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The technology nowadays is so advanced that almost everyone is connecting each other with numerous of communication Apps, be it Android/ iPhone/ etc.....I myself have been using a lot of WhatsApp for communication purpose with my friends and sometimes I will use Skype/ Tango/ Line as well. Free sms/ calls/ video calls is so common and could save us phone users a lot of $$$!  :p Till last Tuesday, I get to know this new Apps - WeChat . Thanks to WeChat , I was cordially invited for their commercial launch/ party @ Club Neverland, KL.

Some fun games for us to know more about this apps, they looked like having fun on stage!

The party was crowded! Live chat/ group chat was going on throughout the party too. Wow, people are just efficient! I have downloaded the apps too but let's see some pictures that I captured during the party.

Dragged the boyf to join the party with me :p

With babe yeeing, how cute is the cupcakes with WeChat logo! 

Yours truly. 

It's free for download with 17 different languages in different platform such as  iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and there's Web version too! It's initially launched in China as Weixin. Apparently, it is a popular apps in China and it's one of the fast growing mobile communication apps worldwide.

The commercial for WeChat

Out of curiosity, I've downloaded WeChat apps on my phone too! I thought there'll be no one using this yet but I was surprised that there're quite a number of friend request once I downloaded it! I think I'm really slow... =.= . 

Besides the normal video call/ texting/ sending pictures etc....there are some interesting and new features that make this apps interesting. I've tried some of the features with the friends and let's see what are the special about this apps. 

You could see I send a lot of voice msg to my cousin ( feature - Hold To Talk), and there're some other features like live chat.

I miss thissss!!! Msn is deadddd I miss cute emoticons soooo muchhh!!! (fyi they're same and moving like the one in MSN :p )

One could share ( feature - Moment) with picture, and could edit the effect like when you share in Instagram and friends of yours could give a "LIKE" and "COMMENT" on your moments too! 

Find a feature rather interesting and decided to give it a try - Drift Bottle.
This is the Throw feature. 

It's really funny, I thought I could throw a message to my friend, but it ended up throw into the sea and you've no idea who will receive your voice message in the bottle. 

Then I try the Pick feature. 

There's a glass bottle with message and I've no idea what is it and who is the sender, and it's a message from a cute girl from Korea. Hmmm...Korean or Chinese???? The message is written in Chinese?? No idea who she is so I just selected "Throw Back".

Another interesting feature - Shake.
Was doing this with a friend of mine and we shaked together, tadaaa! Found him!!!

Some other features available.

There're still more interesting features that I haven't try, maybe you wanna download it and try with your friend? 

More information please visit WeChat

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