Tuesday, August 06, 2013


I admit that I wasn't active in this page for quite a while but hey...I'm back!!!! :D :D  Holiday is around the corner or some of you already started your holiday??? Feel like it's gonna be a boring holiday ( for me ) cause I'll be going back hometown. Just gonna spend another warm moment with the family but this made me dying for a short getaway...urgh! 

Alright this was some stories that happened last month. 

Went for go-kart with friends.

I know right...the car looked......like a toy car for kids =.= . I actually expected something more, not just a piece of plastic with the engine beside me! Phew~~~ it's like you expecting a speedboat but they're giving you a canoe with engine. I was speechless when I saw that. 

The track.

 So the tires are the "wall"

Alright stop whining since we were already here....I'll just try my best to enjoy! 

Yours truly and her friend, Bryan 

Can't believe that he actually managed to tone up his muscle so much in just one year time! He was quite skinny back then I really salute his persistence in daily exercise and diet. He's a true inspiration for all of us. 

 The boyf and him.

Group shot after the 45 mins car race!!!

It was pretty fast when I drove that little car but the sterling is sooo sooo soooooooo hard to control, and we were basically "eating sand" for the whole race so recommend you guys wear a mask if you're planning for go-kart too! The road and car is so bumpy, and the sterling is vibrating all the time and all of our hands were sore after the ride. Anyway it was a nice experience but I definitely won't go back for this one. =.=

We were planning to surprise they boyf after go-kart. After go-kart it was near midnight and it was his bday when the clock strikes midnight!   

 Purposely went Wong Kok for supper instead of bar/pub so that he won't be suspicious.

Don't mind his messy hair after go-kart lol...should have bring hair gel for him. :p

A year older, a year wiser.

 Thanks to all my friends who help me to surprise him! Nobody will expect a cake after a tiring car ride hehhee...

The celebration didn't end yet....we rode up to Genting next day on his bday, just to relax and enjoy the breezy air :)

one of our fav spot in Genting - Coffee Bean.

What Asian likes to do - selca. 

Alright lastly, I went to Royale Chulan hotel for French dining. Gonna update about the dinner soon so stay tune!

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Till then, xoxo.


HenRy LeE said...

huahhh... it's been a while since i ride on a go-kart. Good to ride it at night, more cooling...


Mr Lonely said...

happy birthday to your friend and Selamat Hari Raya for today~ =)

Regards, www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary)

Emma said...

Henry you're right! :D

Thank you Mr. Lonely! :p

choulyin.tan said...

where is the go-kart location?

Meitzeu said...

You look lovely in your last pic. :)

Meitzeu @ Blog

Meitzeu @ Facebook

Meitzeu @ Twitter

Emma said...

@choulyin, is around putrajaya. don't expect too much lol...

@meitzu, thanks! xd

Arms said...

Hi ya, blogwalking here.

Hmm I've never go for a gokart ride before. Probably because most of my friends said that it's so slow. Izit? :D

Happy weekend!

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