Monday, March 24, 2014

KK Trip Finale: Tanjung Aru Beach and Seafood Dinner!

Here goes the final post of my KK trip 2013! I'm kind of addicted to a new mini-blogging platform called Dayre recently and I totally abandoned this one (follow me if you haven't already @emmz_s). I find it very convenient that I could blog anytime easily with my phone or iPad, I wish I could update this space in the same way too!  

Alright this post are about the two places I first visited when I just landed in Kota Kinabalu and the last places I went before the trip end! :p Tanjung Aru Beach was the last place I went, it was actually not a must-go place on my itinerary but I feel lucky that we went at last cause it was a beautiful beach!

Arrived before the sunset. 

All the photos were taken with Nikon J1 without any editing or filter. I love beach!  ♥  I find it relaxing by just hanging by the beach and listen to the beautiful sound made by the wave. It was the most harmony melody in the world I must say ♬ relaxing, peaceful, and heavenly made sound.

Couple of islands can be seen here.

There were plenty of restaurants and hawker stalls by the beach. Xiang and I had couple sticks of BBQ cause we weren't hungry yet.

And a coconut cocktail to chill while enjoying the sunset 

Okay, I gonna end my KK trip post with the first place I visited right after I landed in Sabah! It was a famous seafood restaurant - Ocean Seafood Village 海王城.

The interior of the restaurant.

Look at all the seafood...!


We couldn't order that much cause there were only two of us! This is the time I wish to travel in group so we could enjoy variety of food... ☹

Hot tea for the drink of the night.

Seafood fried rice - RM 20, with lots of crab meat! This is so far the best fried rice I had! Yummyyyy!!!  

Kam Heong Coffee Crab. It's 甘香咖啡蟹 - RM 32. I hope I did the correct translation LOL....

Then a Teow Cheow Steamed Grouper fish, 潮州蒸石斑 - RM 54. Nice and fresh!

A pic with the giant "lobster''!

Ocean Seafood Village 海王城
4 Lorong Api-Api 3, 
Api-Api Centre, 
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Business hour : 12:30pm - 10:30pm daily.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

[Giveaway] Foodpanda: Food Delivery to your Doorstep!

I've not in the mood of blogging recently, the bizarre event of the disappearance of MH370 has yet to be found after days! Feeling so helpless that nothing else I could do other than checking news and keep praying for them. I think that is not the excuse that I abandon my blog for too long and here I am back on blogging and bring a mini voucher giveaway for you all!

(picture taken on internet after I googled "hungry but too lazy to cook")

Does this seem familiar to you? 

I think it's normal...we human need to consume 3 meals a day! I mean sometimes I feel that's too much - why do we have to eat so much? Can't we just eat a meal a day? LOL....but there are times that we just want to lazying around and don't feel like doing anything, and yet we couldn't ignore our growling stomach. Here is the time food delivery will come to rescue! But food delivery? Pizza hut? Mcd again??? Ah I rather starved to death.....wait don't die first, there is a new food delivery in town - FoodPanda !

Haze is all around Klang Valley area - one more solid reason that makes us even lazier to go out just for food!

And today, I tried out their delivery service for my #foreveralone lunch!

And I went into Sake page -  ! Hehee...of course I chose sushi again, I just couldn't help myself :p

I placed my order online and waited for the delivery, then in just less than a hour.....

Tadaaa! My lunch is served! :D

Having lunch and watching my favourite series is just so sinful....

Sushi sushi!!!!! xd

You may check out their website from time to time as they'll having "DEALS OF THE WEEK", sometimes free delivery will be offered!

To makes the online order easier, you could download their apps on your phone, it's so easy to order online, check out the video below for more!:

Time for the mini giveaway that you're waiting for!!!

I'm giving away FOUR food vouchers worth RM10 each courtesy of FoodPanda. If you're interested to try out their service, you may just:-

Email me to or DM me on my twitter: @emmz_s

Random winners will be chosen and will be notified via email/twitter DM, contest will be ended at 24th March 1159 pm. Good luck!

For more information please feel free to head over to their website at
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