Wednesday, April 23, 2014


It's been so long, or maybe I never blog about personal things, or thoughts. But today I got the mood to write so I better write down first, maybe I will delete this post after I re-read it LOL! I swear tonight I was gonna update my blog on my Singapore trip, but guess I have to delay it cause I was overpracticed my piano, AGAIN. My right hand is kinda sore now and this is the 3rd time I'm experiencing muscle pain from overpracticing. :( So this maybe the right time for me to write some personal thinking - wanted to blog so much but my hand is too painful to edit so many photos.

I always thought that I have to be more hardworking than anybody else cause I kinda switched my career and started late than anyone else. (I started learnt piano when I was 10 but stopped when I was doing my Pre-U). Practicing at least 3 hours a day, sometimes up to 5 hours nowadays. Until today, my practice mindset has finally changed.

Because of him, I'm so inspired that musical is about feelings, is not just come from the hardcore practicing. And I do realize that sometimes I feel a drastic improvement on my playing after I take a short break, music is really amazing that sometimes hardwork doesn't work! What am I talking about now lol! Alright music is all about inspiration, of course, the basic practicing is important too.

Wrote about some of my inspiration on my Dayre too!


There're a lot of writing on the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx part haha, go check it out if you're interested -

And I do upload some short videos on instagram too - @emmz_s

Some of my current favourite playlist:-

Goodnight xx.

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