Friday, April 05, 2013


Can't believe it's April nowww..... so here it goes on my...February Instagram update. Too many things too little time, wanted to keep the blog updated regularly but there's so many other thing to blog...I love my life being busy, will update the March insta soon! I was still in KK during the first day of Feb, I'm addicted in travelling, new resolution : work hard and travel moreee! :p :p  Read my first post of KK if you haven't - , you'll find some interesting pictures heheheee...

February is my birthday month, KK trip is actually my bday & vday treat from the boy but I had a simple birthday with the boyf @ TGIF before back hometown for CNY.

Travel home with Malaysia Airline! Beautiful sunrise before departure // First CNY reunion dinner with both my siblings....hope that we could have reunion dinner next yearrr! 

Down with high fever during CNY & my bday :'( , luckily that I celebrated y bday early! // Another bday treat @ Starbucks wif simple cake on my lunar birthday...Heheheee...too many celebrations it seems?? :p 

Romantic dinner @ The Ship, it's been a while

Spotted this on Tesco, tell me what you think! // Update on my blogshop - Sohcharm√© , have you support yet?? 

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