Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MHB's 1st Anniversary Celebration @ Hoofed (Round 2)

If you do read my blog, I did join for the 1st round of MHB (Malaysia's Hottest Blogger) 1st Anniversary Celebration before, please read it here if you had missed it! They will celebrate if there's chance for the whole month of August!

This round, they celebrated it at Hoofed, TTDI. This is a restaurant famous with it's pork and house wine, so sad that night no wine served. LOL

The birthday cake for us by Hoofed! Happy Birthday to MHB Yohoo!

The food:-
Bacon Fried Rice/ Devil's Hair Pasta

Salad, as usual, this is my favourite :D

Beef Burger

Ok forgot what they call, this is Char Sieu! Super nice one!

The Desserts:-
Sweet Bananarama!

Cheesecake with Strawberry
My favourite dessert! Brownies!

The drinks:-
4 choices of cocktails

And of course beer, Kronenbourg

With my sister, and my favourite cocktail, White Jasmine!

With my sis, Tim and Chia

With MHB's Girls and the World Class Barterner, Sean

With Linora and Mynn


cutebun said...

cool! ^_^

jfook said...

omg even got siew yok...

Thristhan said...

Yummy, good food :) Too many sweet things there.

jamie writes said...

the food looks good!

meichi said...

nice...ur in mhb >.<...me wan too...lol

Emma said...

ya had a great night that night :D

Kiki's Land said...

the foods looks so yummy...

Merryn said...

looks fun!

Anne Lee said...

that cake looks so special...izzit a homemade one?

Emma said...

@anne, i'm not sure though, but that cake is super nice! haha, love max!

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