Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facial Wash

Facial Wash, the most important cleansing step that we couldn't avoid everyday. So... do you think you wash your face properly?

By the way, there are more than thousands of facial wash out there, do you know which one suits you the most? Soap bars, liquid facial wash, foam wash, etc.

1. Identify your skin type (Acne, Oily, Dry, Dry Combination or Sensitive)
  • Find the right cleanser that suits your face, how? For example: look for facial wash for acne skin if you're having the acne skin, most products nowadays clearly state that.
2. Just a little reference:-
  • Oily skin - soap bars 
  • Dry/ Combination Skin - liquid facial wash
  • Sensitive skin - foam wash
3. Mistakes in facial wash:
  • Wash face too often (Max twice a day, too much cleansing will dry up your skin and leave your skin dehydrated)
  • No application of daily skincare after cleansing step ( leaves pore enlarge and dry because the moisture level is not sufficient)
  • Not being gentle (Please be gentle to your face while washing!)
  • Water temperature (Never too hot, it will only harm your skin as hot water will loosen the elasticity of your face!)
  • Wash face with body soap 
  • Excess scrubing
  • Using HOT WATER to wash your face ( Please ONLY use luke-warm or cold water to wash your face, Hot weather definitely not good to your skin)

My recommendations:-
Foam Wash:
Love this texture so much and it could cleanses your face more deeply! Because it exist as the foam texture and the molecules is smaller, which means that it could cleanse your face more clean. For the non-make up girls, you could just use this one and could skip the make up remover, good news huh?

1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost

 2. Beauty Talk (美人语)

Liquid &Other Facial Wash:-
1. Clinique

 2. Kiehls

3. Dermalogica

Soap Bars:-
1. Clinique

Love yourself, love your skin <3


Kian Fai said...

you tried all of them? or is it step by step trying it? LOL

Henry Tan said...

i guess those don't come cheap right?
gotta invest in all these to have a nice face! =.= LOL

Emma said...

Don't worry not that expensive. check out those brands in pharmacies like neutrogena~

Hilda Milda™ said...

All those products you recommend are so expensive T_T I'm using hada labo at the moment. Thanks for the tips, it sure helps!

Isaac Tan said...

nice sharing! XD have followed your blog, do follow back ya XD


Emma said...

@hilda, not so expensive though, u can try neutrogena too.

@Isaac, thanks!

Nava Krishnan said...

great products and great tips.

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