Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hong Kong Photobook : Madame Tussauds

Hellloo guysss! It's me coming back with exciting Hong Kong post! :p  This is one of the post that I like  a lot cause there are tons of pictures of me and the world well-known celebrities! Ooppssss, they're wax figures by the way xd. This post is gonna be less writing and more photos (I think I don't have to write down the names of celebrity one by one right hahaaa)

Before visiting Madame Tussads, we had a short walk in a park.

Outfit of the day:
Top : Uniqlo
Scarf : Forever 21
Cardingan : Zara
Bag : Izzue (purchased from Hong Kong)
Short : MNG
Flat : H&M

We had a hard time finding the tram car to Madame Tussads but we enquired the direction from a security guard in the park. Didn't know how to explain here but..it took us quite some time to walk down the street and we finally saw the sign board of tram car. 

It was already long queue outside and do you see any line?? It's a mess!!!

Packed like sardine argh!

Inside the tram car with the boyf 

And now it's photo timee!!!

SCREAM - we entered with a gang of young male tourists and it's kinda creepy...try if you dare!

There's Sky Terrace which is only upstair of Madame Tussads so don't forget to pay a visit for nice view of Hong Kong! 

Wanted to selca but our eyes were directly facing the sun so the funny expression of us.

The boyf wanna try the auto-video function with my camera (Nikon J1 without any editing) and here it is!

Travel Tips
 1. Avoid weekends/ public holidays as Madame Tussauds's queue is so unorganized and crowded. 

 2. You may visit the peak during night time too if you love night view. 

 3. Transportation : bus/ tram car.
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