Thursday, May 31, 2012


/hihi all sorry for the lack of update! Gonna post some simple and little things which added a little spices to my life during the month. Something that I won't purposely blog a long-ass post about it; something very tiny but I feel like sharing; something that memorable; something that made my days... 

#1 Sent my lil' baby Samsung Galaxy Note to service center at Low Yat Plaza. 

Camera can't be used even though I've tried the factory reset. And now it's back with upgraded firmware 4.0! :D 

#2 Spent few hrs at Pudu Starbucks on a Sat morn . 

The worst Starbucks I've visited so far. The hustle n bustle of Pudu town, HATE! I hardly feel the relaxing and the ambiance of Starbucks here. A lot of students were chit-chatting in a big group!! And... there was a pair of Thai speaking ppl sitting nx to me...they chit-chatted half way... suddenly 1 of them stand up n look at the menu...then turned around and said " Let's go, it's a waste of time" . I'm like, WHAT?!?!? /SWEAT

#3 Food reviews with the MHB girls.

Had a great nite catching up with the dolls :)

#4 Spent a few nights watching PPStream with my Ipad.

My fav movie " 太平间闹鬼事件The Haunting in Connecticut". Telling you guys, this is a MUST MUST WATCH! It's a movie based on a real story which happened to a cancer child. I believed it is real! I DO! Sumore imagine a girl like me watch it alone during midnight! Very Chi-KEK!!!!! But I gotta admit that I covered my eyes when there're bloody scenes. I just couldn't see blood n flesh but I love ghost story so much!! Weird girl huh? :">

#5 Spicy n Delicious dinner at @ Thai Thai, Sunway Pyramid =P~

#6 Endless Shushi n Sashimi! Up to 3-4 times a week!

MUST MUST reduce the consumption of RAW FOODDDD.... !! Which means less sushi :(

#7 Very nice sparkling wine (Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz)

Alright gtg, /bye

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pork? Sushi??? It's KISSATEN!

Craving for Pork? And Sushi?????

Tadaaa! Here is your choice then!!! Kissaten located at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

Honestly, I couldn't imagine how would it be to eat Japanese food and Pork at the same time, seriously! Like having Bak Kut Teh and Sashimi..... Pour all the Sashimi into the Bak Kut Teh pot?? Lol!! That obviously was a joke hehee.... and they don't provide Bak Kut Teh either :p

I visited to this restaurant last month with the sister and some other girls. 

Well, no more talking, food pictures time!!!!

Mushroom Soup - RM6.90

Teppan Mushroom Burger Steak - RM18.90     

Not a's steak on Teppan! Don't get confused by the name.

Tomato Cheeseburger  - RM19.90

Cheese cheese and that is for cheese lover!

 Buta Yasai - RM32.90 

Lots and lots of mushroom and vege!!! My favourite pot!!!

Buta Yusai is quite a healthy pot... Pork, Vege, and Mushroom...big portion, better share with someone else....

Teriyaki Chix Onsen Tamago - RM23.90

Another favourite of mine! When the half-boiled egg melt all over your 'pizza''s really...YUM!!!

Tsukene Teriyaki w Egg Yolk - RM8.90  

This also not bad, you know I like half-boiled egg it with the sauce and the yolk...noms noms...but it's a little salty, I guess I would just ask them to put the sauce separately nx time. It'll be perfect then! 

Sashimi Moriawase - RM68.90

Waaaa waaaa!!! That's a boat of SASHIMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And... I saw there were quite a number of customer ordered THIS!
Teriyaki Pork Burger!!! (photo stolen from Kissaten FB)

But it was too heavy for us since we already ordered so many food, that is a BIG PORTION!!! That's why we didn't order that. By just looking the burger at the table nx to me, I think I couldn't finish it all by myself !! :S


 Hot Sake!!!


Pumpkin Cream with Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice cream - RM12.90

Group picture time! No camhore picture that day, I'm kind of person who don't really like talking picture of myself while I'm eating... sorrrrryyyy but I'll trryyyyy!  Nx time!

My favourite dishes of the day:
1. Mushroom Soup
2. Buta Yasai
3. Teriyaki Chix Onsen Tamago

Kissaten, is a fusion Japanese restaurant..mainly with pork. It was indeed a very unique concept for a Japanese fusion restaurant. And some of the food is served in a big portion, in a reasonable price of course =)

For more information:

Visit Kissaten's Facebook Page:

Kissaten, Jaya One
Palm Square, Jaya One,
72A Jalan Universiti
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 7954 1990

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Photo Shoot with Mike Yip - TEASER

Did a photo shoot with Mike Yip last week, love the colour of the picture and the natural way of his shooting! 

