Monday, August 29, 2011


Another sentimental post, dreams. I'm a dream chaser, chasing over my dream, and filling up the incompleteness in my life. Life is like a puzzle, when can mine totally be filled up? Can't wait for that day and I know, my puzzle will be a very unique and colourful.

Here is a song from Yiruma, "Dreams", dedicated to all dream chasers like me.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MHB's 1st Anniversary Celebration @ Hoofed (Round 2)

If you do read my blog, I did join for the 1st round of MHB (Malaysia's Hottest Blogger) 1st Anniversary Celebration before, please read it here if you had missed it! They will celebrate if there's chance for the whole month of August!

This round, they celebrated it at Hoofed, TTDI. This is a restaurant famous with it's pork and house wine, so sad that night no wine served. LOL

The birthday cake for us by Hoofed! Happy Birthday to MHB Yohoo!

The food:-
Bacon Fried Rice/ Devil's Hair Pasta

Salad, as usual, this is my favourite :D

Beef Burger

Ok forgot what they call, this is Char Sieu! Super nice one!

The Desserts:-
Sweet Bananarama!

Cheesecake with Strawberry
My favourite dessert! Brownies!

The drinks:-
4 choices of cocktails

And of course beer, Kronenbourg

With my sister, and my favourite cocktail, White Jasmine!

With my sis, Tim and Chia

With MHB's Girls and the World Class Barterner, Sean

With Linora and Mynn

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facial Wash

Facial Wash, the most important cleansing step that we couldn't avoid everyday. So... do you think you wash your face properly?

By the way, there are more than thousands of facial wash out there, do you know which one suits you the most? Soap bars, liquid facial wash, foam wash, etc.

1. Identify your skin type (Acne, Oily, Dry, Dry Combination or Sensitive)
  • Find the right cleanser that suits your face, how? For example: look for facial wash for acne skin if you're having the acne skin, most products nowadays clearly state that.
2. Just a little reference:-
  • Oily skin - soap bars 
  • Dry/ Combination Skin - liquid facial wash
  • Sensitive skin - foam wash
3. Mistakes in facial wash:
  • Wash face too often (Max twice a day, too much cleansing will dry up your skin and leave your skin dehydrated)
  • No application of daily skincare after cleansing step ( leaves pore enlarge and dry because the moisture level is not sufficient)
  • Not being gentle (Please be gentle to your face while washing!)
  • Water temperature (Never too hot, it will only harm your skin as hot water will loosen the elasticity of your face!)
  • Wash face with body soap 
  • Excess scrubing
  • Using HOT WATER to wash your face ( Please ONLY use luke-warm or cold water to wash your face, Hot weather definitely not good to your skin)

My recommendations:-
Foam Wash:
Love this texture so much and it could cleanses your face more deeply! Because it exist as the foam texture and the molecules is smaller, which means that it could cleanse your face more clean. For the non-make up girls, you could just use this one and could skip the make up remover, good news huh?

1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost

 2. Beauty Talk (美人语)

Liquid &Other Facial Wash:-
1. Clinique

 2. Kiehls

3. Dermalogica

Soap Bars:-
1. Clinique

Love yourself, love your skin <3

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bf's Bday Celebration @ Cafe Chulo Spanish Fusion.Restaurant.Bar

This post is quite late, we celebrated my bf's bday @ Cafe Chulo, Jaya One.

Waiting for food


Mushroom Soup, Love it!
We ordered 2 pizzas cause I heard from my friend that this Restaurant is famous of their pizza!
Lamb Pizza

Chicken Pizza

Lamb + Prawn


Mixed Paella (seafood)

Special Chulo cocktail

The dessert, not very satisfied with this

LOL, best friend could spell my bf's name wrongly!

Wondering what wishes he made?

Overall the food is not bad, especially love their pizza! But their dessert is just so so. Would like to try other drinks next time maybe can give me more chilling and tasty flavor? Hehe... All of us were so full that time couldn't finish the cake! So, you could imagine their portion is not that small as my those guys can eat quite lot :D

Chulo Cafe
Jaya One 72a, Section 13/6,
Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya
03-7956 2277 ‎

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

MHB's 1st Anniversary Celebration @ Bakita

Was invited to join the MHB (Malaysia's Hottest Blogger) 1st Anniversary Celebration @ Bakita last Friday.
With MHB's Girls!
Ya, My sis and Jia Jia went this party with me!
Sweet new friend of mine, April
It was quite a fun party! Met so many new friends and had a nice chat with them.  Not only buffet dinner and drinks that night, we was entertained by a handsome magician, Zlwin!
Tadaaa! Magic Show Time
Funny photos below that we were too enjoying the magic show by Zlwin, laughters all around...LOL





Girls on the bar!
With Tim and the host

Omg, this model is so damn tall!
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