Tuesday, May 01, 2012



A very simple yet complicated word. Why am I saying so? How many of you living in your dream and how many of your really achieve your dream? My friends?

1. Doctor

When I was little, doctor was my dream job. Professional job. Everyday running and saving people's life. People trusted doctor, the God's hand. 

But I afraid of the blood, I actually get dizzy whenever I saw blood. So, GIVE UP.

2. Pilot

Female pilot, how cool is that?????

But I'm too short, so...GIVE UP

3. Musician

But in Malaysia, everyone told me : "MUSICIAN???? Are you sure? You gonna 'eat air'!" . That time I was too young, I actually believed in what they said. So I GIVE UP my dream of becoming a pianist. 

So... be realistic, we study hard, and hoping to become......

Top Management team

But most of us END UP........

Where is our dreams? What is our dreams? Forgotten? Most of us working like a dog to pay monthly bills/rentals/debts. Work like a dog, earn a little, and of course, not to say the very pathetic amount in the saving account. Unless you're lucky enough to be in a good company with high pay and bonus. 

You gotta admit that, after university/ college graduation, what's the common topic when comes to gathering??? The top topic always goes to ---- COMPLAINTS about JOBS/ BOSSES. Admit that, some of you complain for months, or even years, but you still work for the same company/ boss, YEAH? 

Hey, no miserable life, you don't deserve that, you only live once, WHY WASTE??? Plan your life, and you could live happily like what you're always dream of! 

Dreams, will always comes true, when you believe it.


Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Henry Tan said...

true! super true! hahaha

Emma, have your dream come true then? =DD

anyway, all top management team also started by working like a dog. or even the bosses etc all used to be just like us what. hahaha

yup, dreams will always comes true when you believe in it and work it out!

Emma said...

Haha @Mr. Lonely, :D

@Henry Tan, working it right now!!! Hope your dream comes true too! :)

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