More photos coming soon.... STAY TUNE!! ♥♥

Happy Mother's Day!!  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

TOPSHOP/ TOPMAN Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Show x Zouk Club KL 8th Anniversary Party

Went to the Topshop/ Topman Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Show a month back on 29th March 2012 at Zebra Square.

It was a night full with fashionistas! The event was unexpectedly crowded even though the traffic wasn't smooth at all....


Hosts of the night - Fay Hokulani in Topshop Unique SS12 and Josiah Mizukami in Topman Design SS12

With the sis, Johanna 

With the girls

Met Rane Chin, I think she's drunk by Heineken lol...

MHB girls

Love this candid shot by All Is Amazing!! ♥ ♥ 

Well, Zouk's 8th Anniversary was on the same day. We then headed over to Zouk Club right after the fashion show. What an eventful night! 

Celebration with the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve!

It was another crowded place of the night! The club was full of party-goers / drinkers and people like me just to celebrate the 8th anniversary, even though it was a Thursday night. People partied as if that was a Friday night though. I was too tired so not much photos taken from Zouk, sorrieee yeahhh :P 

*Photo courtesy of TimChew, Samantha, All Is Amazing and Topshop Facebook

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Work It Out and Relax!

Yes I've been visiting this gym lately, BodyExpress located at Subang Avenue. Not too often but at least once or twice a week. Honestly, I'm not the type of girl who love to exercise so much. The purpose of all those workouts is only for a healthier me that's it :p

One of my favourite machine =)

Well, I don't usually go home right after the workout session. Normally I'll stay for a while and enjoying the relaxing hour over there. Taking a break is what we need after exercise right?? Heheee....Other than Starbucks, this is basically my 2nd home.

Time for a break! 

Very nutritious drink that you could order. 

Other than normal can drinks like soft drinks, Livita, Milo (in can), some other can drinks, they have this too...

Ice Cream! Well I don't take this after exercise, but I'm not sure about you guys hehe...

You know this is AXN from ASTRO! 

Spend a little time to online, their internet connection is pretty good.

Magazine provided too! 

Relaxing just like I'm at my own house

Check out BodyExpress FB - if you love this spot just like me! 

You know who's this girl, my gym partner aka sister. 

See her expression? I just have to share this pic cz she asked me EVERY TIME whenever she gonna use this thing : "How to get it started"? Even though she's been using that for sooo many times!! =.=

Don't forget to keep a healthy lifestyle. 

The body is like a piano, and happiness is like music. It is needful to have the instrument in good order.

(Henry Ward Beecher)

Tuesday, May 01, 2012



A very simple yet complicated word. Why am I saying so? How many of you living in your dream and how many of your really achieve your dream? My friends?

1. Doctor

When I was little, doctor was my dream job. Professional job. Everyday running and saving people's life. People trusted doctor, the God's hand. 

But I afraid of the blood, I actually get dizzy whenever I saw blood. So, GIVE UP.

2. Pilot

Female pilot, how cool is that?????

But I'm too short, so...GIVE UP

3. Musician

But in Malaysia, everyone told me : "MUSICIAN???? Are you sure? You gonna 'eat air'!" . That time I was too young, I actually believed in what they said. So I GIVE UP my dream of becoming a pianist. 

So... be realistic, we study hard, and hoping to become......

Top Management team

But most of us END UP........

Where is our dreams? What is our dreams? Forgotten? Most of us working like a dog to pay monthly bills/rentals/debts. Work like a dog, earn a little, and of course, not to say the very pathetic amount in the saving account. Unless you're lucky enough to be in a good company with high pay and bonus. 

You gotta admit that, after university/ college graduation, what's the common topic when comes to gathering??? The top topic always goes to ---- COMPLAINTS about JOBS/ BOSSES. Admit that, some of you complain for months, or even years, but you still work for the same company/ boss, YEAH? 

Hey, no miserable life, you don't deserve that, you only live once, WHY WASTE??? Plan your life, and you could live happily like what you're always dream of! 

Dreams, will always comes true, when you believe it.
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