Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Genting Food Hunt - Day 2

This post is all about food, which I totally forgot if I didn't check back my old posts. I've blogged about Day 1, read here if you haven't - . Promised you guys to post 2nd day soon but once I back from vacation, I was too excited to blog about my trip and forgot about this, really paiseh neh..=.=

Alright back to topic...since my sister and I were staying at the World Club Lounge of First World Hotel, we've special cafeteria at the 25th floor just for the World Club guests. 

Day 2, Breakfast Buffet:  First World World Club Lounge CafĂ© 

It's nice that there's actually NO ONE at around 8am! So good cause we don't have to queue for the food =)

A small relaxing corner with magazines and TV.

Newspaper corner =)

Alright it's food time!!!

Fruitty and salad corner :)

Cereal corner

Bread corner

Hot drinks corner

Juice drinks corner

And noodle too!

Our choices:

First food to start the day - FRUIT! So healthy right? :p

Pancake with honey! ^.^

This tom yum noddle is made by my sister, I don't like to take spicy thing early in the morning. She said this was "okay lah"

Porridge with peanut, one of my fav too! :)

Ham with mashed potato.

Omelette, yum!! 

Sister's choice - cereal in milk

Overall the food was okay lah, basic Malaysian breakfast and some western choices too. But it's a little limited choice. 

Day 2, Lunch :  Hou Mei

According to the PR girls, this is one of their favourite dining place, another one is Hainan Kitchen

Quite crowded too as they consider here as one of the "cheap" dining place (it's still expensive la if compare to the price in KL)

The menu

A plate of vege to share :)

Seafood Tom Yum Noodle

Hou Mei Specialty Noode - Instant noodle hmm~

Deep Fried Wan Tan

This is the best among all! Deep Fried Fish Cake. 

Herbal Duck Noodle Soup (one of the popular dish here, taste not bad hmm..)

Dry noodle with Curry Chicken

Ribenna float and fresh apple juice! 

Some of their food are okay but the price kinda expensive, although this is consider a budget dining place...

Alright that's all for now...till then. :)

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