Friday, May 30, 2014

2 in 1 Facial Mask - Age Defying Whitening Airy Masque

Hello!!! Miss me or not?? This is only the second blog entry this month, oh my god I'm lazy right? I think I'm really addicted to my recent life and were doing some social media detoxing LOL! Don't worry I'm back now! :D 

As a girl, I think daily skin care routine is vital for a healthy skin that I would never skip doing everyday. But when it comes to applying mask, I've always got the excuse to delay and delay hahaha! Call me procrastination queen :p. Still, I'll try to apply mask at least once a week. Hydrating mask is my first choice and next will be whitening, but recently I came across a good sheet mask with Anti-aging and Whitening both in 1 piece of mask! Sounds good doesn't it? Double the effects with just one application. :)

Age Defying Whitening Airy Masque (Indian Lotus Seed & Rice Ferment Filtrate)

• Brightening skin tone

• Anti-oxidant and prevent signs of aging

• Anti-inflammatory/Soothing effect

• Deep moisturizing

All functions in this one little piece of mask are what my skin desperately needed. My skin is sensitive and sometimes get inflamed when exposed under sunlight for too long or due to allergy nose. 

The inside look of the mask, it got 3 layers! 

Remove both outer layers and you're ready for some self-pampering session! :D

Ultra thin sheet mask and makes the absorption so much easier!

I guess there were some kind of ingredients that help to release stress too, I dozed off for like 8 or 10 minutes (first 5 mins were busying taking pics lol). Normally I don't find myself that relax when I'm applying sheet mask at home. And another fact I love is that the mask isn't too watery that essence will dip when I removed from the package. :)

Love the effect! Advisable to apply once a week for better result :)

RM 129 per box ( 5 pcs )

Head over to with discount code: BLG7K9T to purchase if you would like to try this out!

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