Tuesday, August 09, 2011

MHB's 1st Anniversary Celebration @ Bakita

Was invited to join the MHB (Malaysia's Hottest Blogger) 1st Anniversary Celebration @ Bakita last Friday.
With MHB's Girls!
Ya, My sis and Jia Jia went this party with me!
Sweet new friend of mine, April
It was quite a fun party! Met so many new friends and had a nice chat with them.  Not only buffet dinner and drinks that night, we was entertained by a handsome magician, Zlwin!
Tadaaa! Magic Show Time
Funny photos below that we were too enjoying the magic show by Zlwin, laughters all around...LOL





Girls on the bar!
With Tim and the host

Omg, this model is so damn tall!


Henry Tan said...

wooo~~~ hottest blogger! =D

Kian Fai said...

wow I Linora, is that her? :P

anyways nice photo above :) party rocker! and u looks good and gothic at the same time . . . maybe because of the eye make up

remember visit my latest post yah haha :X

Emma said...

@henry, thanks for reading.

@kian fai, ya that is Linora.

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