Thursday, August 04, 2011

Bye bye Venusa

If you notice, I've changed my blog URL from to Why? 

Because some of my friends asked me, are you EMMA or VENUSA? Okay, my answer is, my name is Emma, but my nickname is Venusa. Why I chose that nickname? Honestly I love this nickname so much! I bet you sure heard of "Women are from Venus", right? This blog is about how a woman should love herself, either by enjoying life, pampered ourselves by taking nice food or travelling, taking good care of health and skin, etc., and that is why I name it as Venusa. But I notice many people get confuse about it, so, I now decided to take off this nickname! T.T

So, welcome to my new blog link @, everything I blog before still there, but the Venusa's blog URL is not exist anymore. Hope you enjoy my blog ya~ cheers!


ken said...

now easier for people to know which is your name :)

Emma said...

Yes, that's why I made the changes. to avoid confusion

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