Wednesday, April 03, 2013

[GIVEAWAY] First Date with Lilac

Hello dearies, this is another beauty box that I promised to blog about. Sorry for the delay as I need time for a proper review (each and every item phew! /=.= ) ...and as a compensation, there'll be a small giveaway at the end of this post! :D

Lilac is one of the beauty box that I most satisfied with! Not to mention they only provides premium products, some of the products I received are bigger size than I expected ( I'll be very frustrating if every products in the box are all samples....) 

My first box from Lilac


Tadaaaa! Like a happy kid when I saw all these hehehe :p

What's in the box??

1. Kérastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte Reconstructing Shampoo 80 ml
2. Kérastase Resistance Ciment Anti-usure Reinforcing & Refinishing Treatment 75 ml
3. Decléor Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk 10 ml
4. Decléor Aroma Clenase Essential Tonifying Lotion 10 ml
5. Roberto Cavalli Perfumed Body Lotion 30 ml
6. Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base 4 X 1 ml
7. Max Factor Limited Edition Nailfinity 
8. 2 Discounted Vouchers 

This is actually Feb box and it's Valentine's theme :)

Then found 2 vouchers

Alright...time to review the products!!! I always like to start reviewing hair products first so here it goes...

Kérastase Resistance Shampoo Treatment 

After a long day under scorching sun....this is how my hair looks like :( 


Consequences of tying up my hair, DOUBLE MESSY! 

After Shampooing and Applying the Treatment....

Hehe...refreshing and shiny hairrrr! 

I'm sometimes a lazy girl tooo....imagine there's so many procedures before and after shower from head to toe!!! Arghhhhh I'll tend to skip some of the steps sometimes, but good thing is this Kérastase Resistance Ciment Anti-usure Reinforcing & Refinishing Treatment only need the time of ONE MINUTE! Apply after shampoo and towel-dried hair for just 1 min! Okayyy I got no excuse now.... 

Healthy hair with no frizzy and split ends! :D

Then the next product is....

Décleor Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk Tonifying Lotion 

Using a cotton pad to apply the cleansing milk on the face

After done massaging the face with the cleansing milk... (applied BB cream on that day)

Feeling less friction when removing make up compare to cleansing oil/ water base make up remover, I think I'm starting in love with cleansing milk!! 

Skin feeling supple and smooth after applying cleansing milk and tonifying lotion.


Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base

I thought it was foundation at first but it is NOT! It is fluid base or best part of all it can be used as an instant moisturizer!!! Or if you like to make up everyday, you could use it as a finishing product or as a shimmery highlighter. 

The texture...

More shimmery after applying it! and it's natural :) 

I could go out with only this hahhaaaa!

Then...the body part! Sighsss why girls are so troublesome???? So many stepssssss.... =.=

Roberto Cavalli Perfumed Body Lotion

I could smell it even before I open it! A special and little masculine fragrance scent.

Watery texture and easy to absorb!

Da-daannngggg! This is the best part of this post if you're still reading! A small giveaway for you guys!

Har harrr! Like it?? Limited edition nail colour from Max Factor

Max Factor Limited Edition Nailfinity 

The colour is...light brown/purple/skin colour I don't know how to describe that colour! I think that's why make it a limited edition right??? If you love it then try your luck to win it! Just leave a comment (whatever comment you like la, you may tell  me why you want it too) and remember to include your email ya!!

For those who can comment on this post you may just comment here ( it needs moderation so don't worry I'll approve it as long as you're not a spammer :p ). I understand that some of you lazy to comment here as it needs to sign in google account, then you may go to my FB and leave your comment!  You might see some other link such as auto-shared link about this post but please only comment on the photo below! Contest ends 12 April 2013 1159pm and a winner will be notified via email ( maybe will be giving both the vouchers too as I'm no longer first time customer :( ) . 

YES THIS PHOTO! Comment on my FB ( link here ) with your email too.

Not sure you guys will like it or not if you do, I'll try to do more giveaway in the future! :)

If you wish to subscribe for Lilac box please head over to their website or read more at


мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

I super duper love this nail polish shade. I would like to win this nail polish cause the color looks really cool and sophisticated. :D <3.<3

Oh and thank you so very much for hosting this giveaway Emma :D

Mieza Everdeen said...

hello ! I would like to win the nail polish coz I really love its color! It's so classy and I cant go wrong with it in any occasions ^_^

name : Mieza
email :

Yuh Jiun said...

I wish to get the Max Factor Limited Edition Nailfinity because I find the colour is kinda special like skin colour with light purple. I'd like to try it on and thanks for the giveaway! <3

Anne Lee said...

I wanna be that lucky one who wins the giveaway.

Jocy Tan said...

I wish like to win this limited edition nail polish because I love to do nail art and this shade suit me well ^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway! Great blog and keep up the good work :)

I would love to win this nail polish because the colour is just so unique! It will go perfectly with a dress I am going to wear to a party soon! Also, this colour is a very autumn-winter colour, but it's still so fresh?! Love it! Thanks once again :)


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