Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weekend Spa @ Amante

I've been hearing good reviews from Amante and wanted to try it long time, but I always allocate my spending for therapist to cure my neck and shoulder instead. 

Although I enjoyed their massage by using vouchers, but I don't have the obligation to blog. I write this post just because I feel like sharing. :)

I visited their branch in Jaya One.

I had 2 vouchers, Amante Signature Warm Oil Therapy 60 mins - RM132 and Hot Stone Massage 30 mins- RM88. So I gave the hot stone voucher to Xiang while I get to enjoy the warm oil massage. Xiang needed to top up about RM50+ and extend his massage time to 1 hour.

The services available:-

The products on display.

All the fancy nail colours and stuffs.

This mani/ pedi section is just beside the registration counter, there were a few customer inside so I didn't invade this area to respect their privacy. :)

The customer waiting area.

Xiang was filling up simple personal information at the front desk.

We were then ushered to another section, it wasn't packed as I expected although it was a Saturday, probably the time is already 5pm. There are only a few rooms so it's advisable to make appointment prior to your visit. 

The interior, very Balinese style made me miss Bali already!

Towel, disposable panties and shower cap are ready on the massage bed.

I was told that I get to enjoy their Signature Warm Oil Therapy, and I thought it would be the usual massage with warm oil, but it wasn't, it was actually a DEEP TISSUE PRESSING massage technique followed by the hot stone, with the use of sunflower essential oil. The stone is quite hot, and the masseur has a real good strength in deep pressing massaging technique. I couldn't really relax for the entire massage session, it's probably due to it was the first time that I experienced a deep tissue massage. According to the masseur, this technique is good for detoxification.

The hot stone used for the massage.

While Xiang enjoyed a more relaxed version as he didn't get the deep pressing massage, mostly the hot stone did all the massage work with little bit of hand massage. Although I couldn't relaxed during the massage but I had a deep and sound sleep that day. 

Hot ginger tea is served after the massage session.

Me with messy hair after the massage, it is good to unwind and relax time after long hour of teaching on a Saturday. Felt so refreshed after! The only thing that they're lack of is they don't provide shower rooms, I was so smart enough to shower before going for the massage. We were advised not to shower within 1 hour after the massage too, so we strolling around the mall and had our dinner before heading home. 

You may check out their Facebook or Website for more information.

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