Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Singapore Part II - Bugis Street, Marina Bay, Merlion Park & Orchard Road

Here comes my Singapore Trip Part 2! Read my part I here if you haven't - :) It was an impromptu one day road trip and actually it was also my first time to our neighbour country, I'll always choose Thailand over Singapore cause I'll get to practice my rusty Thai language which I got no one to practice to! :p 

After Sentosa Island and lunch, we went to several other famous attractions to jalan-jalan. 


Had lunch at the biggest food court in Bugis Street, so crowded and we were having hard time finding seats but all the food turned out meh. Not nice!!! Malaysian street food taste better :)

So crowded during even during lunch hour, under scorching hot sun! It was just like Petaling Street for me, nothing special.

Didn't buy anything haha just wanna take some touristy shot. 

Touristy shot #2 :p


Went for a walk outside the shopping mall instead, no one has the shopping mode cause it was kinda rush for us to go so many places in one day. 

Nice view, guess it would be nicer with the lights on during night time.

Love taking candid shot of their funny acts. :p

A proper one. :)


Merlion park is just opposite to Marina Bay, across the river. One of our friends suggested: "Eh let's walk to Orchard Road, it's just at the opposite". Everyone was like "WHATTTT?!?!?!?", and one of us replied: "why don't just swim, faster what". Haha I guess this is what friends for, a dose of laughter. :) 

Sadly it was already gloomy when we just arrived at Merlion Park ☹ , but I have to take pictures of this signature lion head!!! After few shots dahhhhh, the sky turned really dark and it started raining. We were here for like 10-15 mins...ishhhhhh.


We ended our day with all the beautiful Christmas Decorations in Orchard Road! Their decorations has very high ranking in the world record in the year of 2013, it's one of the top 10 if not I'm mistaken. We were making the right choice to visit the X'mas-y Singapore! 

I'm amazed for my photography skill, tell me this is nice!

Love this shot cause can you see the ' HALO' above my head? What an angelic shot 

A little awakward pose cause everyone wanted to take a pic of this X'mas tree. We were like jumped in and shoot for this pic. =.=

This X'mas tree is pretty too!

See the "hair"? Oh my god it was really amazing!!!

One giant X'mas tree which has a 'door'

A hardly-captured dreamy pose of me in front of the 'entrance' of this big X'mas tree. Everyone was walking in and out.

The "inside'' of the tree, the colour of light changed. Why don't we have all these in Malaysia?????

A last touristy shot of me to end the long, tiring but fun day! :)

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