Thursday, May 31, 2012


/hihi all sorry for the lack of update! Gonna post some simple and little things which added a little spices to my life during the month. Something that I won't purposely blog a long-ass post about it; something very tiny but I feel like sharing; something that memorable; something that made my days... 

#1 Sent my lil' baby Samsung Galaxy Note to service center at Low Yat Plaza. 

Camera can't be used even though I've tried the factory reset. And now it's back with upgraded firmware 4.0! :D 

#2 Spent few hrs at Pudu Starbucks on a Sat morn . 

The worst Starbucks I've visited so far. The hustle n bustle of Pudu town, HATE! I hardly feel the relaxing and the ambiance of Starbucks here. A lot of students were chit-chatting in a big group!! And... there was a pair of Thai speaking ppl sitting nx to me...they chit-chatted half way... suddenly 1 of them stand up n look at the menu...then turned around and said " Let's go, it's a waste of time" . I'm like, WHAT?!?!? /SWEAT

#3 Food reviews with the MHB girls.

Had a great nite catching up with the dolls :)

#4 Spent a few nights watching PPStream with my Ipad.

My fav movie " 太平间闹鬼事件The Haunting in Connecticut". Telling you guys, this is a MUST MUST WATCH! It's a movie based on a real story which happened to a cancer child. I believed it is real! I DO! Sumore imagine a girl like me watch it alone during midnight! Very Chi-KEK!!!!! But I gotta admit that I covered my eyes when there're bloody scenes. I just couldn't see blood n flesh but I love ghost story so much!! Weird girl huh? :">

#5 Spicy n Delicious dinner at @ Thai Thai, Sunway Pyramid =P~

#6 Endless Shushi n Sashimi! Up to 3-4 times a week!

MUST MUST reduce the consumption of RAW FOODDDD.... !! Which means less sushi :(

#7 Very nice sparkling wine (Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz)

Alright gtg, /bye


Kian Fai Koh said...

wah happy gurl got SIII now! :D

Emma said...

Hmm Kian Fai... It's Note not SIII..

Kian Fai Koh said...

XD speed reading FTW!

Mr Lonely said...

wow.. so good~ >.<

Daniel Chiam said...

Note is really big... MHB FTW!

e-cniret said...

ishhh....i like this kind of movie...

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