Saturday, January 29, 2011

Am I a shopping queen???

Today there is another friend asking me, "do you know is there any sales now"? Oh my god, this is the same question that has been asked for second time in this week. Am I a shopping queen? Or this is the "Natural Born Ability" for girls?

I knew I had overspent for the Bangkok trip, ok and now my CNY's resolution: Save money for the next trip! Hahaha...Work Hard, Play hard, and that is ME! :P

4 days Bangkok + Pattaya Intensive Trip!

This was decided last minute, so we booked Malaysia Airline flight ticket and after did some survey, I finally chose Hip Hotel for stay at the first night in Bangkok. Reason to choose this hotel? Simple, nice budget hotel near town; which I found out that this hotel was just renovated not long ago and it's strategically located near Huay Kwang MRT station. Overall, this hotel is nice, the only bad thing is the hot water in the bathroom is not stable, it will definitely cause frustration when you're taking shower, since the water is too hot for 1 minute then too cold in another minute.


Reading Bangkok travel manual before boarding, planning where to go

Bangkok! Here we come!!!

First night in Thailand, Bangkok:
Around 7pm (Thailand's time), it took us about 1 hour to pass through the immigration and claim the baggage! There was LONG LONG queue on the immigration! Wondering why so many tourists go to Bangkok? Crowded!  That was really a waste of time for me, so so waste! Since we only have 1 day 1 night in Bangkok! It was already 9pm after we check-in at Hip hotel, so where should we go now? It was already so late! We planned to go Suan-Lum Night Bazaar at Siam Square, but the taxi driver told us it already closed, CLOSED!!! So we have to change our plan, the taxi driver bring us to another night market, sorry I could not remember the name of the market already. Hmmm...clothes, shoes, hats is easily get in this market, but I personally think this is not a good market to buy those thing, because I think it's not trendy and cheap enough. And hence we only bought some food, such as Som tam (thai's salad, not nice because all the sea food make this smelly!), pork balls soup(not bad to try), and banana pancake (they called it rotiee, the only different with Malaysia's roti canai is they add in sugar+condensed milk, of course, they cook with oil..... n this is crunchy and nice!a must try!).

Since we can't get much thing , we then went to another night market, Khao San Road. We went there by tuk tuk car (the special car in Thailand). We bought some shoes and shirts in this market, not much we buy, because we want to save money for the next day.

Tuk Tuk car...(120 bath after bargained)

Beginning part of the Khao San Road.

2nd day in Thailand, Bangkok, Shop all we want!
Second day in Bangkok city, where to go? Of course Chatuchak Weekend market!!! A very BIG market, but it is too HOT!!! argh~~ the weather is killing me! I hate hot weather!! But I was so so so attracted by the what they sell here. For those who love fashion, you must start with Section 2. It is a shopping paradise here, but of course, you must sacrifice with something, the incredible hot weather!

Having a short rest at a bench....

This Banana Ice cream,a frozen banana with chocolate coating, "look" very nice, but it is not nice at all! Even only 20 bath, better don't try this

Having a tea break, it was so so so HOT!!!!!!

Yes, this is the Som Tam(thai salad), 40 bath, mine is glass noddle one. This is a must try too!!! They have a wide ranges of salad to choose from.

When finished shopping at Chatuchak, it is already 4pm, so we decided to go to Siam Square, there is so many shopping malls there, Siam Paragon, Siam Center, MBK center, Centre World plaza, etc... There is a sky bridge connecting all these shopping malls, so basically you just have to go to Siam Square, and you could spend a whole day there. Any "must buy" here? Wacoal lingerie for women in Siam Center (girls, you can get a new arrival at 600++ bath! Don't miss it!), next to the Siam Paragon, and Lin Zhen Xiang Chicken Floss Stick in Central World.

Before taking MRT to Siam Square

Siam Paragon

林真香肉松条( Lin Zhen Xiang Chicken Floss Stick) 220 bath each, no discount at all...

3rd day in Thailand, Pattaya (a relaxing one):
So we headed to Pattaya on the 2nd night, with taxi. It took about 2 hours to travel from Bangkok city to Pattaya, although we were tired, but we were so excited about it! We stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel for 2 nights. Wow, Hard Rock Hotel!!!! Let's Rock!

Hard Rock hotel
Outside the room
Hard Rock's Swimming Pool!

This is not a sea-side, this is the Hard Rock Pool! Nice right?
We did not have time to go to the Island, and according to them, Phuket one is way better than Pattaya's. So we just continue shop shop n shop! We went to another MUST GO place in Thailand, Naraya, a shop which sell lots lots of bags!! Don't worry, you could find this shop in other places in Thailand as well, since they have many branches.

Naraya at Central Festival Shopping Mall

Pattaya Beach
We then know a guy name "X" (this is his nick name), he was the one who serve us in the Hard Rock hotel. He is quite a nice guy and friendly, he brought us to the Walking Street (which I don't call it as walking street, it's totally a xxx street!) .You could find all sorts of ''entertainment" here. With "X" and his friend, Steve's suggestion, we went for a "A GO GO" show. 150 each ppl for the A GO GO show, with 1 drink free (Beer/soft drink, recommend to take the Thailand's brand beer, Beer Chang. In Thai language, "Chang" means elephant). Sorry no photo taken for this show because no camera is allowed, discovered yourself then :P.

Walking Street

This is not a doll, this is a real woman

Taking with 'X'(left) and 'C'(right), are all the workers here named themselves from A to Z??? 

I was here! Hard Rock!

Back to Malaysia :
25 Jan 2011, sad time, time to fly back to Malaysia, this is a real short trip for me, I had been forced to skip many nice places. Hope to visit again in the future.

Taking with sister in the Bangkok Airport
Bye bye Thailand.......

Thursday, January 27, 2011

View this... I know it's popular, this is for those who not yet watch

Yes, this is cruel, he should get a toy to release his so-called stress indeed. Everyone wants to kill him now. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Miss starbucks....

There has been a long time that I didn't go Starbucks for coffee and magazine, and I suddenly miss it so much!
Especially Mocha Frappuccinos and Green Tea Frappuccinos. But the sad thing is, I'm totally broke now!!!! I can't even save a single penny after joined my new company. (PS: no more shopping until end of CNY! I can make it and starbucks, I'm coming to you!).

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random feeling

What will happened to a cat when his/her master is away for few days/ weeks?

The cry will just sitting there crying?

Or start hating his/her master??????

The fact is, when the cat's master not around, no people will feed the cat, no people will talk heart-to-heart with the cat (I mean this case only applies to the cat with ONLY 1 master).......SO NOW, what will the cat feel? Will the cat NOW cares what happened to his/her master? Or the cat will just blame his/her master (PS: why the master is so bad? Don't wanna feed me anymore? OR where the master go? Why leave and abandon me?).

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Year? New Hope?

New year new hope?

Suddenly think of I'm now in 2011 already, and seems like I'm not ready to welcome this new year.

This new year, I want to break the rules, I do not wish anything for this year, because I know most of the wishes will turn to disappointments. Honestly, I prefer to have surprises than disappointments.
How many surprises will I get? == I don't know.
How many disappointments will I get? == I don't know either.

Just hope that I will be better, and I want to be!!!!I want to be better!!!!!
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