Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Birthday , My Valentine's Day

Hiiii hiii guyss! I bet most of you already forgotten that I went to KK after HK/Macau trip. We actually went to Kota Kinabalu after back from Macau with just only 2-3 days rest in KL. WHY SO RUSH? Well...really have to thank Airasia, we managed to get our airfare for 12MYR per pax for 2 way-trip! Yes, 12MYR including the airport tax, fuel and everything!!! Hehee....sorry for not telling you guys cause the tickets were sold out like in 10 mins... 

This trip is actually a treat for my birthday/ Valentines. I'm not the kind of girl who loves branded handbags or jewelry for present, I actually enjoy present like this. Special, and memorable one :) So this is the early birthday and Valentines celebrations with the boyfie as my birthday falls on the first day of CNY!! And this is the PART I of my Kota Kinabalu trip - The Second Day. First day will be up soon......

Kota Kinabalu is well-known with their beautiful islands...unfortunately it was rainingggg when we visited the islands!!!!! Not heavy rain but we were basically all wet on the way from the jetty to the Manukan island! Argh!!! Better check the weather before you go! 

Before the rain...still kinda excited.

There are actually total of 5 islands at Jesselton Point. But we were only visiting Manukan and Mamutik islands. You may go to the all five but we wanna spend more time enjoying the beach and the water, not on waiting the boat and travelling. The pictures below taken on 2 islands, they are almost the same but Manukan island is slightly bigger compare to Mamutik island. 





 The crystal clear water, mesmerizing view......a breath-taking moment. 




The were resort in the island too, not my choice it might be quite pricey. 




The boyfie trying to play the old school sand game - kicking the sand LOL......

1st attempt

2nd attempt


what he gonna do with the coral???


Double the 

With his funny face hahhaaa!



Another funny face of him...trolloolllll....


This guy with amazing skillll!!! Spotted this sand turtle before we heading back to the jetty!

There were a lot of cute nemo-like fishes near the shore too, but not clear in the picture. This was taken near the jetty while waiting for our boat to arrive.



The boyfie complained that we didn't go for diving....I kinda regret too but I'm actually quite scare of the sea water. Will try next time for sureeeeee I have to encounter my fear!!! The fishes and the creatures in the water are tooooo beautifullll~~

Travel Tips:

1. Check the weather before you go!!! Trust me it would be less fun if it's rainingggg :(

2. Go earlier as possible, all the tourists have to back on the Jesselton Point by 4pm. 

3. Bring extra clothes so that you could enjoy the nature..there were shower facility provided on the island.

4. Better bring your own lunch box.... picnic style is better than dining in the restaurants (you should know what I'm trying to say :p ) 

5. I spotted quite a number of igunaasssss hiding under the rock! ( I was busy running away so no picture proof! )

6. Go to the small islands may took quite some time waiting for the boat. Always remember the contact number of the counter you bought the ticket from. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The New Look

Sorry guys for the lack of update...! It didn't mean that I have abandoned my blog, just that every time when I turn on my laptop and wanna blog abt something, I'll end up busy changing my blog header! I really reallyyyyy bad in web designing :'( . If you are still one of my loyal supporters you will see why the blog header changes so many times?? It's because I have not satisfied with any of them....Sometimes I found some really cute one on the internet but I better not to use it, copyright issues and all. Sighs....:( I feel like taking FOREVER for me to do a nice blog header but FINALLY, this is one of header I quite satisfied. *frankly speaking, I'm just 80% satisfaction lol...thanks to the nice photos taken during my trip!*

Tell me how you think about it, I didn't edit much, just change the colour a bit, add the border and  watermark that's all. Hope you'll like it! Meanwhile stay tune for my next blog update ya, FINALLY I DON'T HAVE TO BORDER MY HEADER ANYMORE yayyyy!!! :p

Alright it's late night now, good night y'all! 

Till then....xoxo 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Win a Pair of VIP Passes to Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge 2013!

Hola PARTY PEOPLE, one of the BIGGEST PARTY is back in town and I'm sure you don't wanna miss it! The stylist and glamorous party filled with free flow of Johnnie Walker's whisky, cocktails, good music, entertainment and fun is always the party I looking forward! :p

Since the first Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge in Malaysia back in 2010, JOHNNIE WALKER® has consistently delivered money-can’t-buy insider access into the elite world of the pioneering Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ Formula One® Team. 

The collaboration between JOHNNIE WALKER® and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ goes back to 2005 and has forged an enduring partnership with a shared belief in innovation and progress, creating exclusive and exciting experiences that enhance and amplify the status of their fans. 

Jenson Button thrilled the crowd when he showed up at the party last year.

This time round, JOHNNIE WALKER® presents the JOHNNIE WALKER® CIRCUIT LOUNGE, the new signature race party series succeeding BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE on 23 March 2013, which will see an exclusive gathering of A-list celebrities, leaders of commerce, and privileged competition winners to celebrate the race weekend at the Terminal 2, Skypark.

The JOHNNIE WALKER® CIRCUIT LOUNGE takes the glamour and sophistication of the iconic race party series to the next level by taking inspiration from across the JOHNNIE WALKER® range of whiskies, from the familiar BLACK LABEL® to the intense smokiness of DOUBLE BLACK™ and the creamy smoothness of the celebratory GOLD LABEL RESERVE™. Simply put, we get to enjoy more flavours and some wonderful new drinks inspired by Johnnie Walker!

