Monday, April 07, 2014

#NuffnangIs007 - Happy 7th Birthday to Nuffnang!

Happy birthday Nuffnang!!! The leading and biggest blog advertising company in Malaysia has finally turned SEVEN this year! I've been joining Nuffnang for 3 years (wasn't active in blogging on the 1st year though :P ) and this is the first time I joined their birthday bash! I decided to go when I get the invitation even though my camera was still in repair. After all, this is one of the party of the all that we wouldn't want to miss!

Most photos were taken from Xiang's Note 3 and Nuffnang FB, felt a little naked attending event without a proper camera (blogger's problem?) but I still had a lot of fun that night. Anyway my baby camera is finally back to me! :D :D  

The theme of their birthday party this year was James Bond: Lost in Amazon.

We actually got the chance to get free UBER rides to this party! I kinda envy most of my blogger friends get to chauffeured to this party in luxury car but Xiang didn't want to. 

Here was our conversation:
Me: Xiang, we don't have to drive to Nuffnang birthday bash, we could get free rides, and it's LUXURY CAR!
Xiang: What luxury car? Still a taxi what......
Me: But you don't have to drive!
Xiang: I don't want to wait for taxi after the party lah.
Me: Ok lorr......if you sure you don't want then you drive (giving him palm face).

Bond girl pose with Audi R8!

The venue was at Barbeque Garden, KL Life Center. 

This BBQ restaurant was located on the rooftop, decorated with lots of green plants as if I was entering into a tropical forest! 

I don't feel like I'm in the bustling city when I dine in here. :)

Door gifts for all the "agents" that attended the party!

Free flow of Heneiken beer for the night.

And some games for the Nuffnangers to play!

The emcee of the night - DJ Kevin from Traxx FM’s “The Evening Buzz”. 

Congratulation to the bloggers who were so lucky and won the prizes, better luck for me next time!

Corntoz pink horse!

Cute isn't it?? xd

Yours truly. 

With Xiang, love this picture although it was blur. :p

Photo with Angeline and Sandy, kinda love Angeline's photo it turned out nice! :)

The cupcakes which fit the theme of the night! They were surprising tasty too!!! 

What I love most is the set up of WOW Photobooth, fun time taking pictures with the girls. :p

Thanks to WOW photobooth printed our polaroid photos on the spot, love my instagram photos printed out like this!  

Happy birthday once again Nuffnang! May your business grow bigger and conquer the whole blogging universe in the world!

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