Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Song Hye Kyo Inspired Haircut (from Descendants of the Sun)

Who's watching this Korean Drama and obsessed with Song Hye Kyo like I do? She is a goddess and so pretty! 💕💕 I am so obsessed with this drama and Song Hye Kyo so I decided to had my haircut similar to hers in the drama!   

Song Joong Ki is cute too!! Only 2 episodes a week is killing me hahaaa..the story plot is so exciting! 

For the first time ever I showed a picture of a celebrity to hairstylist and requested him to cut my hair similar to Song Hye Kyo. Feeling a little embarrassed at first, but I desperately needed some change to my hair. I'm not a fan of hair colouring and never had my hair coloured before, to be honest I was feeling a little bored with the same hair style over the years. A lot of people told me that I can't change much for my hair unless I colour it or cut it very short (the boyish kind of short), I want neither one of them.

Haircut can change a person's look too!

Love my new hair! It looks different now without any hair colouring and chemical damage. 

Why my bangs is not as short as Song Hye Kyo?

Despite I really love Song Hye Kyo, my face shape and figure, hair colour etc isn't the same as hers, my hair isn't as soft as hers too....My hairstylist Jason told me I can't had my bangs cut as short as hers, that would make me look like a kid. Well he was right, I tried to cut my bangs short once before, and it looked like this. 

Very immature look! 

She looks so mature even with short bangs! I did the middle parting and had my bangs trimmed slightly longer than hers to look more mature.

Styling is needed to achieve her look in the drama, it takes me 5 - 10 mins to style it with a straightener but since my hair is much shorter now, my hair blowing time is shorten too. 

Very simple styling steps.

Start to curl my hair starts from the middle....then works towards the end. Curl the hair inwards and repeat the process. Spray some styling product after.

Simple and easy manageable hairstyle (to fit Hye Kyo's role as doctor in the drama)

Wearing similar shirt like hers in episode 9! #crazyfans

Watch this drama if you haven't already!

- Haircut by Senior Stylist Jason How from Number76, Midvalley.


tomcat said...

So cute! Hahahaha!

Maria said...

Hey Emma! Can you please tell me what were the photos you showed to your hairstylist? I want to get something similar, but I'm not quite sure what photos would be good.

Emma said...

Hi Maria, I showed him the photo of my collage pic (first pic of this blog post) and 3rd pic of this post too!!! Just tell your hairstylist what kind of style you wanted to achieve as everyone's hair condition is different. :)

Maria said...

Thank you! To be honest, my sister was my hairstylist for as long as I can remember, but about a year ago she moved to another country. So it's the first time I'm going to a salon and I'm really nervous. I just hope everything will be ok. By the way, this haircut looks so pretty on you. :)

Emma said...

Hey Maria! I hope you had a decent haircut, you may tweet me your photo!!! :)

joy colomida said...

What is the face shape of song hye kyo??

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