Charles James Wright, Senior Brand Manager, JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia, says “The JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE grew into one of the most anticipated race parties on the calendar over the past three years. In 2013 we intend to elevate STEP INSIDE THE CIRCUIT™ by fully immersing our fans in a more luxurious and exclusive VIP party experience that is CIRCUIT LOUNGE. The launch of the new CIRCUIT LOUNGE signature race party series is complemented with the most audacious prize offerings that will give our consumers an unforgettable motorsport lifestyle experience that money cannot buy.”

Guests at the JOHNNIE WALKER® CIRCUIT LOUNGE can expect to revel in the exceptional taste of newly crafted, original whisky cocktails based on big bold flavours, created exclusively for the party:

The BLACK FLAVOUR LAB will feature top class international mixologists prepare and personally serve guests with a series of BLACK LABEL® cocktails designed to challenge and delight the palette.

The GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ bar will serve a variety of exquisite serves and cocktails, including the popular signature tipple “Fresh Gold”.  

Also look out for the JOHNNIE WALKER® DOUBLE BLACK™ cocktail which is a new addition to the party.

Expect some awesome entertainment

The upcoming party will feature celebrated producer and DJ Ivan Gough, known for his eclectic remixes and legendary tracks over the past 10 years, along with the groovy beats of DJ Vogue Williams, the vivacious Irish model and DJ, and IMMA*BLEEP*YOUUP!, one of the most energetic local DJ trios in Kuala Lumpur.

“JOHNNIE WALKER® always strives to deliver unparalleled motorsport experiences and exceptional parties. This year with the incredible STEP INSIDE THE CIRCUIT™ Grand Prize on offer and the launch of the new signature race party, CIRCUIT LOUNGE, we will give local fans a chance to access the inaccessible and experience a taste of the opulent luxury lifestyle like never before” explains Charles James Wright, Senior Brand Manager of JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia. 

Me partied with the girls in the previous Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge, it was crazy and fun! 

ALWAYS Stay In Control...

As committed advocates of responsible drinking and in addition to the JOIN THE PACT initiative, JOHNNIE WALKER® will also be actively engaging guests with complimentary Evian® mineral water to reinforce the message of Never Drink and Drive and always staying in control. Taxi services will also be on standby to ferry party guests home late.



HERE'S HOW.......

Answer two simple questions and complete the slogan below in not more than 50 words to stand a chance to win. 


1. How long has Jenson Button been in the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ Formula One™ team?

2. Who is the Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador for JOHNNIE WALKER®?

JOHNNIE WALKER® CIRCUIT LOUNGE is the definitive Malaysian race party because…_________________________________________________________________________________

Email your entries together with your full name, NRIC, address and mobile number to by 1.00pm on 19 March 2013.

SIMPLE RIGHT? JOIN NOW! You never try, you never know. 



Prize X 1

Terms and Conditions apply. Judges decisions are finals and no correspondence will be entertained.

Hope to see you in this exclusive party! Good luck! :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Genting Food Hunt - Day 2

This post is all about food, which I totally forgot if I didn't check back my old posts. I've blogged about Day 1, read here if you haven't - . Promised you guys to post 2nd day soon but once I back from vacation, I was too excited to blog about my trip and forgot about this, really paiseh neh..=.=

Alright back to topic...since my sister and I were staying at the World Club Lounge of First World Hotel, we've special cafeteria at the 25th floor just for the World Club guests. 

Day 2, Breakfast Buffet:  First World World Club Lounge CafĂ© 

It's nice that there's actually NO ONE at around 8am! So good cause we don't have to queue for the food =)

A small relaxing corner with magazines and TV.

Newspaper corner =)

Alright it's food time!!!

Fruitty and salad corner :)

Cereal corner

Bread corner

Hot drinks corner

Juice drinks corner

And noodle too!

Our choices:

First food to start the day - FRUIT! So healthy right? :p

Pancake with honey! ^.^

This tom yum noddle is made by my sister, I don't like to take spicy thing early in the morning. She said this was "okay lah"

Porridge with peanut, one of my fav too! :)

Ham with mashed potato.

Omelette, yum!! 

Sister's choice - cereal in milk

Overall the food was okay lah, basic Malaysian breakfast and some western choices too. But it's a little limited choice. 

Day 2, Lunch :  Hou Mei

According to the PR girls, this is one of their favourite dining place, another one is Hainan Kitchen

Quite crowded too as they consider here as one of the "cheap" dining place (it's still expensive la if compare to the price in KL)

The menu

A plate of vege to share :)

Seafood Tom Yum Noodle

Hou Mei Specialty Noode - Instant noodle hmm~

Deep Fried Wan Tan

This is the best among all! Deep Fried Fish Cake. 

Herbal Duck Noodle Soup (one of the popular dish here, taste not bad hmm..)

Dry noodle with Curry Chicken

Ribenna float and fresh apple juice! 

Some of their food are okay but the price kinda expensive, although this is consider a budget dining place...

Alright that's all for now...till then. :)

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