Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Birthday , My Valentine's Day

Hiiii hiii guyss! I bet most of you already forgotten that I went to KK after HK/Macau trip. We actually went to Kota Kinabalu after back from Macau with just only 2-3 days rest in KL. WHY SO RUSH? Well...really have to thank Airasia, we managed to get our airfare for 12MYR per pax for 2 way-trip! Yes, 12MYR including the airport tax, fuel and everything!!! Hehee....sorry for not telling you guys cause the tickets were sold out like in 10 mins... 

This trip is actually a treat for my birthday/ Valentines. I'm not the kind of girl who loves branded handbags or jewelry for present, I actually enjoy present like this. Special, and memorable one :) So this is the early birthday and Valentines celebrations with the boyfie as my birthday falls on the first day of CNY!! And this is the PART I of my Kota Kinabalu trip - The Second Day. First day will be up soon......

Kota Kinabalu is well-known with their beautiful islands...unfortunately it was rainingggg when we visited the islands!!!!! Not heavy rain but we were basically all wet on the way from the jetty to the Manukan island! Argh!!! Better check the weather before you go! 

Before the rain...still kinda excited.

There are actually total of 5 islands at Jesselton Point. But we were only visiting Manukan and Mamutik islands. You may go to the all five but we wanna spend more time enjoying the beach and the water, not on waiting the boat and travelling. The pictures below taken on 2 islands, they are almost the same but Manukan island is slightly bigger compare to Mamutik island. 





 The crystal clear water, mesmerizing view......a breath-taking moment. 




The were resort in the island too, not my choice it might be quite pricey. 




The boyfie trying to play the old school sand game - kicking the sand LOL......

1st attempt

2nd attempt


what he gonna do with the coral???


Double the 

With his funny face hahhaaa!



Another funny face of him...trolloolllll....


This guy with amazing skillll!!! Spotted this sand turtle before we heading back to the jetty!

There were a lot of cute nemo-like fishes near the shore too, but not clear in the picture. This was taken near the jetty while waiting for our boat to arrive.



The boyfie complained that we didn't go for diving....I kinda regret too but I'm actually quite scare of the sea water. Will try next time for sureeeeee I have to encounter my fear!!! The fishes and the creatures in the water are tooooo beautifullll~~

Travel Tips:

1. Check the weather before you go!!! Trust me it would be less fun if it's rainingggg :(

2. Go earlier as possible, all the tourists have to back on the Jesselton Point by 4pm. 

3. Bring extra clothes so that you could enjoy the nature..there were shower facility provided on the island.

4. Better bring your own lunch box.... picnic style is better than dining in the restaurants (you should know what I'm trying to say :p ) 

5. I spotted quite a number of igunaasssss hiding under the rock! ( I was busy running away so no picture proof! )

6. Go to the small islands may took quite some time waiting for the boat. Always remember the contact number of the counter you bought the ticket from. 


HenRy LeE said...

walao! the turtle so big! happy belated bday again! :D

Wilson Ng said...

Big turtle, you guys didn't try to your own?


Emma said...

Haha....the huge turtle is most noticeable huh???

@wilson, wanted to try but quite late already that time...

cheryl chan said...

The water so clear!

Happy belated birthday :)

Henry Tan said...

niceeee!! i like the corals wordings... very niceeee!

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