the products penetrate deeper into our hair.

Blue light means the iron is working on penetration process. 

Leon asked me to touch the iron, it was cold, no heat involved at all!

He then applied the treatment cream onto my hair after hair wash.

Another colleague of Leon came to speed up the process!

Question 1:

What is the difference between the Ultrasonic Treatment (Normal) and Ultrasonic Premium?

Answer: Both treatments use the same technology, the only difference is that Ultrasonic Premium process repeat twice, ie. double hair wash, two times treatment cream application and two times ironing process.

For the Normal Ultrasonic Treatment - RM 265.

For the Premium Ultrasonic TreatmentRM 370.

Question 2:

How long will the magic effect lasts after the treatment? 

Answer: My answer will be 5 weeks. 

You'll get to take home 4 pcs of Desse's hair treatment! This is why the treatment will lasts long. I tried to experiment not to use any other conditioner or treatment for the first two weeks after the treatment, but only uses the Desse's hair treatment they provided me, and it works well on my dry hair! A simple process once a week after the treatment which gives you another 4 weeks of good hair, and it takes only 5-10 mins after hair wash. If you're lazy, just use it like a conditioner. 

Question 3:

Will the treatment straighten my hair?

Answer: The treatment won't be straightening your hair because they uses the iron. The iron doesn't work as straightener, it just helps the treatment cream in penetration. 

However, if you perm your hair, a hair treatment smoothens hence straightens your hair a little. Curly hair doesn't need as much moisture as straight hair does. Nonetheless, I believe your curly hair will be still as fine after the treatment if you style them on daily basis. Try to seek advice from the helpful stylists and assistants before the treatment if you're still in doubts! 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Is Social Media Toxic?







Checking Facebook status updates, scrolling on Instagram photos, reading tweets, and the list goes on, it sounds pretty common in this digital world. But wait....!!

"Why are we doing that? Repeatedly everyday?"

I myself did the same thing too, refreshing Facebook, Instragram and Twitter everyday, without knowing why. Recently, I managed to shook off my addiction of scrolling on Instagram and keeping updates to tweets, but not Facebook, and Dayre, just not yet. 

Why I think social media is toxic?

I am a quite outdated person with no data plan in this digital world, and I purposely don't want to subscribe one, because I don't need it. My routine on weekdays are just piano practicing, and piano teaching on weekends. Do you like your piano teacher keep scrolling his/ her phone while teaching you? Well I see some teachers do that, and I feel bad for the student. In my teaching concept, students are not pay you to check updates on your social media or replying unimportant messages.

However I discovered there's one social media isn't ruining my daily life, but on the contrary, it helps me in my life. It's Dayre.

I am only learning with one private teacher, and often I feel lonely and helpless in my journey of music learning. I've no learning buddies, and no one to discuss with when it comes to music-related topics, or even seek for advises when I needed help in decision making. Since I joined the Dayre community, I met quite a number of musicians (mainly pianists) and music lovers via this apps, and since then, my life is changing. They are mostly Malaysians taking piano course at different sides of the world, and they truly open my eyes to the music world. 

Thanks to an encouraging Dayree, I made a major change in my life recently. I changed my piano teacher. It may not sounded like a big deal, but my previous teacher meant a lot to me, she helped me a lot in my piano teaching career, and she's also my current employer. So I was very reluctant to change a piano teacher, ignoring this Dayree's advice for quite some time. Thanks to her constant encouragement, I made my first step and went to look for a teacher that she recommended. I had total 3 lessons with my new teacher. The change is good, I've new inspirations, and new plans.

I'm very grateful to all the helps that I received from them, to sum it up: 

(screenshot from Day 316 on my Dayre : @emmz_s)

Thanks to another Dayree, she sent me plenty of informative videos and links, instead of just scrolling the phones on social media for God knows what reason, I'm tend to watch informative and inspiring videos, and read articles.

I even met with a Dayree! I never expected myself to meet with an online friend before!

(screenshot from Day 307 on my Dayre : @emmz_s)

Then I realized, social media is more than just showing off the good side of your life, chasing after likes and followers, or even stalking your friends or ex-girlfriend/boyfriend's life. It's about sharing the same interests or passions. 

It could be toxic, or useful, depending on how you use it. :)

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