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My Top 10 Foods To Eat In Chiang Mai

I finally have some time to compile this blog post that was on my "to-blog" list for so long! I was totally off the radar during the exam week, full concentration is the most important thing and I had to put things away for a while including piano practice! 2016 has been so much more of a hectic year for me but I feel so satisfying each time when I accomplished something. 

Alright back to my topic, here it is for my TOP 10 FOODS TO EAT IN CHIANG MAI!

1. Khao Soi

Khao Soi is a Burmese-influenced dish served widely in northern Laos and northern Thailandm, the name means ''cut rice'' in Thai. This dish came up the first when I googled ''must eat'' in Chiang Mai. It is served with curry-like soup base, it taste very alike with our Malaysian's curry noodle but the soup is not as thick and oily as our curry. The soup base is more clear compare to ours.

The vegetarian Khao Soi (50 bath)

The chicken Khao Soi (50 bath)

2. Mango Stick Rice

Mango stick rice is a must try when visiting to Thailand! We ordered this Mango Stick Rice with Ice Cream and it taste so heavenly! 

(70 bath)

3. Fruit Shake

This is something unexpected for me, fruit shakes are sold in every nook and corner in Chiang Mai. The best drink to hydrate and replenish some vitamins from fresh fruit while travelling!

Left (Mango Fruit Shake)/ Right (Passion Fruit Fruit Shake) - 50 bath each

4. Mango Pancake

I just want to have mango in everything! Well it's a special pancake sold in the restaurant, not a remarkable taste for both me and Xiang but you should try it!

120 bath

We had Khao Soi, Mango Stick Rice, Fruit Shakes and Mango Pancake all in the same restaurant - Sailomjoy.

[Address: 319 Mun Mueang Rd, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand]

Now let's move on to other restaurants for more scrumptious Thai local food!

5. Coconut Curry

We had our coconut curry at Chiang Rai the day before, but we had to order this as it's one of the recommendation food in Chiang Mai! The coconut curry we had in Chiang Rai was the ''dry'' one but this one is a ''soupy'' one. Well I personally prefer the ''dry version'' but nonetheless, this isn't bad too!

Coconut curry with shrimp (150 bath)

It's cheaper for chicken or pork, which is only 100 bath. We had the coconut curry in a slightly expensive restaurant - Cooking Love. However it's more of a cozy restaurant with less crowd and air-conditioner.

It was only us at around 12 noon..

[Address: Rachadamnoen Rd Soi 1, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand]

6. Grilled Fish 

This grilled Red Tiliapia with salt very tasty! The fish meat is still juicy after grilling process! It is served with green spicy sauce which elevates the taste of the fish too!

Small - 140 bath/ Large - 160 bath

7. Grilled Prawn

I had this order this, seafood is my favourite and it's so cheap and tasty! Of course, they're fresh and juicy too!

Small - 100 bath/ Large - 150 bath

Both grilled fish and prawns are from the same restaurants - Lert Ros. It is located just right opposite of Cooking Love restaurant.

[Address: Rachadamnoen Rd Soi 1, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand]

Now it's time for Chiang Mai local street food!!

8. Baked Banana

This baked banana is served with sweet sauce, very filling dessert and has quite an exquisite taste!

9. Crepe

My all time favourite Thai street food! The locals call it ''Rotee'' which is quite funny, I suppose it is made like the Roti Canai in Malaysia. Quite alike, but in a sweet taste.

With Nutella sauce on top! Yum!

10. Coconut Ice Cream

Last but not least, coconut ice cream!!! Served with toppings like corns, peanuts and also coconut meat!!

Travel Tips:

1. Most of the restaurants are located in the same area, around Phae Gate.

2. Plan your time to visit the restaurants, my suggestions:
  • Breakfast or lunch : Sailomjoy
  • Lunch : Cooking Love (they were just starting to parepare when we visited at 12noon, it's air-conditioned so it's best time to avoid the heat to enjoy your meal in a more comfortable restaurant)
  • Dinner : Lert Ros (not air-conditioned, I assume it can get quite heaty in the afternoon from the grilling)
3. You may try the coffee at Sailomjoy, there are a lot of good review about their coffee art.

4. Most of the street food are at the night market around Phae Gate.

5. Parking is not convenient around Phae Gate, we parked at the parking lot which is located in between Sailomjoy and Lert Ros. Try to look at the right when you drive in the direction from Lert Ros to Sailomjoy. (p/s: parking is free/ discounted when you purchase some food or drinks on selected shops)

6. Make reservation if you choose to dine in the restaurant Lert Ros during dinner hour, it is always full. We reserved after had lunch at Cooking Love by just telling the boss, it's just right opposite!

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