Monday, March 24, 2014

KK Trip Finale: Tanjung Aru Beach and Seafood Dinner!

Here goes the final post of my KK trip 2013! I'm kind of addicted to a new mini-blogging platform called Dayre recently and I totally abandoned this one (follow me if you haven't already @emmz_s). I find it very convenient that I could blog anytime easily with my phone or iPad, I wish I could update this space in the same way too!  

Alright this post are about the two places I first visited when I just landed in Kota Kinabalu and the last places I went before the trip end! :p Tanjung Aru Beach was the last place I went, it was actually not a must-go place on my itinerary but I feel lucky that we went at last cause it was a beautiful beach!

Arrived before the sunset. 

All the photos were taken with Nikon J1 without any editing or filter. I love beach!  ♥  I find it relaxing by just hanging by the beach and listen to the beautiful sound made by the wave. It was the most harmony melody in the world I must say ♬ relaxing, peaceful, and heavenly made sound.

Couple of islands can be seen here.

There were plenty of restaurants and hawker stalls by the beach. Xiang and I had couple sticks of BBQ cause we weren't hungry yet.

And a coconut cocktail to chill while enjoying the sunset 

Okay, I gonna end my KK trip post with the first place I visited right after I landed in Sabah! It was a famous seafood restaurant - Ocean Seafood Village 海王城.

The interior of the restaurant.

Look at all the seafood...!


We couldn't order that much cause there were only two of us! This is the time I wish to travel in group so we could enjoy variety of food... ☹

Hot tea for the drink of the night.

Seafood fried rice - RM 20, with lots of crab meat! This is so far the best fried rice I had! Yummyyyy!!!  

Kam Heong Coffee Crab. It's 甘香咖啡蟹 - RM 32. I hope I did the correct translation LOL....

Then a Teow Cheow Steamed Grouper fish, 潮州蒸石斑 - RM 54. Nice and fresh!

A pic with the giant "lobster''!

Ocean Seafood Village 海王城
4 Lorong Api-Api 3, 
Api-Api Centre, 
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Business hour : 12:30pm - 10:30pm daily.

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